43+ Back Porch Decor Ideas That Hit Different

back porch decor

Get Inspired with these back porch decor ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a back porch, then making the most of that space can increase the enjoyment of your home as well as increasing the value. In this post, we take a look at back porch decor ideas that work.

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What is it that makes a great porch? Is it the furniture? the styling or the layout? The simple answer that it is all these things. All these things are a consideration for good interior design.

Let’s take a look at some great examples of porch decor.

back porch decor ideas

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Check out these small back porch decor ideas…

wall decor for back porch.jpg

These back porch ideas create a great display…

There are a number of back porch decor ideas that work well, this little cute design works really well. The potted plants leading up the steps is a lovely touch. It’s almost like a farmhouse look in an urban environment…imagine the country meeting New York! The uniform color also makes this a visual treat. This could also be mistaken for a small front porch too.

wall decor for back porch

These back porch decorating ideas take design to another level…

Lovely seating, coffee table and a rug takes the indoors out. Create a cosy little porch design that adds flexibility to your home.

spring back porch decor

Consider this design if you want covered back porch ideas

Some people love a pillow…and why not. They have colorful textiles and are totally comfortable! This USA. based porch idea makes the most of the flag.

small back porch decor

These backyard porch ideas afford a great view

This cozy porch decor is a great example of comfort and style. The traditional farmhouse look, the wicker furniture, the outdoor rug and the candles makes this a great space, especially on a cold night.

rustic back porch wall decor

These back porch design ideas are simple yet effective

Simple can be effective with a small back porch. You don’t have to cram the area with plants, candles and furniture. A simple swing chair will sometimes suffice.

pinterest farmhouse back porch decor

You’d almost be forgiven for thinking that you were inside the house. This classic example is very traditional in appearance, and espouses that southern living ethos.

outdoor back porch decor

This wonderful porch ceiling has wonderful detailing and a fan to keep you cool. This screened porch is one you will see all over. The beautiful potted plants and wicker furniture make this a welcoming, yet robust place.

outdoor back porch decor ideas

Adding some boxed planters is a great idea. This scene does that well with some lovely colors and ideas. Add a couple of chairs, it’s a lovely spot to sit outside and think.

old fashioned back porch decor

A beautiful scene that is well designed. This outdoor space is perfect to entertain in, invite a friend over and talk the night away. Home decor does not need to be complicated.

modern farmhouse back porch decor

The pumpkins show that Halloween may be upon us. This fall decor includes a double love seat outdoor furniture, a large coffee table and a colorful rug, a perfect environment to relax.

log cabin back porch decor

This image shows us that porch decorating can be fun! These wicker rocking chairs make the perfect place to rock the day away. That cute little bay window adds character too.

images of back porch decor

What a beautiful scene, this is almost a magical covered porch. The wonderful colors, the depth of the blues on the sofa and pillows, the intensity of the large planters. It is a great example of back porch decor ideas.

home decor ideas for back porch

Simple can work too! A couple of wooden chairs and table, you have a place to relax.

farmhouse back porch decor

A dream for many, a porch swing chair is a perfect place to wile away the hours. Some open shelving for some pictures a coffee table and plenty of sun.

farm themed back screen small porch decor

A move away for the traditional porch decorating ideas, this geometric design idea works well for a modern interpretation.

fall back porch decor

Fall porch decor ideas don’t need to be overly complex. This cozy scene is a perfect place to relax. A open fire, cosy materials and textures, and great lighting.

diy back porch decor

Adding plants onto your covered porch brings the outside into your home. It adds a level of freshness and a natural environment to your home.

decor ideas for small screened back porch

This back porch patio is a perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea. This home decor idea is as simple as it is effective. The wicker furniture and colorful outdoor rug is probably the star of the show here.

decor ideas for small back porch

A simple back porch idea that is more functional than stylish. This really makes full use of the space available to them.

decor ideas for back porch

A swing chair and a pair of comfy armchairs. A lovely space to relax and unwind, but just as good if you have friends over. The outdoor furniture is of a high quality here, it can really make a difference in perception.

decor for back porch

This porch design makes the most of the porch space while also adding a touch of class. Some dark wicker furniture and some intense color for focus, this is a good design.

covered back porch decor

An image also seen in our outdoor BBQ area ideas, this is a great example of creating the indoors outside. This custom made area takes interior design to another level.

country back porch decor ideas

This rustic porch design is eclectic and interesting. Simple, yet effective, the real stars of this image are the potted plants.

brick back porch decor ideas

Have you ever seen this, an outdoor back porch with a coffered ceiling? Probably not…but its here! This interesting set up is almost unique. The outside inside.

back porch wall decor

Souther living at its very best. This stylish back porch really brings the outside indoors. The huge planters, the wicker furniture and a stunning ottoman.

back porch ideas decor

The cat is an optional extra but what a delightful space. Outdoor living can be a very stylish way of living!

back porch fall decor

Vibrant and colorful, this is a great space to sit and unwind. The furniture and decor is on point, country living at its best.

back porch decor stone fireplace

That deer antler decor is certainly imposing! A mix of traditional and modern, this really is an interesting back porch.

back porch decor images

Simple can be effective, I like the throws and colorful textiles here. The shelf decoration takes the style to another level.

back porch decor ideas ideas

This screened porch is a wonderful space that brings the outdoors into your home. The stylish furniture scream quality.

back porch decor country

This farmhouse look is a great example of great design on a budget. You don’t have to do a great deal to achieve this look, porch decorating can be easy.

back porch country decor ideas

This image shows the importance of lighting. It really does turn it into a multifunctional space.

back porch blue decor

I hope that you enjoyed these back porch decor ideas. As you have seen, there are a whole host of styles that work. You don’t have to stick with traditional style…push the boundaries to create something magical.

small back porch decor ideas

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