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small powder room ideas

Get Inspired with these wonderful small powder room ideas

Don’t be fooled by the name; powder rooms are intended for more than just powdering your nose. The term is a throwback to the days of old, when only ladies were allowed in the living room and had to wait in the foyer until they were introduced. The term is also said to have originated in the late 18th century, when it was used to describe an auxiliary room that was used to store gunpowder for soldiers. Whatever, the reason, we definitely know what it’s used for. In this post, we consider small powder room ideas.

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Traditionally, it contains a sink and a mirror, but some even contain a toilet as well. As bathrooms have become more prominent in homes, they have sometimes been designated as a powder room instead of a full bathroom. Sometimes renovating the powder room on your home is the easiest way to spark an interior makeover and refresh your home. The cost involved in a powder room renovation is much lower than that of adding a room to your house.

The powder room is often one of the most overlooked rooms in a home. However, a nice powder room idea can be a “wow” factor for guests. When designing your powder room, think beyond the basics, such as pretty towels, scented candles, and a pretty rug.  The small space has the potential to be the most luxurious room in your house.

A powder room is a smaller bathroom that’s often tucked away or separated from the rest of the house. Powder rooms are usually kept uncluttered with a few pieces of furniture, but they do have to serve as an all-purpose space, where family members get ready to face the world. So, how do you style a small powder room? The key is to start with a solid foundation, and build upon it to create a room that’s both functional and attractive.

The question of what is a good color for a small powder room is often asked by people who do not have a lot of experience in interior design. Powder rooms, also referred to as half bathrooms, are usually small and are usually intended for guests or people who do not have a lot of time to use the bathroom. For this reason, these rooms are often not used by people who live in the house.

Due to the size of the room, you want to use a color that enlarges the perception of space, while creating enough light to make the room functional. Does it have to match your other interior design aspects? Having a consistent flow throughout your home is nice, but why not go for the ‘wow’ factor, something incredibly special?

The best way to make a small powder room look bigger, is to consider the lighting. How about installing some recessed lighting or light fixtures? These will help you brighten up the room, making it feel much bigger than it actually is.

How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?

What about the ‘wow’ factor? How do we make a powder room look and feel more luxurious? As you will see in the powder room images below, there are plenty of options. One of the simplest ways is through color and creating points of interest. Wallpaper does a fantastic job of creating interest through intricate imagery. It can give a whole new ‘feel’ to your powder room.
Given that the powder room is traditionally small, you may consider using some premium tiles. Beautiful tiling designs and patterns can create a super-premium look that draws the eye, yet has the added benefit of bouncing light around the room. It is this combination of textures and colors that really alter the feel of a room.
What is clear, you don’t need to stick to gray walls or a white wall. Think outside the box…introduce colors, high quality materials like a marble countertop, quartz countertops, consider a wood countertop, use built in open cabinets or shaker cabinets to add some solidity…your powder room makeover deserves your full attention.

What should I put in my powder room?

There are many ways to add personality to this cramped space. After all, the powder room is one of the first rooms you see when you enter a home. This means it’s the perfect place to set the mood for the rest of the house.
A powder room is small but it has two major functions: a bathroom vanity unit for grooming and a toilet. You will also want to consider storage space for toilet paper, hand towel, and other things. The fixed or floating vanity and bathroom sink needs to include space for toiletries and obviously, you need a mirror too. It will depend on the size of your space, but the larger the unit and mirror, the more practical it is. There is flexibility though so don’t feel confined. It is perfectly plausible to have a pedestal sink or undermount sink.
The toilet and sink combo often work well in powder rooms since they are space saving designs. However, that is not always necessary depending on the room you have available.
The vanity area is one that needs to be considered. Are you looking to integrate your sink and counter? There are obviously many types of sinks available…a floating sink, vessel sink …or even a granite or marble vanity. The options are endless so think carefully.

Can a powder room have a shower?

A small powder room is a place for freshening up, fixing up, or getting dressed up before going out. Officially, the answer is no…but what’s to stop you right? It’s all about adding value and convenience to your living space…so why not?
In powder room design, it might be shocking to think that a powder room could have a shower, but it is in fact, totally possible! While adding a small bath tub might increase the value of your home, you don’t necessarily need to spend the money (or the floor space) on a tub to get a little luxury in your powder room.

Should you tile a powder room?

The temptation is always there to wall tile a powder room, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is easier to keep clean and the design aspects make it perfectly viable. There are plenty of beautiful options. A subway tile is ‘on trend’ at the moment, but there are plenty of other ceramic and porcelain tiles that are stunning to look at. A bathroom design can become a thought-provoking period!
However, it’s not always necessary as the ‘traffic’ through the room is minimal. Therefore, consider wallpaper or painting an accent wall. This gives you way more options in terms of interior design. You may even wish to consider something like a shiplap wall, which is cheap and easy to install, yet will last many years.
In terms of cost, it is probably a lot cheaper than tiling and it is something you can do yourself without having to call in contractors.

How much does it cost to build a small powder room?

Realistically, it can cost a couple of thousand dollars…but the real answer is whatever you want to spend on it. It really depends on the look that you want to achieve as well as the fittings. If you are going for the designer option, then it can cost over $10,000. It all depends on what you want and what your budget is.

Should I put a rug in powder room?

As we discussed above, a small powder room has low foot traffic. Therefore, you don’t particularly have to prioritize surfaces to keep it clean. Normally, a rug wouldn’t work in these circumstances but for a powder room…it is absolutely possible! It gives you more options too, in terms of styling and color. So why not give it a try, it could transform your space.

Small Powder Room
Powder room inspiration

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I hope that these small powder room ideas have given you some great design ideas. A tiny powder room is a smaller room, a tiny bathroom if you like, where guests can freshen up and use the bathroom. Powder rooms are generally located off of main living areas and are easily accessible, making them a convenient alternative to a full bathroom. It’s also known as the guest bathroom, half bathroom or even a half bath, a small room in the house where guests can go to freshen up. So, create that welcome space for your guests and show of your interior décor skills at the same time!

powder room ideas
Powder room ideas

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