31+ Pergola Ideas To Impress Your Neighbors

pergola ideas

Get Inspired with these wonderful backyard pergola ideas

Protecting yourself from the sun is a priority for most people. Introduce a little shade into your outdoor space with a lovely pergola. It makes the backyard area a little more bearable in hot conditions, delivering you additional shade and a patio cover. In this post, we consider some fantastic pergola ideas, to help you get creative. 

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Outdoor pergola ideas for patio…

Pergolas are simple to install, making them the perfect DIY job. In terms of cost, in many cases it is the cost of the materials. Whether you choose a traditional wood pergola style or opt for a more modern pergola, there is a style to suit your needs. Compliment this with some landscape design. 

It is a relatively simple project and there are plenty of places to get a free garden pergola design idea. There are also a number of commercial pergola kit systems available that makes the task even easier. If it’s not something you want to do yourself, a tradesman can complete a pergola structure within a few days, transforming your outdoor living space

Decorate your covered pergola ideas

This outdoor structure roof is said to reduce the amount of direct sunlight by 30%. Why not your custom pergola a little more appealing with climbing vines, potted plants, trellis, hanging planter, flowering vines, and climbing plants.  Your deck or patio space becomes a whole new proposition. Add in a little outdoor furniture, you have a great space for outdoor dining. 

There are more functional reasons to install a backyard pergola. You may well want a covered pergola for your hot tub, create a poolside pergola for some privacy, protect an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, essentially create an outdoor room on your small patio, protect an outdoor kitchen or simply protect a seating area in your outdoor area.

As you can see, there are a plethora of reasons why you would want to bring your wooden pergola idea to life.

Let’s get on and take a look at some gorgeous pergola ideas to get your creative ideas flowing.

pergola ideas

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Check out these patio pergola ideas…

pergola ideas covered shades

This modern pergola attached to house creates a very usable space…

pergola ideas covered patio roof

These modern pergola designs really are something else…look how elegant they look

pergola ideas attached to house

Get inspired with these garden pergola ideas…

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These modern pergola ideas should have inspired you…

I hope that these pergola ideas have given you some ideas to take forward. Remember that this is quite a commitment, so please take your time to ensure that it complements your outdoor space and how you want it to work. As always, if you share your creations on social media, please tag us in.

pergola ideas backyard

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