27+ Laundry Room Door Ideas That Will Send You Into a Spin

laundry room door ideas

Get Inspired with these laundry room door ideas

In this post, we take a look at some laundry room door ideas. For some of you, a door is a door. For others, it represents functionality as well as style. As you will see, there are a number of style options out there for your to consider.

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27+ Laundry Room Door Ideas That Will Send You Into a Spin

As you will have seen from our other laundry related posts, it’s a pretty important area in a family home. Let’s face it, it is busy room. The amount of washing, sorting, folding and ironing that goes on, is immense. You may not think that a door matters too much, but it can really help you on a daily basis with easy access and ease of use. This is especially the case if you have a small laundry room. You will also need to consider the location. A basement laundry room and a mudroom laundry might have different requirements.

Let’s take a look at some laundry room door ideas. As you will see, most of these are sliding barn door designs. However, there are plenty of other styles that work well. Consider a bifold door, a pocket door, a swinging door, or even a louvered door in the form of saloon doors.

hallway laundry room door ideas
Hallway laundry room door ideas

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Take a closer look at these hallway laundry room door ideas…

stacked laundry room door ideas

This sliding frosted glass door is a space saver, it is essentially acting as a cupboard door to this laundry closet. This closet door idea slides to reveal the washing machine and dryer.

small laundry room ideas with door

This humerous laundry door is designed to match the interior hime decor. The door style reflects this, the shabby chic style door adding a sense of style.

small laundry room door ideas

We have a whole post on small laundry room ideas, but if your space is limited, the considerations are a little different. You have to consider whether you want the door to swing either way. You need to consider the cabinetry, be it the base or the upper cabinets.

pocket door ideas for laundry room

A modern sliding laundry room door that matches the style of this laundry room. Some great storage here and plenty of counter space too.

laundry room sliding door ideas

Plenty of room here to decide what kind of door would suit. The convenience of a slide open door clearly wins over a swinging door. The hexagon flooring is a nice touch, matching the color of the door.

laundry room double door ideas

This rustic sliding barn door is absolutely solid! It leads to a rather large laundry space with open shelves. This is a purpose built door, as you can see there is no door frame.

laundry room door window ideas

A solid door that slides open to reveal a laundry closet. Perhaps a bifold door or even a pocket door might be suitable here.

laundry room door ideas to free up space

This door has a clapboard integrated into the door panels. This is perfect to add tasks too, shopping lists or even some motivational quotes.

laundry room door ideas for small spaces

This laundry area is accessed through this wonderful aluminum sliding glass door. Some great space here, plenty of wall space and room for a laundry basket.

laundry room closet door ideas

A nice wood panel design, this door panel offers great contemporary style and access to the laundry machine.

laundry room closet door ideas slim line

A conventional door that probably matches the rest of the home. The difference is the signage!

laundry room bifold door ideas

A rustic swing door, this is the norm. It leads to a small laundry, perhaps another style door might be more functional.

kitchen laundry room door ideas

A wonderful deep red sliding door that leads to a wonderful laundry room. Plenty of storage space here, and a great closet door idea.

door ideas for small laundry room

THis split barn door is a classic style that works very well here. This is part of a mudroom, so the room has a multitude of purposes. The outward opening means that the cabinetry is not obscured.

door ideas for laundry room

Another door with a glass window, I has a conventional opening style.

barn door laundry room ideas

This example demonstrates that you don’t need to change the door to change the opening style. This door has been removed from the hinges, and been attached to a sliding door mechanism.

barn door ideas for laundry room

These laundry room door ideas should really help to inspire you. As you will have seen, there are plenty of different solutions out there, but you really need to consider the space available and the home decor. Ideally you want to blend the new door design with your existing interior design. Which image is your favorite? Post it to your social media and see what your friends think!

laundry room barn door ideas
Laundry room barn door ideas

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