33+ Floor Seating Ideas That Help You Relax and Have Fun

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Get Inspired with these floor seating ideas…

Generally considered a norm in Asia, floor seating still remains a pretty alien concept in the west. This is predominantly down to preference, but it may also be down to perceptions of comfort. The reality is that when done right, the floor seat is comfortable and actually, quite healthy. In this post, we consider some floor seating ideas with a western twist.

Whether it is a floor chair, floor cushions or even a bean bag, we deliver you some looks to help visualise your space. Take a look at some of these great floor seating arrangements below.

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33+ Floor Seating Ideas That Help You Relax and Have Fun
floor seating ideas
Floor seating ideas

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These floor seating ideas and floor pillows will have you stretching out!

sitting pillows for floor

Traditional seating tends to be the norm, however in this children’s bedroom, they have introduced some funky floor cushions. This jigsaw design is playful yet totally functional, design ideas that are on another level. Use this as a large cushion or split them up for a custom seating arrangement, the choice is yours!

pillow room

What a lovely playful scene. This cute little tent is perfect for a little floor cushion. A comfortable reading nook to hide away in.

pillow for living room

Another comfortable cozy nook, this time for adults. Take a seat and get comfortable in this space! You don’t need much room to create a little space here.

living room floor pillows

An outside space is a great space for floor seating. This comfy seating in this modern home is perfect to lounge around on, on a hot sunny day. This area also gives some flexibility with some traditional chairs too. Consider a floor pillow too to add a little comfort.

living room floor cushions

Sit back and chill with a book and a lovely cup of tea. This floor seating option is cozy, with some lovely interior design styling. The arrangement is simple, yet the result is comfortable.

living room cushion

These blue floor seats are as comfortable as they look. The furniture is designed for low seating for this purpose floor seating area. The arrangements of the plants is a nice touch.

large floor pillows ikea

This image is almost too cute! The lovely floor cushion is the perfect place to sit with your child. Traditional chairs would simply not work here.

ikea floor cushions

Perfect for an adult, sit back and relax with this lovely pillow selection. A little stool working as a coffee table adds some functionality.

floor sitting

This living room layout covers all angles with this floor space. You have traditional chairs, floors cushions and a selection of floor pillows. I doubt you need much extra seating, there is plenty here. THis isn’t exactly a small space, but the interior has been organised will with different zones.

floor sitting cushions

floor seating living room

Sometimes, a handful of pillows is all you need to create a lovely little space. Perfect a a little meditation space.

floor seating cushions

These design ideas make for a comfortable scene. Essentially, the make up is a floor seat in the style of a sofa. However, you retain all the benefits of floor seating. This is very much in the style of a floor chair you might find in a Japanese living room.

floor pillows ikea

This traditional armchair is complemented with floor seating in this room. The coffee table height is suited to the floor too.

floor cushion seating

Comfy seating is a must in a home…this looks super comfortable!

floor cushion seating ideas

This shabby chic living room fits well with a floor seating option. The floor seats are an eclectic shade, complemented with more traditional chairs. Although these are high back chairs, they are not dining chairs.

floor couch diy

A wonderful plant display that really makes an impact. This cosy living room really blends conventional seating with floor cushions and even a dog bed. The dog isn’t complying anyway.

fireplace pillows

Is this classed as a bean bag? You decide! However you want to class them, they look super comfortable.

diy floor seating

A beautiful girls nursery. This neutral room interior is perfectly suited to a floor cushion, with more than enough floor space to really stretch out.

boho floor pillows

Floor seating can always work well as additional seating. It is just another floor seating option. It adds flexibility, why introduce more furniture into the home, especially when it is not often used.

bohemian floor pillows
bohemian floor pillow

Comfy seating is a must, especially is a Childs room! This seating idea works really well, it is flexible, lightweight and easy to move.

bohemian floor cushions

This floor seat is comfortable and functional, completely fitting into these delightful surroundings.

big pillows to sit on

I hope that this floor seating ideas have really inspired you to create a cool living space. It can be a bold decision moving from upright seating to a floor seat space. If done well, a floor seating arrangement can be a totally relaxing space. which room is your favorite? Why not take a moment and pin your favorite image onto your Pinterest boards.

floor cushions ikea
Floor cushions ikea

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