21+ Gothic Bedroom Ideas That Leave You Inspired

gothic bedroom ideas

Get inspired with our gothic bedroom ideas

Gothic style is all about making a bold statement. Decadent and highly sensual, it is a style that creates emotion that few other styles can match. In this article, we showcase some great Gothic bedroom ideas that will help fuel your creative spirit. Remember, you need to think about the tones in the color, the furniture and the furnishings. Balanced together, you can create a wonderfully emotive space.

gothic bedroom
Gothic bedroom

Fuel your creativity with our goth bedroom ideas

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What is Gothic style?

Intricate surfaces and styling is a key theme in Gothic style. Furniture is usually defined by patterns and moldings that usually feature roses, spirals or pointed arches. However, this can vary quite widely. What is important is the sense and feeling that it delivers.

In terms of the furniture, it is usually very well made, usually of oak. Normally it is adorned by luxurious fabrics…think velvet’s, satin’s or silks. One thing that Gothic style does deliver is glamour…in abundance.

How do you decorate a Gothic bedroom?

You can achieve a Gothic bedroom through color, furniture and accessories. The color tends to be very dark delivering a very moody vibe. This will include blacks of varying tone and grays. The furniture will be aged, avoiding modern styling at all cost. Ideally, it will be intricate with carvings and some personality. In terms of color, you can achieve the color you want through paint. Accessories are the most cost effective way to achieve styling. Much of this, you could do yourself, think prints for the wall, patterns and soft furnishings.

What color walls go with black bedroom furniture?

With Gothic design, black is the main color. Ideally your walls and ceiling can be black too. However, there are many shades of black…deep blacks to blacks that almost look grey. The important thing is to add some contrast by choosing a tone of black that offers some separation to the room. Otherwise, you end up with a space that looks flat. You colors should complement and draw out the detail of your furniture and furnishings.

What is Gothic decor?

Gothic decor makes use of dark colors and intricate furnishings to deliver a sense of luxury and sensuality.

How can I make my room emo?

EMO imagery is very specific…think skulls, roses, hearts, thorns…basically it is very emotive designs. This is something that transfers to the furniture styling as well as soft furnishings.

I hope that you found our images of Gothic bedroom ideas of use. They should have got your mind ticking over, making you think about what you actually want, how you can go about it and at what cost.

gothic bedroom
Gothic bedroom

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