49+ Meditation Room Ideas That Deliver Peace of Mind

meditation room

Get Inspired with these meditation room ideas

A meditation room is a great place to get away from it all. A place to unwind, relax and contemplate your day. Many people will use their bedroom as a temporary space, but to do it properly and really get away, it is good to have a separate mindfulness space.

In this post, we take a look at a number of meditation room ideas that showcase what can be achieved. I hope you find inspiration in them.

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meditation room ideas

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Get inspired with these meditation rooms decor designs…

zen meditation room ideas

Peace room ideas don’t need a huge amount of space…

This image really does go to show that you don’t need a huge amount of space. A simple little meditation corner is more than enough to relax and meditate. A texture heavy natural floor cushion with another coupe of pillows for comfort.

yoga meditation room

Simple prayer meditation room ideas…

This little box room is enough to recreate a meditation room. With a floor rug and table, it is simple but effective sacred space. A place for contemplation and quiet prayer.

yoga meditation room ideas

Simple room designs that work…

Isn’t that cushion amazing! This meditation pillow is perfect to find that comfortable position, while this colorful rug really charms. A perfect way to get rid of that daily stress.

tiny meditation space

Meditation room furniture doesn’t have to be expensive…

Doubling up as a little yoga studio, this multi-functional space is perfect for most people. With an immense amount of light, it is suited to everyday life. Work on both your mental and medical stresses in one place.

small meditation space

Meditation rooms can be eclectic spaces…

A natural looking environment, this really takes that natural look to another level. The faux grass and natural plants deliver a calming environment. The decor is perfect for the contemplation and quiet prayer to follow. The floor seating ideas are very clever here too.

small meditation room

What do you need for a meditation room…plenty of pillows!

Comfort is the winner here. Your meditation room needs to be an environment where you are not disturbed by an uncomfortable environment. A perfect dedicated space to achieve a zen state and mindfulness.

small meditation room ideas

Meditation corner decor that is simple and effective…

This space almost looks designer in appeal. With the guitar, it looks like a place to relax and unwind too. However, it is also a place for quiet reflection, where the rugs add comfort and warmth. The cushion is a nice touch that adds plenty of comfort.

meditation space ideas

Meditation floor pillows create a comfortable space…

This sacred space points towards buddhism, in a very subtle way. This is emphasised with the little statue, wall decor and natural plants. The addition of the Japanese living room screens is a nice touch.

meditation space design

Meditation decor is a very personal thing…

Another meditation room that points towards all things natural. The floor pillows, the yoga mat and the baskets are all special collections. The meditation cushion makes this a perfect place to achieve a mindful state. Simple home decor that is very effective.

meditation rooms

Want something a little more dynamic? take a look at these room setup ideas

This meditation room is designed for multiple people. The amount of seating points towards group meditation sessions. A colorful rug and natural lighting make this a lovely space.

meditation rooms images

Do you need rugs for meditation room? No…but they do help…

This is probably the dream for most, everything you need for the perfect meditation space. There are no shortage of meditation cushions here. As far as meditation rooms go, this is probably the archetype.

meditation rooms ideas

Add meditation wall art to create a personal space…

You don’t always need a permanent space for a meditation space. A temporary solution is just as effective. This is a great example of that, simply pop the cushions away and you have your bedroom back.

meditation rooms design ideas

Create a meditation bedroom if you have the space…

The lovely wall decor is what makes this a great space. The natural feel of the room makes this a great space. Add in the meditation cushion and yoga mat, a great space to practice your prayer and deep state of mind.

meditation rooms decorating

These meditation corner ideas are intense…

The tree branches and natural plants make this a very relaxing place to contemplate. The candles add a very relaxing mood and the little coffee table is just magical.

meditation rooms at home

These meditation room images deliver perfection…

The natural colors and jute material is a great way of creating a pure environment for your meditation space. The foldable mat and cushions really work well especially if you have limited space.

meditation room interior design

Meditation room design with a simple plan…

Once again, a simple space that works really well. The simple color scheme promotes harmony and mindfulness. A perfect place for silent reflection.

meditation room images

DIY meditation room builds can be simple…

Another take on the image above, this image adds some great grey color that works really well. In addition to the natural colors, this is also a great layout to promote quiet reflection.

meditation room ideas for home

A yoga meditation room with simplicity in mind…

A simple setup that achieves its purpose. This is a simple rug and throw that create a soft place to sit. Simply roll it up when you are done.

meditation room furniture

The interest is in the fabric here, this eclectic pattern really catches the eye. This dedicated space encourages reflection. With natural colors and green plants, it really works well.

meditation room designs

Consider the meditation wall decor…

This sacred space is as comfortable as it gets…everything is really…soft! Doesn’t it look cosy!

meditation room design

A simple construction that works to practice your religion. This setup has a table to burn some incense too.

meditation room decorations

This amazing set up is probably the dream of most people. The stresses of everyday life are sent away in a relaxing and mindful environment like this. As quiet as a study room, this room just appeals to the senses. The amazing wall decor is alive too…simply incredible, a living breathing wall.

meditation room design ideas

Rug…check, Pillows…check, table…check, buddha…check, green plants…check…yup, this room is ready for some serious meditation.

meditation room decoration

Probably not the ideal environment for most people as it does appear a little busy. Yet, it shows that some people can create a meditation room within existing spaces.

meditation room decoration ideas

How comfortable does this look…it’s amazing right! A huge rug, huge lions and a huge amount of natural light.

meditation room decorating

A jute rug reflects the natural elements of this room. Cosy and convenient, it really reflects what meditation rooms should be.

meditation room decorating ideas

Calm, and relaxing. This modern meditation room ticks all the boxes.

meditation room decor

This looks more like a place to chill out rather than a prayer room. However, each to their own. If this is your meditation room idea, good luck to you!

meditation room decor ideas

Cool and collected, this meditation room hits that designer vibe. With cool wall decor and an abundance of yoga mats, this looks like a commercial venture.

meditation home decor

Probably a meditators dream! Big, soft cushions that you just want to disappear into. This is a quiet place that most dream of.

meditation design

These meditation pillows are simply divine. Beautiful and well designed. They totally match the ru and the exposed brick wall to deliver a very rustic feel.

meditation decorations

What colorful wall decor! It isn’t the conventional color scheme to meditate…but if your eyes are closed, what does it matter! It looks comfortable anyway.

meditation decorating ideas

This looks very much like an interfaith prayer room! Whatever the purpose, it really works well. Stylish and cool, the colors are natural and relaxing.

meditation decor

The cats agree that this is a cool place to relax! A simple set up that even the most basic of space can accommodate.

meditation decor ideas
meditation corner ideas

A little sanctuary in the corner of the room to get away from the daily stresses. A natural color scheme that works well for these tasks.

meditation bedroom

A small balcony is a perfect space to create a little meditation room. This cane wall and rising ivy is a perfect addition. A couple of simple pillows complete the space.

meditation bedroom ideas

Another simple setup that is easy to replicate. This one makes the most of a mattress on the floor. Pillows and a stool completes the set up.

meditation bedroom decorating ideas

If you have a dream home, why not create a dream meditation room. This all white scene is high in design and comfort.

japanese meditation room

The natural colors really make a difference to your mood…this color palette should really help calm you.

ideas for meditation room

A little corner in a room is all you need, Simple and cosy, this nook is the perfect place to sit in silence and contemplate.

home meditation room

I hope these meditation room ideas really inspire. As you will have seen, you don’t need a whole heap of room to create a successful space. The sheer variety of materials and colors means that you can create a great space that promotes you meditation goals.

meditation rooms decor

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