33+ Dining Room Mirror Ideas That Totally Reflect Your Style

dining room mirror ideas

Get Inspired with these dining room mirror ideas

In this post, we take a look at dining room mirror ideas. A dining room doesn’t necessarily need a mirror, but it is a design statement that you will often see. There are some real advantages to having a mirror in the dining room…obviously, this applies to other rooms too. In this post, we take a look at some reasons why you should consider them, and then take a look at some real examples.

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33+ Dining Room Mirror Ideas That Totally Reflect Your Style

There are many advantages to putting a mirror in your dining room. Firstly, they offer a distraction to your guests. As any psychologist will tell you, people love looking in mirrors. Aside from the personal angle, they also act to make your space appear bigger than it is. They also act to reflect the light in the room, making it appear brighter.

Mirrors can also add to the aesthetic feel of the room, in fact, they can be a central part of the home decor. In many cases, they are the focal point of the room. They act as the central part of the room where they’re remainder of the decor fans out from.

What type of mirror should you consider? There are many different styles to choose from. In terms of modern trends, grouping mirrors on a gallery wall together is very popular. Consider this post on the IKEA Honefoss mirrors, they contain many examples of this look. Other types of mirrors top consider include a statement mirror, bevelled mirrors, wall leaning mirrors, large leaning wall mirrors, hanging mirrors, a windowpane mirror, and framed mirrors. There are plenty of different types to choose from!

Let’s take a look at some real dining rooms with mirrors.

dining room wall mirror ideas
Dining room wall mirror ideas

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Check out the small dining room mirror ideas below…

wall mirror small dining room mirror ideas

Create a centrepiece with your dining room mirror…

This dining room mirror idea is a real statement piece. It ticks a few boxes too, as a decorative mirror, it has plenty of detail that is very elegant. It not a wall decor mirror either, the sheer size of it makes it perfect to lean on the wall. This set up can really take your set up to the next level. The bay window setup really draws in some natural light that this huge mirror does a good job of dispersing.

wall mirror ideas for dining room

Modern meets elegance…

This elegant floor mirror is a wonderful statement piece in this room. The interior design offers a very elegant mood to the room, with lovely ceiling lights. The 1970’s dining table and chair set really suits this room design.

wall decor small dining room mirror ideas

A modernist approach…

This dining room space offers a very modern approach. With basic decor, it really places emphasis on the quality of the furniture and the materials. The wall hanging mirror is no different. The lack of uniformity on the shape adds real interest. It also has an interesting frame, adding a focal point too.

modern dining room mirror ideas

A dining area straight out of a magazine…

This antique mirror is a wonderful statement piece, sitting delightfully between the wall sconces. This may not be a small dining room, but it still retains that cosiness.

mirror wall decoration ideas dining room

Get the pottery barn farmhouse look…

These pair of rectangular mirror designs offer a great look. They offer a rustic look that matches the ceiling light perfectly. The size of them gives the impression of the mirror wall.

mirror in dining room ideas

The right mirror can change a rooms dynamics…

If you walked into this room, there is one item that overshadows every other…this wonderfully rustic full length mirror. It sets the scene beautifully, reflecting the natural light.

Take a look at these really cool dining room accent wall ideas

mirror ideas for dining room

This accent mirror offers something very different…

Not your normal mirror, this offers a lovely effect that encapsulates the whole room. With a beautiful gold frame, its contrasts really well with the blue walls. The decor delivers a very vintage feel to this room.

mirror ideas dining room

A dining room wall mirror that shines…

This luxury home houses a fantastic dining room. The wall mirror might not be the centrepiece, but it does have a pride of place, doubling as a piece of artwork. It really does add a touch of glamour.

mirror dining room wall decor ideas

A simple round mirror can work…

An elaborate hanging mirror does not need to be installed to make a big impression. Sometimes, a simple mirror with clean lines is all that is required. Interior design does not have to be complicated to work.

mirror dining room ideas

These Art Deco style mirrors hit the mark…

This pair of round mirrors offers some real personality to this dining room. Featured above the home mini bar, they offer real style.

mirror decoration ideas for dining room

Incredible natural lighting…

This dining room is blessed with amazing natural light. The huge windows draw in huge amounts of light which is reflected around the room by this wonderful large mirror.

mirror decor ideas dining room

This vintage room has bags of personality…

This mirror really is a stunning piece of furniture. The sheer sizeof it makes it versatile, perfectly at home as a living room or entryway mirror…probably a bit big for a bathroom mirror though!

leaner mirror decorating ideas dining room

Clean lines with this frameless mirror…

We have seen many examples of mirrors leaning on walls. Not only is this a simple solution with no effort, it is a great look. This dining room has clean lines and a minimalistic feel. It almost gives the feel of mirrored furniture.

large mirror above side board dining room ideas inspoiration

Create a mirrored wall gallery…

This is a great way to create a mirrored wall without outlandish costs. The effect os superb, creating plenty of light. It may also work as a vanity mirror in a vanity room.

large dining room mirror ideas

A full length mirror that elevates your decor ideas…

This full length mirror does a great job of transferring and distributing the natural light in the room. The design of the mirror has an art deco feel, but it works really well with the industrial looking furniture.

large circle mirror dining room ideas

A round mirror that elevates the room…

The height of the mirror can make a huge difference to how people interact with it. When it is at eye level when seated, it totally changes the dynamics of the room.

ideas for each side of a dining room mirror

A framed hanging mirror that adds elegance…

S simple mirror is all that is sometimes required to enhance a dining space.

floor mirror in dining room ideas

The right mirror is a big design statement…

This example demonstrates that choosing a mirror can really add tremendous value to a room. This interesting mirror design is a perfect example of that.

dining room with mirror ideas

A rectangle mirror is the got to shape…but others work

Think a little more about the shape of the mirror. The go to option is mainly rectangle, but chose other less conventional shapes for an interesting look.

dining room shelves ideas with sliding mirror door

A centrepiece statement that delivers big impact…

This room offers plenty of natural light…but the mirror is the standout piece of furniture in this room. It is without doubt the dining rooms focal point.

dining room round mirror decorating ideas
dining room mirror design ideas

Picture perfect…

This delightful framed mirror adds a tough of class to this blue room. It may well be an antique mirror…but it works well.

dining room mirror decorating ideas

A small mirror with style…

It’s nit quite a bathroom mirror size, but it is sizeable enough to make a nice impact in this room. The shape really works well with the dining room furniture.

dining room ideas mirror

A big round mirror is a classic design statement…

Classic design has certain fundamentals…a round mirror is one of them. It adds contrast to a room where straight lines are the norm.

dining room buffet and mirror ideas

A busy room needs a calming influence…

This mirror adds a touch of calming elegance to this busy room design.

cool dining room mirror decorating ideas

Use a mirror to visibly separate rooms…

This example is a great way to demonstrate how you can create zones in a combo room. This mirror does just that, creating separation and helping to create areas.

apartment small dining room mirror ideas

What a wonderful selection of dining room mirror ideas, I hope you found them as inspiring as I did. Which was your favorite image? Why not take a moment and post it to your social media….don’t forget to tag us in! See you in the next post.

small dining room mirror ideas
Small dining room mirror ideas

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