25+ Small Balcony Design Ideas to Create Your Own Little Heaven

small balcony design ideas

Get inspired with our small balcony design ideas

For the many that live in apartments and high rises, a balcony can be an oasis in the sky, no matter how small it is. All too often, people are disheartened by the space, falsely believing that it is too small to make it a valuable space. In today’s post, we will show you how wrong they are and demonstrate some small balcony design ideas.

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As limited space in cities becomes more expensive, the number of people adopting high rise living increases. The real loss people feel when they initially move is the ability to take some fresh air without too much convenience. People very much like and appreciate the benefits of having a backyard or garden. With an apartment balcony, your only convenient option may well be a small balcony.

Get creative with your small balcony…

However, with some creative thinking and a little effort, your urban balcony can be a wonderful hideaway, a place where you can get away from it all. Perhaps a vertical space, a little decoration can go a long way. You don’t need to be an interior designer.

When it comes to your small balcony space, you can find inspiration everywhere…from parks, gardens…or even your neighbors little bolt hole. The important thing is that your small balcony is a reflection of you and how you want to use that space.

Is it a space where you want to spend plenty of time? Is it an entertainment space where you can share a few drinks? Or maybe even a little green space in the sky? Whatever your desire, it is important to consider the options you have to create your dream space.

What to consider with your apartment balcony ideas

You need to consider your balcony furniture, the greenery within the floor space, hanging plants, decoration of the balcony wall railing, seating cushions, pillows, climbing plant, deck tiles or patio furniture, balcony railing, and obviously, your balcony decoration ideas.

The following are some small balcony design ideas that should help you focus on what is possible…regardless of the space available to you. These images demonstrate some creative thinking and fantastic implementation to create a valued space.

small balcony ideas
Small balcony ideas

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Check out these small balcony ideas….

small deck decorating ideas

A small apartment with balcony…

A teeny tiny little balcony did not put off this owner. A lovely example of what can be achieved. The screening provides some privacy while the colorful flowers raise the mood.

small balcony ideas 1

Small balcony decor ideas…

A fantastic example of how you can create a livable space…outdoors. The addition of comfortable furniture makes this a functional space while the greenery induces a sense of calmness.

small balcony furniture ideas

These outdoor balcony ideas are amazing…

With elements of a boho design ethos, this is a space that reflects the owners personality. The use of space is fantastic, leaving enough room to move around comfortably. The greenery adds an element of nature, while the addition of candles will make this a very nice place to relax in the evenings. The introduction of a rug give the impression that the outside, continues from the inside.

small balcony design

These balcony furniture ideas create a relaxed space…

A great example of where the inside flows into outside. The transition is effortless. The addition of screening makes this very private, with the curtain providing the ultimate level of privacy and shade from the sun.

small balcony design ideas 1

Tiny balcony ideas don’t mean you need to limit your imagination…

A beautiful and colorful small balcony that must be an absolute joy for the owner. Bursting with color, this is not for the shy.

small balcony decor

Check out these cool balcony ideas…

A simple space but very effective. There is no seating but there is a real explosion of color that can only create happy feelings. Simply step out onto the balcony for a burst of energy.

small apartment balcony ideas

Check out this balcony inspiration for a cool vibe…

The overflowing plants create a real sense of drama here, and provide some very effective shade from the sun. This makes this a very functional and calm space to while away the hours.

outdoor balcony ideas

For high rise balcony ideas, consider this…

The use of tall bamboo plants is a very effective screen to retain their privacy. It also adds a natural element to the space, which is stylishly completed with chairs and tables. It is relatively simple as far as design goes, but it is effective.

ideas for small balconies

Very small balcony ideas…with big ideas!

This internal balcony demonstrates very well that small spaces can be effective. This little hideaway is perfect to curl up in with a good book. The raised bookcase is a clever use of space too.

decorate a balcony

For a small balcony design outside…this works…

One of my favorite examples, this small balcony design idea ticks all the boxes. It is an attractive space with plenty of seating. The natural wood of the decking with the greenery of the plants makes it feel very natural. Throw in some furniture and a natural rug, you have a wonderful space that is very flexible.

cool balcony ideas

Balcony patio ideas don’t have to be busy…

In this example, it is almost as if they have made a garden in their balcony. This is actually a great example of artificial grass and how it can transform a space. The hanging chair is also a great feature and a lovely spot to sit and think.

balcony ideas

A small modern balcony design…

A beautiful little space, it feels so cozy and very natural. The plants look great but also add freshness to the space. The natural furniture gives a rustic look and you have to say, works very well in this setting.

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balcony ideas for apartments

Perhaps the coziest small balcony design, this has a very boho feel to it. I imagine the inside of the home flows onto the balcony in a smooth transition. Clearly a space designed to be lived in, i suspect it is integral to the home. The color tones are fantastic and warm, while the plants add a natural element and the lighting sets the mood.

small balcony ideas
Small balcony ideas

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balcony furniture ideas

More furniture than walking room, the owner of this small balcony was determined to have a comfortable seating area…and what a fantastic result. Yes, it probably wont win any functionality awards, but the space is nice and cozy.

balcony designs

Clearly a well designed space, the mood this creates is exemplary. The lighting is well thought out and it is a space where you can relax and entertain.

balcony designs ideas

The dog clearly approves of this balcony, and i fully support his decision. Although it is a small balcony, it hasn’t stopped the owner from making it utterly comfortable. Perfect to hideaway from the noise and commotion.

balcony design ideas

Almost resembling a small back garden, this is a nice space to look out over. Perhaps not designed to sit and relax in, it probably serves the function of the owner. However, as a space. it works very well.

balcony decoration ideas

This internal small balcony makes fantastic use of this stunning view. The built in table is perfect to sit and sip an espresso, but also just as as easily at home in a party situation. The design is simple, the effect is stunning.

balcony decorating ideas

Another fantastic example of a boho small balcony idea. The lovely rattan chairs and soft accessories, it really is a comfortable space. This image should serve a a great reference point to those looking to create the perfect lighting.

balcony decor ideas

The owner here has created a space that flows from the inside to the outside. Absolutely private with the big curtain, a place to sit and relax without any interruptions.

apartment patio ideas

A custom made space, this fits fantastically well. The furniture is well proportioned and has the added benefit of storage. Clearly designed as a space to entertain, the owners have done a great job.

apartment deck ideas

Simple yet very effective, some designer outdoor furniture can look great in a small balcony. Very un-fussy, minimalist and blooming great.

apartment balcony ideas

Clearly set up for the photo, you can just imagine curling up into the chair to read a good book, while the candles flicker around you. It is a great little balcony that many of you will love.

apartment balcony idea

Boho chic in all its glory, i love the way that the balcony is an extension of the home. How have they done this? The flooring, the way it matches the internals of the home and flows outside. The materials used suggest that they are for internal use but look lovely outside. The burning fire and custom made furniture give it a unique look.

tiny balcony ideas

Sometimes, simplicity can work well. Just a couple of giant bean bags, it is enough to create a very comfortable spot overlooking a great scene.

I hope that these small balcony design ideas have got your creative juices flowing. Remember, i would always suggest putting together an ideas board to test layouts and materials. It can save you an immense amount of time and effort. Take a look at our screened porch ideas for more inspiration on outside spaces.

small balcony ideas
Small balcony ideas

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