27+ Pink Dorm Room Ideas That Totally Vibe

pink dorm room ideas

Get Inspired with these pink dorm room ideas…

In this post, we take a look at pink dorm room ideas. It is a very particular color, albeit one that has plenty of range within it. However, there are common themes that are associated with this color choice.

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27+ Pink Dorm Room Ideas That Totally Vibe

What is the pink color associated with? The obvious answer is femininity, displaying a caring side and softness. There are also connotations with love and romance, the feeling being that they are creating a loving home by making it warm and inviting.

When you look at the psychology of colors, the color pink is often associated with calmness and the effect that it has on the body and mind. It is known to work to reduce stresses and is also known to have physical healing qualities.

However, these are just assumptions. The simple answer may well be that it is the persons favorite color. They may like the tone or shade without any association with the psychology of colors. With that said, let’s take a look at some real life pink dorm room ideas.

light pink dorm room ideas
Light pink dorm room ideas

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Check out some of these pink and grey dorm room ideas…

pink white and gold dorm room ideas

Get creative with a neon sign in this dorm room idea…

A neon sign can change the dynamics of a room. It makes it fresher, edgy and much more dynamic. It is rather bold, so it won’t be to everybody’s taste.

pink grey and white dorm room ideas

A pink and green combo in this college dorm room…

A pink and green color combination is one that delivers some great results. Dorm rooms can be quite challenging, competing with the style of a complete stranger at times. A dorm color scheme does not have to be plain.

pink dorm room ideas for girls

Consider the color scheme…

White bedding and decorative pillows are a mainstay in many dorm rooms. The warm colors give it a very inviting feel that takes away from a sterile environment. The pale pink colors are very inoffensive and blend in well with the neutral colors. Why not add a range of colors with your accessories and throw pillows.

pink dorm room decorating ideas

A boho from room with splashes of pink…

Natural colors are the order of the day here. With decor ideas like this, it’s interesting and diverse. Dorm decor is not an exact science, so in some ways it can be a risk. This study space has hints of pink, but it is the handmade pieces on the wall that really draw the eye. The pink throw pillows and blanket add real warmth.

pink and white dorm room ideas

This pink dorm room is incredible…

This is a pretty clean look, everything in its place. Either it is a render or very college students! The wood accent wall in a nice design touch that adds interest. The bedroom decor is on the neutral side, with the color scheme playing with a number of pink tones.

pink and purple dorm room ideas

Wall art and rugs…

The right wall decor can add an element of interest. This example showcases it really well, the wall tapestry and collages adding interest, as well as color. The rug gives it an apartment feel, making the space feel warmer and adding a bright color brings energy. The glam pillow cases add a real ‘girl’ element to the dorm room.

pink and gray dorm room ideas

Simple…yet functional…

Classy and elegant design can find its way into a dorm too. This simple design offers a pink accent wall, with a grey bed. The bedroom decor is simple…but it works. Perhaps it could do with some wall hanging mirrors to reflect some light.

pink and gold dorm room ideas

This college dorm room simply works…

This built in example really works well. The clean lines and simple shapes, creates a nice effect. Some nice wall decor is on hand, the dorm color scheme is nicely balanced.

pink and blue dorm room ideas

Handmade pieces of wall art and vintage posters…

Create interest and color into your dorm room. This example creates a very interesting look that is very much like a tapestry. It is very much like a wallpaper of color.

pink and black dorm room ideas

Keep the pink flowing…

There is always a danger of overdoing one color. This pink and red combination avoids that trap, delivering an eye catching balance.

hot pink dorm room ideas

Introduce wall decor through wall art…

An easy way to introduce color and character is through your wall art. This may be through collages, murals, posters, or artwork.

grey and pink dorm room ideas

A pink neon sign makes a huge statement…

Some people might think that it is going to far…I beg to differ! I think it adds a ton of character…but they aren’t cheap!

gray and pink dorm room ideas

These hot pink dorm room ideas hit the mark…

This dorm room idea hits the key ideas. A nice range of throw pillows with some super wall decor. The study space also fits into the color scheme.

dorm room ideas pink

Simple pink dorm rooms can work too…

You don’t have to go overboard to add an accent color. A few simple color details is more than adequate.

dorm room ideas pink and white

Introduce a colored bedding set for a quick win…

Simply changing the duvet and bedding set can change the look and feel off the room, especially when it comes to introducing a new color.

dorm room ideas pink and purple

Pink dorm bedroom decor that sets the standard…

This is a wonderful example of how you could introduce pink into the room. The pale pink almost acts as a neutral color. The soft color palette is calm, warming and comfortable.

dorm room ideas pink and grey

College students often like bold color palettes…

This bold color scheme is not for the faint hearted. It’s loud, bold and fresh. Perfectly designed to represent somebody’s personality!

cute dorm room ideas pink

LED lights are a fast way to add color…

Often overlooked, LED lights are often the best way to add color, They are pretty cheap to buy, economical to run, and very effective. Most also have the option to switch colors.

college pink dorm room ideas

What did you think of these pink dorm room ideas? Some of these are really out there, others are rather inoffensive. Regardless, this kind of interior design is very subjective. What was your favorite image? Why not pin it to your social media…and don’t forget to tag us in! See you soon!

pink and grey dorm room ideas
Pink and grey dorm room ideas

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