19+ Space Bedroom Ideas Ready for Lift Off

space bedroom ideas

Get inspired with our space bedroom ideas

3, 2, 1….and we have lift off! Get inspired with our space bedroom ideas for kids which will leave them in awe. The following space themed images will let them follow their space passion and also help you to inspire them to engage more in space…and also it looks cool because lets face it…space is your thing.

What kind of things do you need to do to give it that space themed bedroom feel? The quickest and simplest way is through wallpaper, simply select the right one for you and hang it up. If you want to go the custom route, there a many places where you can get vinyl stickers that can be placed directly onto your wall. This allows you to paint the room the exact color you want without compromise.

Consider adding the following to deliver your bedroom the space themed bedroom decor;

  • Planets
  • Stars
  • Rockets
  • Aliens
  • Solar system
  • Space ships
  • Astronauts
space bedroom ideas for kids
Space bedroom ideas for kids

These space theme bedroom decor ideas will take you to another galaxy

space bedroom decor
Space bedroom decor
space bedroom for boys
Space bedroom for boys
space bedroom boys solar system
Space bedroom boys solar system
solar system theme bedroom
Solar system theme bedroom
solar system bedroom decor
Solar system bedroom decor
outer space inspired bedroom interior design
Outer space inspired bedroom interior design
outer space bedroom decor
Outer space bedroom decor
galaxy inspired bedroom outer space
Galaxy inspired bedroom outer space
childrens space bedroom
Childrens space bedroom
teenager space bedroom
Teenager space bedroom
space themed bedroom teenager
Space themed bedroom teenager
space themed bedroom decor
Space themed bedroom decor
space theme boys room bedroom ideas
Space theme boys room bedroom ideas
space theme bedroom
Space theme bedroom
space inspired kids bedroom
Space inspired kids bedroom
space inspired bedroom
Space inspired bedroom
space inspired bedroom interior design
Space inspired bedroom interior design

I hope our space bedroom ideas have given you something to thing about…as you can see from the examples. there are plenty of styles that you can aim for, depending on whether the bedroom is for a child or teenager. Obviously, the younger the child, the more ‘playful’ your designs and characters can be.

space themed bedroom ideas
Space themed bedroom ideas

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