49+ Air Plant Display Ideas That You Will Marvel at

air plant display

Get Inspired with these air plant display ideas

If you’ve never seen an air plant, it really is something to marvel at. They don’t work like a conventional plant, they don’t have roots. They attach themselves to other plants and use their leaves to absorb moisture and nutrients. They are the perfect home plant which can be displayed in a number of ways. In this post, we consider air plant display ideas, what you can do to add some style to your displays, and showcase some great ideas.

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hanging spheres
Hanging spheres

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Check out some of these hanging air plants…

ideas for displaying air plants

These nifty little clay pots are the perfect home for your air plant. They create a lovely scene where it looks like the natural elements are growing out of the container.

how to display air plants

Create a hanging DIY air plant holder. This simple little hanging planter are a perfect little project to display these wonderful little plants. You can use any kind of wood, drill some holes and hang them using hot glue, rope, string or wire. They may even work well with a larger plant.

himmeli air plant

Unconventional can work too! Create an interesting focal point by using a wooden hand grasping your air plant. This air plant holder really does catch the eye in a creative way.

hanging spheres

This piece of driftwood creates a great air plant frame. The natural aspect of the wood really complements the natural plants. Add in some very modern looking glass held up by copper wire, you have a great display idea that is a great way of growing air plants.

hanging glass spheres

Perhaps one of my favorite air plant displays. The eclectic nature of the pot design creates an interesting design, perfect for this style of indoor plant. This planter is cool, stylish and a perfect little DIY project.

hanging air plants with wire

The ability to create your own design is a major attraction of these plants. All you need is a mason jar with a cork bark lid, wrap some string around them and attach them to the the hanger. Experiment with different types and sizes of jars and plants.

hanging air plant

Why not consider these seashell design ideas. Simple drill a hole and hang them from the ceiling with some floral wire. Alternatives can include knitted designs, stones and pebbles.

glass air plant holder

These jars make a great display for air plants. They really focus the eye, demonstrating the beauty of the plants. If you do opt to use glass jar displays, consider the essential elements of air circulation and water requirements.

diy air plant terrarium

Again, another great example of an air plant collection. These can be constructed into a glass terrarium. An air plant terrarium is almost like its own little eco system with vibrant colors. The perfect home decor!

diy air plant frame

Create an air plant frame to really focus the beauty of these plants. The versatile nature of these plants and exotic shapes mean that they are the perfect accompaniment.

displaying air plants

This little copper dish is a perfect little vehicle for your air plant. You may also consider using seashells for something a little different.

seashell plant holder

These little wooden characters create a fun little scene for your air plant collection. They act as holders, which can be created it different shapes. If you are a plant lover with a sense of fun, this style could be right up your street.

display air plants

Create a natural wall using these low maintenance air plants. Potted plants require plenty of maintenance and care, whereas air plants are pretty much self sustaining.

cool air plants

This wire shape is almost a contemporary nod to a traditional vase and plant.

brass air plant holder

Create a cool little wood wall display that draws the eye. Set them up in random ways to create different shapes.

attaching air plants to driftwood

Natural wood and air plants are a natural complement to each other. Whether it is a piece of driftwood, or something carved, they look great.

air plants in seashells

How is this for something different? This knitted cap is perfect for housing an air plant. It is creative, and without doubt a focal point.

air plants hanging

Another delightful air plants display idea. This clay pot design is perfect to hang against a wall, housing a number of air plants. A great addition to a bedroom where these little plants produce oxygen whilst you sleep.

air plant wreath

These edgy little knitted pockets are perfect to house your air plant. Remember, these plants can live through attracting nutrients and moisture through their leaves. They not need watering like a traditional potted plant.

air plant wire

Another DIY air plant holder, these clay designs are a unique piece, almost like a piece of art. Held up and attached to the ceiling by wire, they create an interesting design.

air plant wall hanging display

If DIY isn’t your thing, consider a purchased solution. These are plant holders for more conventional plants with soil. However, there is nothing to stop you from adjusting them to use for an air plant.

air plant shelf

Why not create a wooden frame that can produce an interesting design to house your air plant collection.

air plant ornaments

These cute little plant pots are perfect for these air plants. Available of Etsy, they are a modern a contemporary design with a twist.

air plant mounting ideas

We have it all here…a stump of wood with a knitted hat…housing an air plant. I think they have the perfect treble here.

air plant in glass ball

These glass terrarium bowls are a really cool design, creating plenty of interest. They are an excellent way to highlight the beauty of them.

air plant holder ideas

This contemporary design uses concrete and copper wire to create housing for these air plants.

air plant hanging

A very elegant designer option. This photograph really highlights the sheer beauty of these air plants.

air plant hanging ideas

A very playful take on the traditional styling, these ceramic lego men have air plant hair! A very clever and playful solution.

air plant glass

Not everything has to be perfect. This homemade solution is rustic and perfectly imperfect…yet it works wonderfully well.

air plant display wall

This air plant display is as clever as it is stylish. It is modern and contemporary and really makes an impact in what would otherwise be a very plain space.

air plant display pot
air plant display pebbles

These pebbles that have been attached together using hot glue. They create a natural yet interesting body to house your air plant.

air plant display idea

These hanging wire designs include air plants to remove their harshness. They soften the scene, adding a natural element to the design.

air plant display brass

Brass candle holders are a great way to display these air plants. A modern and playful take, especially since stick candles fall out of popularity.

wood air plant holder

Create your own wood and wire frame that houses your air plants. It is almost like an air plant terrarium.

wire air plant holder
ways to hang air plants

THis image really shows that you can put air plants anywhere. Utilise some old cookware, add some color to some existing displays…there is no limit to your imagination.

ways to display air plants

Create a little garden display using air plants. Perfect for a zen garden display, this glass bowl creates a modern touch.

unique air plant display

A playful but quite eerie display for your air plants. It is actually quite clever, something that you can easily create at home using washing up gloves and plaster.

tall air plants

I hope that these air plant display ideas have shown you what can be achieved…often with little effort. Use your imagination to create a great display that has many health benefits. If you are a fan of greenery, consider this post on indoor plant displays.

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air plant mobile
Air plant mobile

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