49+ Stunning Wood Accent Wall Ideas That Impress

wood accent wall

Get Inspired with these wood accent wall ideas

Boring walls are a cardinal sin in interior design. Whether you choose to paint or wallpaper, that is up to you. However, have you considered a wood accent wall? This relatively new trend incorporates a designer element to the wall, using engaging patterns to peak a persons interest. It adds character and detail to a room in a less traditional way.

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Interior design is becoming more about the details. Huge wallpapered walls are becoming a thing of the past, with accent walls becoming more prominent. This also involves introducing new materials and patterns into spaces, delivering more eclectic design.

In this post, we consider why you should consider them, before commentating on some great examples of wood accent wall ideas.

wood accent walls
wood accent walls

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Get inspired with these wood accent walls…

wooden walls ideas

This wood panel accent wall is discrete…

A wood accent wall does not have to be complicated. This is a perfect example of that. A few planks of wood placed on a wall diagonally. It creates a point of interest that works. Paint them the same color and you’re done. This DIY wood accent wall is as cheap as they come.

wooden accent walls

Wood wall accents can dramatically change a room…

These types of wood accent walls are becoming more popular, especially in spacious apartments. They add a different dynamic to the room, giving a high end premium look. The wood slat is made from a premium hardwood, placed to gather to create a wood panel. This is then placed onto the wall.

wooden accent wall

Wooden accent wall panels can change the profile of a space…

This is an excellent example of a natural wood slat accent wall being used as a room divider. It creates a clear visual separation that works incredibly well. The wood paneling extending to the cool ceiling is a great look too.

wooden accent wall bedroom

This bedroom wood feature wall adds timeless design…

If you want to create something a little different, wooden slats in the bedroom can create a dynamic new look. This high end interior design is relatively simple to achieve, this being a great example. It adds to the beige color room perfectly, complimenting the solid wood plank floor. A matching stain can also work wonders to the end product.

wood walls images

Get creative with your wood paneling accent wall…

Creating shapes for your wood accent wall is a great way to create drama and interest in your living room. This is relatively simple to create, but you would suspect that they are much more complex. This feature wall simply needs a few tools to create, measurement tools, brad nailer, caulk to finish and color as desired.

wood wall patterns

A very popular design, these media walls really impress…

A classic look, especially with these IKEA Besta wall cabinets. This TV wall idea is a great look that really gives a high end finish. The texture is lovely and relatively simple as far as DIY projects go.

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wood wall ideas

Using wood flooring is a great cost saving hack…

This accent wall is literally barn wood flooring that has been adapted to fit onto walls. They do this using special brackets. The entire wall is covered and it does give a good look, especially if the flooring is the same.

wood wall design

How about something a little magical!

An intricate wood wall, this really is a stunning piece of design. The patterns are unique and beautifully finished, to create a fantastic piece of design. A feature wall by any definition, this is interior design at its best.

wood wall accents

A wood wall design that is basic…yet effective

A simple feature wall to create interest in this dining room. Simple to create and very effective. A simple Home Depot project that can be completed in a day. Even better, consider using reclaimed wood to cut the cost further.

wood wall accent

A diy wood accent wall can be a simple affair…

A unique pattern that works very well, decked out in this beautifully deep navy blue. A nice finish that creates a great look.

wood feature wall ideas

These accent wall designs are perfect for this nursery…

Want something a little different for your nursery? This is a lovely design that is painted in a beautiful green and white color.

wood accent

These wooden wall accents add character…

This interesting layout is perfect for this little corner dining room set. The wooden slats create a point of interest.

wood accent wall living room

A full wall of wood slats results in this fantastic look. The real wood slats give a fresh look that suits a large black TV.

wood accent wall in bedroom

Wood for accent wall can be reclaimed and painted…

A white wall can be interpreted as a boring wall if it has no points of interest. Using a wood pattern on a wall can completely change the atmosphere. You can reclaim the wood and paint it for a great finish.

wood accent wall bedroom

This is at the simplest wall panel design…some would argue that it is quite bland, I can’t disagree on that.

wall with wood

This wood panel is designed to host a television. The purpose of which is to separate the space. It does a great job of this.

wall accents wood

A floor to ceiling wood paneling is a stunning look. The purpose is to create a point of interest whilst also filling the space with a decorative element.

rustic wood accent walls

A different approach to a wood accent wall, this simply attaches wood slats to the end of the wall. It is actually an interesting look that works well.

rustic wood accent wall

This floor to ceiling wood panel feature wall is a great design that totally works. It houses the TV whilst also creating space for the fireplace.

rustic feature wall

A girls nursery is a great place to be creative. This design works very well here. It creates interest whilst not overshadowing the content of the room.

rustic accent wall

This reclaimed wood accent wall is stunning. It completely cocoons the bed creating a very intimate area. The integrated lighting is a nice touch.

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Take a look at these vintage industrial decor examples that also use accent walls to elevate their interiors. You may also want to consider these room divider headboard ideas.

I hope that these wood accent wall ideas really inspire you. As you can see, there is no template to follow. You can be as creative as you want. However, the look that can be achieved is simply stunning. A highly creative design idea that delivers high end design.

wood accent wall ideas
wood accent wall ideas

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