13+ Beautiful Gothic Bathroom Ideas

gothic bathroom design ideas

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Gothic inspired bathrooms can deliver some of the most stunning interior design achievements. The very basis of gothic design lends itself well towards luxury…a special place. When it comes to bathrooms, it is a very personal space that serves many functions. Of course, you have the basic function, but when you look beyond that…it is a space that people retreat too to relax after a hard day. The moodiness and calmness of a gothic bathroom is perfect for that. In this article, we will highlight some great gothic bathroom ideas.

Is this gothic style popular? It’s not as popular as you would think. We know that most people opt for a more modern look. However, there are a subset of people that take gothic styling with a great deal of seriousness. To them, anything other than a style that is faithful to the gothic principles, is a compromise.

So, what is gothic style? It goes beyond the color. Of course, black features very prominently in this styling and it does work very well in intimate spaces such as a gothic bathroom. However, other colors do feature heavily, such as grays, purple and reds. The bathroom furniture with this styling can be described as ornate…the little details matter. Much is made out of Victorian styling which again, lends itself well to this ethos.

However, this style is evolving too and we are increasingly seeing interpretations of modern gothic bathrooms. These take the design elements of standard contemporary bathrooms, yet implement the traditional colors. They are accessorized with traditional gothic styling which delivers a fantastic space, often a very moody and sultry environment.

So, on to the images, lets take a look at some fantastic gothic bathroom ideas.

gothic bathroom ideas
Gothic bathroom ideas

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Gothic bathroom ideas

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