31+ Small Powder Room Ideas That Inspire

small powder room ideas

Get Inspired with these wonderful small powder room ideas

In this post, we take a look at small powder room ideas. Many people have a powder room, but it is not a room that has had much thought put into it. However, it is an opportunity to create something wonderful. remember, it is a room that guests are more likely to see. 

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A tiny powder room is a smaller room, a tiny room if you like, where guests can freshen up and use the bathroom. It’s also known as the guest bathroom, half bathroom or even a half bath, it is a small room in the house where guests can go to freshen up. 

What does a powder room contain? Essentially, they are a little bathroom. In the past, they simply contained a sink and mirror. However, these days, they often include a toilet. 

How to make a powder room bigger?

More often than not, these rooms are the smallest room in the house by square footage. However, it is a case of doing more with less in this small space. As interior designers will tell you, the first thing to consider is the light fixture. Choose a style that bathes the room in light. Wall sconces can really help focus the light around a round mirror. 

Consider the powder room decor

Next consider the decor. A smaller room deserves a brighter bold color to help reflect the light. It is also important to consider the textures in this room. A textured wallpaper can really help here. Why not consider a floral wallpaper idea to add character. A geometric tile pattern can help create visual interest, a common tile being the white subway tile.  

How can I make modern powder room ideas look luxurious?

How about the ‘wow’ factor? How do we make a powder room look and feel more luxurious? As you will see in the powder room images below, there are plenty of options. 

One of the simplest ways is through color and creating points of interest. Wallpaper does a fantastic job of creating interest through intricate imagery. It can give a whole new ‘feel’ to your powder room. Given that the powder room is traditionally small, you may consider using some premium tiles.

Beautiful tiling designs and patterns can create a super-premium look that draws the eye, yet has the added benefit of bouncing light around the room. It is this combination of textures and colors that really alter the feel of a room. What is clear, you don’t need to stick to gray walls or a white wall. 

Think outside the box…introduce colors, high quality materials like a marble countertop, quartz countertops, consider a wood countertop, use built in open cabinets or shaker cabinets to add some solidity…your powder room makeover deserves your full attention.

What should I put in my powder room design?

The powder room is one of the first rooms you see when you enter a home. This means it’s the perfect place to set the mood for the rest of the house. It needs to be a functional room that serves its purpose. 

A powder room is small but it has two major functions: a bathroom vanity unit for grooming and a toilet. You will also want to consider storage space for toilet paper, hand towel, and other things. 

The fixed or floating vanity and bathroom sink needs to include space for toiletries and obviously, you need a mirror too. It will depend on the size of your space, but the larger the unit and mirror, the more practical it is. 

You do have flexibility though, so don’t feel confined. It is perfectly acceptable to have a pedestal sink or undermount sink. The toilet and sink combo often work well in powder rooms since they are space saving designs. 

Let’s take a look at some wonderful small powder room ideas. 

Small Powder Room
Powder room inspiration

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Take a look at these powder room design ideas…

tiled powder room ideas

These tiny powder room ideas should prove inspirational…

small powder room wallpaper

Small powder rooms can happily accommodate a vintage vibe

small powder room ideas modern

This modern powder room vanity is impressive…and sure to give the room the ‘wow’ factor.

small powder room ideas farmhouse

This small powder room design marries modern with vintage elements…

small powder room ideas elegant
small powder room design decor

Luxury powder room ideas can be the most difficult to achieve…but get it right and you have a wonderful space…

traditional powder room ideas

Elegant powder rooms can be very inspirational spaces…

powder room vanity luxury
simple powder room ideas
powder room ideas elegant modern

Very small powder room ideas deserve special attention to the decor!

contemporary powder room ideas
powder room wallpaper ideas
powder room wallpaper elegant

These contemporary powder room ideas do a great job of mixing materials with bold colors

powder room vanity

You don’t have to be too elaborate…some powder room decor ideas are impressive without too much effort

powder room wallpaper bold
small powder room decor
powder room remodel ideas
powder room ideas modern contemporary
powder room vanity farmhouse
powder room vanity ideas
powder room ideas modern luxury
powder room design small
powder room ideas small
powder room design chic
powder room design
powder room design luxury
powder room decor modern
powder room decor
powder room decor ideas
powder room decor elegant
modern powder room ideas

These powder room designs should really inspire you…

I hope that these small powder room ideas have given you some great design ideas. Which one is your favorite? Pin the image on your social media and don’t forget to tag us in! 

powder room ideas
Powder room ideas

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