24+ Garden Potting Bench Ideas That Inspire

potting bench ideas

Get inspired with our garden potting bench ideas

A potting bench really can spare you from suffering! The aches and pains that stem from your enthusiasm for gardening are real, as any seasoned gardener will attest to…Over time, harm can really accumulate. Your knees and joints will suffer as a result of all the stooping and hunching over. This post will highlight several garden potting bench ideas that will significantly improve your productivity and well-being.

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Every gardener would have a potting shed in a perfect world. This is the ideal location for both storing all of your supplies and serving as a wonderful workspace.

It is a nice spot to be because it is protected from the rain and the elements. A potting bench will frequently have to do because, regrettably, not everyone has the room or money to build a shed. Lets take a look at some real life images to help inspire you.

garden potting bench ideas

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Why do i need a potting table?

Using a potters bench will help you stay organised. It is a place where you can properly and efficiently organise your workflow. You will be able to concentrate your efforts in a single location without causing a mess everywhere.

Most importantly, your health will actually benefit with some bench plans. The ache of repeatedly bending over will soon set in if you are trying to pot plants and perform other duties on the floor. Your elbows, knees, and back will all ache as a result of your efforts. Standing at a comfortable height really makes a difference.

Without a potters shed, you’ll need a place to keep your garden tools. A potting station should offer storage space, usually in the form of hooks, or drawers that are specific to the style you choose. It can have pallets or planks for a shelf, or perhaps another woodworking DIY project. A budget option for a DIY potting bench idea is a pallet potting bench. 

Simply said, having a potting shed in your outdoor space makes life easier…You have a place to store your tools, you can work more effectively, and your health is better.

What makes a good gardening bench?

There are many things to think about. The first is how long it has been around. Your outdoor potting bench needs to be weather-resistant because it will likely spend its whole life outside. As a result, the wood must either be pressure treated or resistant to the effects of moisture and sunshine. 

Your potting bench plan needs to be solid, because it might have to support a big weight. The garden furniture must be strong enough to support the weight of your equipment, plants, and potting soil. Nothing is more annoying to a gardener than a wobbly potting table!

Also necessary is storage. It with your organisation and shields things from the elements. Tools won’t rust because of this, but more significantly, it keeps everything orderly. Don’t waste time looking for your gardening tools anymore.

Finally, wheels can really make a difference depending on the size of your garden. In other words, you can just roll your potting bench into the area where you’re working. It makes a significant impact in ease of use and workflow. A portable potting bench offers more flexibility. 

How high should a garden potting table be?

Your kitchen counter should be slightly higher than your simple potting bench. This is necessary because you need to take the height of the plants you are working with into consideration. The ideal height is about 36 inches, however depending on your height, you should constantly verify what you are comfortable with.

Where should i place my outdoor potting bench?

Place your garden bench near the window if you’re storing it inside a shed, so that there is enough of light and airflow. If you are installing it outside, it will be advantageous if there is a wall or tree that offers some weather protection. Whatever the case, make sure there is adequate lighting and airflow for your potting tables.

I hope you found this post about garden potting bench ideas useful. As you can see, there are many different styles available, each with an own personality. The key is to identify your needs and examine your working style. The purpose of your potting bench should be to simplify your life.

garden potting bench ideas

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