24+ Garden Potting Bench Ideas That Inspire

potting bench ideas

Get inspired with our garden potting bench ideas

A potting bench can literally save you from agony! As any experienced gardener will tell you, the aches and pains that come as a result of your gardening passion are real…damage can really build up over time. All that bending down and leaning over has a real consequence to your knees and joints. In this article, we will showcase some garden potting bench ideas that will make a real difference to your health and how you work.

As you will see, potting benches come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Each will do things better than others, they key is to identify what suits your work style and what you want it to do. Take a look at some of the images below to see what is out there.

garden potting bench ideas

Our potters bench ideas will leave you inspired…

vintage potting bench
rustic potting bench ideas
potting table
potting table ideas
potting table for greenhouse
potting bench
potting bench plans with sink
potting bench plans diy
potting bench ideas
potters bench ideas
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outdoor potting station
outdoor potting bench
outdoor gardening station
garden potting bench ideas

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gardening station with sink

16+ Amazing Potting Sheds Ideas

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gardening station outdoor
gardening bench
gardening bench ideas
best potting bench ideas
vintage potting table

In an ideal world, every gardener would have a potting shed. This is the perfect place to not only store your many tools, it also provides a great place to actually do your work. Out of the rain and exposure to the elements, it is a great place to be. unfortunately, not everybody has the space nor budget to extend to a shed, so in many cases, a potting bench will have to suffice. It’s not the end of the world, for many, it is perfectly adequate for their needs, and in some ways, adds to the aesthetics of your garden.

Why do i need a potting bench?

A potters bench is perfect for keeping you organised. It is a workspace where you can organize your workflow efficiently and effectively.

It means that you will be able to focus your work in one area without creating a mess in multiple places. As any gardener knows, it is not long before a mess starts to build in a garden.

Importantly, there is a real benefit to your health. If you are trying to pot plants and other tasks on the floor, you will soon begin to feel the pain of constantly bending over. Your back will hurt and your knees and elbows will also feel your efforts. The perfect solution is a bench that is the perfect height for you to stand and work. This saves your back and joints whilst making it comfortable.

If you don’t have a potters shed, you need somewhere to store your tools. Most potting benches have some form of storage, whether that is drawers or hooks, that will be unique to the design you opt for. However, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from.

Put simply, having a potting shed makes your life simpler…your health is better, you can work more efficiently and you have somewhere to store your tools….did i mention that they look really cool too!!

What makes a good potting bench?

There are various aspects to consider. The first is the longevity of it. Your potting bench must be able to withstand the elements since it will more than likely spend its life outside. This means that the wood must be either pressure treated or a wood that is resistant to the effects of sunlight and moisture.

You then have to consider the various factors that make a difference to your experience when you are using it. The height is answered below, but essentially it must be at a height that makes it comfortable to work with. You must account for the height of plants therefore it is normally shorter than an average kitchen counter height.

Given that it may have to carry a heavy load, the base of your potting bench must be stable. It should be able to take the weight of your soil and plants as well as your tools. There is nothing worse to a gardener than a potting bench with a wobble!

Storage is a must too. It keeps things in order and protects them from the elements. This will prevent them rusting but importantly, it keeps things organised. No more searching for your tools…it wastes precious time.

In terms of functionality, a sink is a very desirable option to most. It simply makes the workflow a little easier and leaves a cleaner environment. Another nice feature is a grate, which allows soil to drop down. This leaves a cleaner work environment and makes it easier to collect the soil to reuse afterwards.

Finally, depending on the size of your garden, wheels can make a real difference. It means that you can simply wheel your potting bench into the are you are working. In terms of workflow and ease, it is a big difference.

How high should a potting bench be?

Your potting bench should be slightly lower than your kitchen counter. The reason for this is that you have to account for the height of plants that you are working with. The ideal height is approximately 36 inches but you should always check what you are comfortable with depending on your height.

Where should i place my potting bench?

If you are placing your garden bench inside a shed, place it near the window so there is plenty of light and the air can circulate. If you are placing it outside, you will benefit if there is some kind of wall or tree that provides some protection from the elements. Regardless, you need to ensure that there is plenty of light and air circulation.

I hope that you found this article on garden potting bench ideas of use, as you can see there are plenty of varieties out there…each with their own personality. The key is to establish your requirements and analyse how you work. Your potting bench should be there to make your life easier.

garden potting bench ideas

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