27+ Planter Bench Ideas That Make You Want to Sit Down

planter bench

Get Inspired with these planter bench ideas…

In this post, we consider various planter bench ideas. The purpose of a planter bench is twofold. One, it is the visual beauty of them in your outdoor space. The fact that you can plant greenery and flowers within the structure makes them more attractive. Secondly, they create a space for you to actually plant greenery, especially in places where it is not possible to put them in the ground.

There are plenty of commercial options to buy, however a DIY planter bench is a real thing. Based on the design option, they can be relatively simple to construct and much more cost effective.

Let’s take a look at some planter box bench ideas.

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Planter Bench Ideas That Make You Want to Sit Down
diy planter bench
DIY planter bench

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Take a look at some of these DIY planter bench and DIY wooden planters

wooden planter bench

A classic planter bench example using real cedar. This furniture style is both visually appealing and practical.

planters with bench

A modern planter bench example, this has a very commercial outdoor furniture design style to it. These planter benches are on the more expensive end and are designed to be an imposing size.

planters bench

A simple wooden design that is practical and simple to make. The paint color is purposeful, designed to protect the lower grade wood that has been used. These would look great in a home patio, urban garden or a backyard deck.

planter boxes with bench

A square metal planter that that would suit a more commercial setting. This kind of outdoor furniture would suit a bar or office space. The rustic bench seating gives it a unique appearance. The metal has a powder coat finish to offer some protection.

planter box with bench seat

A designer planter bench that is constructed for stainless steel and western red cedar. This is premium design that has a budget to match.

planter box bench

A basic option for a home patio, it helps to segregate spaces efficiently. The construction is basic, yet it works perfectly. The black styling helps to offer a very modern home decor style.

planter benches

An impressive side, this planter box stretches the width of the building. This cedar construction delivers a very nice finish, which looks great with the flower displays.

planter bench plans

A very modern planter bench that makes the most of a powder coated construction with a connecting bench. The lovely western red cedar seating delivers a luxurious finish.

planter bench ideas

A designer solution, this high end planter bench delivers a fantastic look. It makes the use if two pots that are covered by a lovely wood finish. This would make a nice front door planter.

outdoor planter benches

A different type of planter bench, this one is a permanent structure made from concrete. The cool shape give a very modern vibe. Potentially a design that can be used as a poolside planter.

outdoor planter bench

A commercial style of bench, this is perfectly suited to civil spaces and the roadside. The robust design makes this a solid solution.

outdoor bench with planter boxes

A lovely integrated planter bench that delivers a great look. The sheer size of it makes it very imposing, yet the capacity is impressive.

garden planter bench

A fantastic custom creation, this metal planter with integrated bench delivers a very cool look. The size is perfect for a potted plant.

flower pot bench

A modern planter bench looks really cool in this outdoor space. The square planters deliver a very contemporary look, this is a very unique looking style.

flower box bench

This porch has a planter bench integrated into it. The advantage being that you can leave the remainder of the porch free for a rocking chair or even a porch swing! Alternatively, this can simply work as additional seating.

diy planter bench

There is a structural aspect to this planter bench design. It works well to separate the space, it creates zones in this space. The finish is fantastic, the red cedar certainly making an impact.

diy patio benches

A contemporary planter bench design that uses a variety of materials. This is made using bricks, render and obviously, wood.

diy large planter boxes

This designer plant bench is a fully concrete construction. Its unique look gives a fresh new look that looks great. It will stand the test of time too with its solid construction.

cedar bench planter

Another commercial planter bench style, this is designed to be big and imposing. The solid construction with a variety of materials makes it perfect for public use.

box benches

This square planter box with integrated seating is a clever design that works. It looks modern and offers a fresh new look. The combination of materials works really well.

bench with planters

A backyard design, it helps to make use of the available space , while adding some much needed seating space.

bench planter

These planter bench ideas should help you understand what is on the market. Whether it is a custom creation or you are looking at commercial options, there are aspects that you need to consider before you make any decisions.

diy wooden planters
DIY wooden planters

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