31+ Pergola Ideas To Impress Your Neighbors

pergola ideas

Get Inspired with these wonderful pergola ideas

With the sun beating down, what better way to introduce a little shade in your outdoor space than a pergola. Create a cool environment that is comfortable to relax in…and a great feature in your backyard. In this post, we will look at a number of pergola ideas of different varieties, that will help you decide what style suits you best.

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The great thing is that a garden pergola design is simple to install and at relatively little cost too. Whether you choose a traditional pergola style or opt for a more modern pergola, there is a style to suit your needs.

Can you build your own wood pergola? Of course, you can. It is a relatively simple project and there are plenty of places to get a free pergola plan. There are also a number of commercial pergola kit systems available that makes the task even easier. If its not something that takes your fancy, a tradesman can complete a unique pergola project within a few days to transform your outdoor living space.

So, we’ve established that they are simple to install…but why would you need one? Well, reducing the impact of direct sunlight is the biggest benefit…making your property more functional throughout the day. Its estimated that a pergola structure can reduce the amount of sunlight by at least 30% depending on whether it is placed properly.

There are more functional reasons to install a backyard pergola. You may well want a covered pergola for your hot tub, create a poolside pergola for some privacy, protect an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, essentially create an outdoor room on your small patio, protect an outdoor kitchen or simply protect a seating area in your outdoor area.

As you can see, there are a plethora of reasons why you would want to bring your pergola idea to life.

How much does it cost to build a 20×20 pergola?

On average, you are looking at $3500, with prices starting at $1000 up to $6000. For a totally custom wooden pergola, you are looking at paying around $9000. The price difference between a freestanding pergola and an attached pergola is minimal.

Does a pergola add value to a home?

The simple answer is yes, adding at least 75% of the cost. However, it’s not just the financial return that matters. Essentially, you are creating another functional space in your home which makes it more attractive to buyers.

Does a pergola provide shade?

Yes, they provide shade but it really depends on the construction of the beams and the size of the spacings. In a custom pergola, you can design it to meet your own needs. If you want more shade, you can add a pergola roof or even add a retractable canopy.

How much shade does a pergola add?

A pergola provides about 30% shade which is dependent on the spacings. It should be noted that your patio pergola doesn’t provide protection from direct sunlight or ultra violet rays.

Do I need to anchor a pergola?

Not necessarily, but you should really consider doing so. In high winds, they can move despite the weight of them. This is obviously less of an issue with an attached pergola.

How deep do pergola posts need to be?

If you are digging holes for your pergola, they need to be 30 x 30cm wide and at least 60cm deep.

Can my deck support a pergola?

In principle, your deck should support your pergola design idea. However, you should always seek professional advice from your contractor. If your patio is made of concrete or stone, you wont have any issues. If your patio is made of wood, you may have to cut through the patio to secure it on the tougher surface below. If it is an aluminum pergola, these are lightweight, thus less of an issue.

What is the best height for a pergola?

The best height is one that suits your space. As a minimum, it should be at least 7ft 8″ to accommodate most people and give some headspace.

Can a pergola be attached to a house?

Traditionally, a pergola has four posts. However, many versions of a cantilevered pergola exist. This makes it structurally stronger as it is attached to your home. There are some real benefits to completing it this way. Obviously, if your contemporary pergola is away from your home, you need the four-post version.

Can you turn a pergola into a covered porch?

Yes, you can add a roof structure that is clear or even turn it into a gazebo. If you do go for the clear version, it does add some protection from the rain.

How do I decorate my stunning pergola?

Many people want to add some character to this space without over complicating it. Potted plants are a great idea since they add interesting greenery. In addition, a trellis allows you to add some climbing plants that add a little more privacy, as well as color. For evening entertainment, consider some string lights for a dramatic new look.

So, let’s get on and take a look at some gorgeous pergola ideas to get your creative ideas flowing.

pergola ideas

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I hope that these pergola ideas have given you some ideas to take forward. Remember that this is quite a commitment, so please take your time to ensure that it complements your outdoor space and how you want it to work. As always, if you share your creations on social media, please tag us in.

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