22+ Screened In Porch Ideas That Rock

screened porch ideas

Get inspired with these fantastic screened in porch ideas

Creating spaces in a home is not only a great way to add value, but it also makes a home more enjoyable to live in. A screened in porch does just that. It is a place that offer you seclusion, somewhere to relax and unwind. It’s also a place where you can host guests too. It is these kinds of versatile spaces that people really desire in their homes. In this post, we take a look at screened in porch ideas. 

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22+ Screened In Porch Ideas That Rock

Consider these screen porch ideas…

What is it? It is essentially a standard porch outside a home, but the difference is that there are screens that act like windows. The purpose of these is to prevent insects and flies entering the space. This way, it is comfortable for your guests when they sit outside. As you can imagine, sitting outside is desirable, especially in the summer months. 

The definition needs to be separated from a screened porch design. These are screen panels with windows, rather than the fiberglass mesh material. The fully screened in versions keep out the cold in the winter, however in the summer, they are extremely hot.

Screened porch ideas…What is the best design?  

What is the best design for a screen porch idea? That will very much depend on your desires and how you use the space. Each of the variations have their own befits and disadvantages. You should consider the weather, when you are likely to use it and the level of privacy that is important to you. Whatever your considerations, there is a screened in porch design for you.  

Apart from these screen porch ideas, consider adding a pergola outside your porch to add a further outdoor space. Take a look at some great pergola ideas here. 

Screened porches are a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors, and they can also be used to create more space in a home. You might also be interested in these back porch decor ideas. Take a look at these screened in porch ideas that will be sure to get you a little excited. 

screened in porch ideas
Screened porch design ideas

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Check out these screened in porch design ideas

what to do with screened in porch

Screened in patio ideas that deliver…

What a lovely scene with some great color combinations. The full length panels protect you from insects and the elements, whilst delivering an unrestricted view.

small screened porch design ideas

This screened in patio delivers comfort…

What a comfortable looking space…somewhere to escape from it all.

small screened in porch ideas

These screened in deck ideas deliver total style…

Keep the little bugs and critters out, while relaxing in this beautiful space.

screened porch remodeling ideas

These screened in porch designs inspire…

If you have ever wanted a designer little porch, this design will really inspire you.

screened porch ideas with photos

These screened patio ideas take the indoors…outdoors!

Create a wonderful transition area that takes you from indoors to outside.

screened porch ideas images

Check out this masterful screen in porch ideas…

This all wood example combines natural materials with some great upholstery. With so much space on offer, it offers a complete living space.

screened porch furniture
screened porch furniture ideas
screened porch decorating ideas
screened patio design ideas
screened in porch kitchen

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I hope you found our screened in porch ideas inspiring. If you’ve been itching to build a space that will give you the fresh air of an outdoor porch, but want to keep the bugs out, a screened in porch may be just the solution you’re looking for.

Screened in porches are great spots for reading, relaxing, and generally getting away from the stress of daily life, but they can also be practical spaces with multipurpose functions.

If you want to get more usable space from your porch, add things like shelving, extra seating, or even a worktable and you can make it a fun and productive part of your home.

screened porch design
Screened porch design ideas

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Frequently asked questions

For more information on screened in porch designs and ideas, take a look at the most frequently asked questions below. 

How much will it cost to build a screened in porch?

This will depend entirely on the space, size and location you are in. According to Remodelling magazine, the average cost is around $15,000. However, for a small porch, it can be as little as $3,000. For a larger screened in porch, it can cost north of $25,000. It’s well worth getting a few quotes to help make your decision. 

Are screened in porches worth it?

That depends entirely on your own circumstances and how you plan on using the existing porch space. They can be a great additional living space to separate yourself from others, somewhere to find a little peace and quiet. For others, they are a great dining space and a secondary living room, as well as an outdoor living space. If you are considering a porch makeover, add some of the following into your screened porch ideas; wicker furniture, wood outdoor furniture, patio furniture, porch swing with upholstery, a wicker chair or two, coffee table, rattan chairs, outdoor rug for your porch floor, colorful pillows, and an outdoor fireplace. One thing is for sure, they are great at keeping insects and mosquitoes out of the space, as well as leaves and debris. 

Does a screened in porch add value to your home?

The answer to question really depends on perspective. If you want to consider it from a monetary perspective, the return is estimated to be around 80%. However, if you do want to sell your property, it will be seen as a benefit, hence making it easier to sell. From a lifestyle perspective, they can add many benefits in terms of additional, useable space. They combine the best of a fully screened area and an open air porch. Consider some of the porch decorating ideas to optimise this space. 

How long does a screened in porch last?

We already established that it is a sizeable cost to have them installed. How long they last is a legitimate question. The simple answer is that they can last a long time if they are maintained properly. However, a more detailed timeframe will be given by the manufacturer. If they are looked after properly, you should not be overly concerned. 

Can you grill inside a screened in porch?

It is possible to grill inside a screened in porch…there is nothing to stop you. However, it is not something you should be looking to do. The smoke might damage or stain your ceiling. A ceiling fan might help, but It is probably better that you keep it outside in a proper grilling area

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