22+ Screened In Porch Ideas That Rock

screened porch ideas

Get inspired with these fantastic screened in porch ideas

Get inspired with our screened in porch ideas. We’ve all seen them but what do they really offer you. A screened porch offers a great space for relaxing and entertaining, whether you want to use it for quiet moments alone or a party for friends and family. A screened porch is a great place to unwind after a long day. And if your home doesn’t have a porch, you can add one to your home fairly inexpensively.

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22+ Screened In Porch Ideas That Rock

A screened porch can turn any space into an outdoor room. There are several different designs of screened porch, however, and they all have different uses. Some are primarily decorative, while others offer additional protection from the elements. Some are also designed for outdoor dining, while others are strictly for lounging.

Screened porches are an old-school porch design that is making a comeback. In the old days, they were used to keep out bugs and other creatures, and to provide a cool spot to hang out during the summer. A screened porch is also a great alternative to a full-blown screened-in-porch, which is too hot to be used during the summer, and it provides a sense of separation from the bugs without the feeling of being in a cage.

The best design for your screened in porches will be based on your personal taste and style, and what you need your porch to do.  There are also a few more factors that you should consider. How do you like to spend your time most? Do you love being outdoors in the summer or do you enjoy your privacy from your neighbors? Whatever taste you have, there is a certain screened porch design for you.   

Consider adding a pergola outside your porch to add a further outdoor space. Take a look at some great pergola ideas here.

Screened porches are the perfect solution for those who want the comfort and luxury of a porch, without the hassle of mosquitoes and other bugs. Screened porches are essentially a series of windows with a screen placed in front of them. In some cases, screened porches are attached to the home, whereas in others they are freestanding buildings that homeowners can move if they want. Screened porches are a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and they can also be used to create more space in a home. For example, if you live in a small apartment and don’t have room to create a separate deck, you can still have a place to sit outside by installing a screened porch.

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Take a look at these screened in porch ideas that will be sure to get you a little excited.

screened in porch ideas
Screened porch design ideas

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I hope you found our screened in porch ideas inspiring. If you’ve been itching to build a space that will give you the fresh air of an outdoor porch, but want to keep the bugs and critters out, a screened in porch may be just the solution you’re looking for.

Screened in porches are great spots for reading, relaxing, and generally getting away from the stress of daily life, but they can also be practical spaces with multipurpose functions.

If you want to get more usable space from your porch, add things like shelving, extra seating, or even a worktable and you can make it a fun and productive part of your home.

Frequently asked questions

Fore more information on screened in porch designs and ideas, take a look at the most frequently asked questions below.

How much will it cost to build a screened in porch?

The average cost to build a screened in porch will depend on the size and complexity of the project. For example, a small porch with basic screening and seating will cost as little as $3,000, while a larger porch with more complex build-out, multiple rooms and access to the home will cost around $25,000. The average cost of a screened in patio, screened in porch, or screened in deck is $14,900, according to Remodeling magazine.

Are screened in porches worth it?

Screened-in porches are a great way to extend your home’s living space without having to install permanent walls and windows. By letting in light but protecting you from insects and other pests, they can make a big impact on your home’s appearance while making your outdoor space more comfortable. Whether you plan to use it for eating, lounging, or simply keeping your favorite chair free of dirt, bugs, and debris, a screened-in porch is a great addition to any home.

Does a screened in porch add value to your home?

Screened in porches may be one of the most popular types of patio additions to American homes. Their popularity is easy to understand: they add great value to both indoor and outdoor living areas. They combine the best of a screened-in porch, and the best of an open-air porch. You get the protection of four walls for privacy, to keep out insects, and to reduce drafts. And, if you add in ceiling fans or window air conditioning units, you can use these outdoor areas year-round.

In terms of monetary value, the return on investment is around 80%, however, they are seen as a real benefit and therefore may make your home easier to sell. Regardless, the benefits of enjoying them make them a worthwhile investment.

What is a good size screened porch?

We all know you love your screened porch, so why not make it the perfect size? The smallest screened porch size is 6′ X 8′, which is a great choice if you want a comfortable space for you and a few friends to relax. But, if you want to host a dinner party for 8, you will want a screened porch that is a bit bigger. A 10′ X 12′ screened porch is a great size for small gatherings. This size is great if you often have a crowd, but it’s not too spacious that it seems empty. A 12′ X 16′ screened porch is a nice size for small to medium groups of people.

How do you winterize a screened in porch?

A screened porch can be a wonderful place to relax. But when winter weather arrives, it can also be a place that collects snow, ice, and leaves. How can you keep your screened in porch in good shape all winter long?

Instead of suffering through humid summer days and freezing winter nights, why not take advantage of the natural weather-proofing of your porch? The first step in this process will be to remove as much of the existing screen as possible. You can then make a new frame to hold the glass panes in place. You then need to consider the insulation aspects, looking to fill in any air gaps that allow cold air through. Once your structure is wind proof, you then need to consider your source of heating that will allow you to make the most of it in the cold winter months.

How long does a screened in porch last?

Screened in porches are great for many reasons, but many of us wonder how they hold up over time. Since it’s such a large investment, it’s only natural to wonder if it will last or if you need to replace it in a few years. The good news is that a screened in porch can last for many, many years, as long as you take care of it correctly and listen to what your home is telling you.

Can you grill inside a screened in porch?

Grilling season is just around the corner, and after handling some pre-season shopping, you’re ready to get the grill fired up. But how can you grill in a humid, 90 degree summer? One option is to move your grill from the backyard to the screened-in porch. While it might seem like a crazy idea, provided that you follow the right safety precautions, grilling on your screened in porch can be just as fun as grilling outside. The key to the success of this approach lies in how you can modify your grill to work inside. To make the transition as seamless as possible, you want to modify your grill in a way that keeps the flames contained while limiting smoke.

screened porch design
Screened porch design ideas

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