27+ Basement Laundry Room Ideas that Feel Fresh

basement laundry room ideas

Get Inspired with these basement laundry room ideas…

In this post, we take a look at basement laundry room ideas. As we have seen in our other posts, the laundry room is considered an area that is often neglected in home interior design. It was considered a functional space, rather than one where decor ideas could be applied.

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Whether you have a small laundry room, or simply a utility space, moving your laundry space to the basement is potentially a good idea. This is especially the case if you have an unfinished basement with the potential to create a laundry room makeover.

So, let’s take a look at some basement laundry room ideas.

laundry room ideas basement
Laundry room ideas basement

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Check out these laundry room ideas for a basement

unfinished basement basement laundry room ideas

Washing machines in your main level can create unnecessary noise. Why not move your laundry and counter space downstairs. As you can see in this example, there are plenty of storage cabinets, and room for your dirty laundry. This example is fully integrated with ceramic tile and integrated sink.

small basement laundry room ideas

A beautiful integrated design idea for this basement washing machine and dryer. A very elegant design that is built into this purpose utility room and closet. The integrated units are delightful offering plenty of storage space.

makeover unfinished basement laundry room ideas

A corner in the basement can be enough to create a functional space. This area has white cabinets and plenty of counter space for your laundry basket. and floor space to work with.

laundry room in basement ideas

An integrated design, this design moves the washing machine into the basement, out of the way. It has plenty of counter to work with, importantly it makes use of a redundant area of the home. Potentially, it frees up space in your kitchen.

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laundry room ideas in unfinished basement

A very elegant solution, this basement laundry room is small, yet totally functional. This is a purpose built space with storage space in the laundry room cabinets.

laundry room ideas in basement

This space in the basement is multi functional. The washer and dryer is hidden away in the built in cabinets. As you can see, there is a couch there. This is a room for relaxation as well as a function purpose. You can also see that there is plenty of room for laundry supplies and laundry detergent.

laundry room basement ideas

This laundry area is an exceptional design with a high quality finish. With excellent floor space, this design idea creates a very functional utility room. Built in units, an open shelf…this design works very well.

laundry area unfinished basement laundry room ideas

Basic, yet totally functional. This stackable washer creates space for the worktop and the sink.

ideas for a basement laundry room

Again, another fantastic example of a stackable washer creating plenty of room. This fantastic space has it all, great design and functionality. The sliding door helps maintain the space too. A pull out ironing drawer, open shelving and grey flooring creates a fantastic little space.

finished basement laundry room ideas

Good design is a must and this example is almost perfect. This laundry rooms design is compact, yet creates a perfectly balanced space. Plenty of storage cabinets and room for a laundry basket. Check out home depot for ideas on how to make these doors.

finished basement ideas with laundry room

A very cool design with what appears to be a blue kitchen unit style. The design is bright and airy, helping your basement feel fresh.

diy unfinished basement laundry room ideas

A functional space can be created using a layout similar to a kitchen. The priority here is usability. As a family laundry room, this has some great pointers.

concrete basement laundry room ideas

A family home can become a chaotic space. This home has it locked down! A functional utility room that includes all the washer dryers as well as cleaning tools. A handy laundry basket system is very useful.

ceiling unfinished basement laundry room ideas

A very modern look, this is an excellent example of a modern basement laundry room. Clean lines, a great finish and fantastic decor choices.

budget unfinished basement laundry room ideas

This basement laundry room idea is a dream to most people. This is high end design that works incredibly well. Plenty of storage space, and organisation, this sets the standard for laundry rooms.

basement laundry room storage ideas

Functional design, this small laundry room is perfect. It has both laundry room cabinets and the workspace too.

basement laundry room makeover ideas

This utility room design is designed for functionality. Everything has a place, customs designed for efficiency and convenience.

basement laundry room ideas on a budget

An integrated space for your washer and dryer. Plenty of storage space too to hide things away.

basement laundry room flooring ideas

A nice example of wood panelling, this is a high end laundry area design fits int to the design ethos of the home.

basement laundry room decorating ideas

A small basement laundry room that is perfectly formed. This built in unit makes the most of the space, creating an efficient little zone.

basement bathroom laundry room ideas

Basement laundry rooms don’t have to be big, nor do they have to be spectacular. At the end of the day, it is functionality that matters. This spacing works perfectly here.

basement bathroom and laundry room ideas

These basement laundry room ideas should have given you some inspiration as to what is possible with your space. Remember, functionality is the most important aspect. However, once you have a layout laid down, you can consider the interior design aspects. Which is your favorite image? Pin it on your social media and don’t forget to tag us in!

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unfinished basement laundry room ideas
Unfinished basement laundry room ideas

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