21+ Wood Slat Wall Ideas That Look Classy

wood slat wall ideas

Get Inspired with our wood slat wall ideas

Whether it is a home, office or hotel, one trend that is making waves is a vertical wooden slat wall. This accent wall is everywhere and what an impression they make. In this post, we will consider some wonderful examples of wood slat wall ideas, and what they bring to your home.

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Wood Slat Wall Ideas That Look Classy

What is a vertical wood slat wall?

Why do people add this type of wood wall panelling into their home? The answer is simple…it works incredibly well. It adds character to your accent wall and focal point, adding texture and a three-dimensional impression. These wood slat wall panels adds depth to the space, and introduce a different lighting dynamic. Slat walls also add value in terms of the premium feel it delivers. Gone are the days of a plain white wall. 

A vertical wood slat wall panel is a relatively new design direction, but a wood panel design is nothing new. We recently produced an article on shiplap and hallway wainscoting ideas which also showed the value of this style of interior design. This vertical slat style is a modern take on traditional materials used in your home.

Wood slats wall as a feature wall

On a basic level, it is simply a feature wall, with vertical strips of wood that stretch from the ceiling to the floor. The width of the slats are up to you but they are normally between 1/2 inch to two inches. 

Spacing your slatted wall

The spacing of the wood slat panels is important as it prevents it looking uniform. They are normally less than the width of the slat panels. The most common orientation is vertical strips but you also have the option of horizontal slats. 

You also have the option of buying complete wood wall panels with the strips attached. This slatted wall covering are available in vertical boards, that can be made of natural wood. They are also available in a number of stained wood colors, such as walnut, white oak, and birch stain. 

How do you attach wood slats to a wall?

There are many ways of attaching wooden slats to create a wooden wall. One method is to attach the slats to a plywood vertical board, and then attach that to the wall using screws. This essentially creates a wall panel. Another option is to attach the wood panels to a batten wall. 

However, the most popular method is to glue the solid vertical wood slats to the wall using construction adhesive. Run a thin bead on the vertical slat wall and attach to the wall using a laser level. A brad nailer is then used to secure the wood plank into the wall. To finish, fill the nail holes with a wood filler. 

You can paint the wooden plank afterwards, but it is much more convenient to do it beforehand. This is the most common method of creating your beautiful new wood accent wall.

What wood do you use for wall slats?

This is entirely based on your budget. You can use a natural hardwood if money is not an issue. You can also buy precut wood strips which also make the job a little easier. If you are looking for a more budget friendly version, then you can cut strips from a plywood board using a mitre saw, to create your wood wall. Some people have used reclaimed wood or even a pallet for the wood, although the finish is not always the best.

Where else can you use a wooden slats wall?

Once you understand how a slat wall idea is constructed, it opens up plenty of opportunities around the home. One of the most commonly seen design ideas is a DIY slat wall room divider, more often than not, separating your living room with your dining area . Moving to other areas of the home, another common usage is in the bedroom. You can create a wonderful accent wall with an integrated bed frame. A TV wall is a great idea too as you can see in this post .

Moving outside, there are plenty of uses in the garden . You can create a wood slat garden wall or fence for that more modern feel , or even create a planter to match. In the garage or laundry room , create a more modern feel in what is normally considered a ‘cold’ space .

Check out some of these related wood accent wall ideas, or even consider this room divider as headboard .

So, lets take a look at some wood slat accent wall images to really demonstrate some creative ideas in action.

wood slat wall ideas

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I hope that these wood slat wall ideas have really inspired your design ideas, helping you develop your ideas further. As always, if you do post your creations on social media, be sure to tag us in. Until next time…stay creative.

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