27+ Wood Backsplash Ideas That Make a Splash

wood backsplash

Get Inspired with these wood backsplash ideas

A wood backsplash is unconventional. The conventional approach tells us they should be a non-porous surface, much like a ceramic tile. However, as people become more adventurous in their home decor approach, we see unconventional materials in places we would not expect. In this post, we take a look at some wood backsplash ideas. 

Why does a wood backsplash work? 

From a design perspective, a real wood look can work well. If your kitchen is styled using wood as the principal material, it makes sense to carry this forward into your backsplashes. It may be through your wooden counters, butcher block countertops, or even an accent wall

This integrated approach leads to a premium finish in interior design. You will see this approach in high-end luxury homes and lofts with a modern kitchen. Often, the material is the same as your natural wood countertop

It also helps that they don’t need to be that functional. In homes where cooking and the use of the kitchen are not integral, the materials used don’t have to be that robust. The materials chosen can be because of their aesthetic. You often see woods used in a Japanese kitchen

Even if you do have a functional kitchen, it is still possible to have a wood splashback. Although it may need a little more work to clean, it can be done. In this setting, it is the preparation that matters. You need to waterproof your backsplash through chemicals and stains. This takes a little more time and adds a little cost. 

Even with this additional cost, the cost of a wooden backsplash is much lower, especially if you are using reclaimed wood plank. Using reclaimed wood makes it a very attractive option for those on a budget. Even if you are not using distressed wood or plywood, you can choose expensive woods for that premium finish. 

Finally, any competent DIY enthusiast can achieve a great finish when installing a wood splashback. It makes for a great DIY project to help achieve that dream kitchen. This, again, makes it a very attractive option for those renovating on a budget. As you can see in some of the images below, it does deliver a Scandinavian style and shabby chic feeling.

Gone are the days when a tile backsplash was the norm for your kitchen renovation. You no longer need to look at exposed brick walls, copper, porcelain, stone, or paint with a textured wall for your kitchen backsplashes.

Let’s take a look at some great examples of a wood backsplash.

wood kitchen backsplash

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These wood kitchen backsplash ideas will leave you inspired…

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A wood backsplash is not the norm, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stay away. Done right, you can achieve a great look, whatever your budget.

wooden backsplash

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