15+ Gamer Bedroom Ideas For The Win

gamer bedroom ideas

Get Inspired with these cool gamer bedroom ideas

Gaming is a booming industry; everything related to it is on the rise. The technology gets the most headlines, but let’s not forget that a gaming space is at the top of the list. A gamers bedroom is a sacred space that defines their gaming experience, so let’s take some time to look through some gamer bedroom ideas.

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15+ Gamer Bedroom Ideas For The Win

Long ago, a video gaming room was a simple affair with only the most basic of essential furniture and decor. It probably had a computer in it and maybe even a pile of old pizza boxes next to an empty soda bottle or two. But now, things have changed for gamers because they feel their lifestyle deserves better than just some average bedroom design. It makes sense that today’s bedrooms will be much more sophisticated and stylish in keeping with the expectations of the modern PC gamer with a great game console or PC gaming setup ideas.

What should you include in a gamer’s bedroom?

Gamer bedroom ideas should be developed with plenty of thought. Gamers’ comfort is essential. You need to make sure that your room is well-designed and the furniture lineup will work well for you. Here are some tips to make your gaming bedroom ideas come true. Consider the following items and aspects to deliver a great space.

Gaming Furniture

You’ve always wanted an oversized comfy couch to crash on after every game, but did you know you can get entire pieces of furniture designed especially for gamers? From bean bags to recliners, these pieces are made with long play sessions in mind. You can even find a gaming chair with a massage feature in the cushioning to help you relax. A gaming desk is vital to act as the game table, ensuring that there is enough space without taking too much room, especially in a small space. Often, it will form part of the entertainment center setup within the gaming area. If you have a sofa space, don’t forget a coffee table too.

Furniture and lighting within the gaming room setup. You could always go crazy with the table you use to make everything feel more immersive. If you’re not really into using everyday items such as beds, dressers, etc., then why not invest in gaming chairs which will completely change up the appearance of your bedroom idea? Your video game room ideas could include lamps that have been branded with video games.

Why not consider a break out space away from your gaming room that includes a board game, a pool table,

Cool Decorations

Whether your gamer likes to keep it simple with some cool posters or prefers something more elaborate, decals and stickers are a great way to add a personal touch to a bedroom. Many of these kits come with full-color designs set against a plain black background, allowing for easy application on any surface without too much messy clean-up afterward. Designer 3D wall decor is another fun option that creates a fantastic illusion when viewed correctly.

Comfortable Lighting

Even with a small room, the best gamers know they need bright lights in their gaming room ideas. They need to be dim enough not to hurt their eyes after hours of gameplay. Chandeliers and designer lamps are a great way to solve this dilemma as they give off just enough light without being too harsh or demanding on your eyes. Some modern pieces even include colorful LED lights that can be set to blink in time with whatever you’re playing at the time.

Custom Frames

Your favorite game character photos are essential if you love any particular game or franchise. A themed room can make the setup of the recreation room simple. You could either print images off online or, if you have a digital camera, take your pictures.

Wall Murals

A great way to make a video game room idea feel more complete is with wall murals. You can go online and check out various stores that sell different sorts of wall murals for low prices – they’re worth checking out!

Custom made bedding

Many stores now offer custom-made bedding where you can design it yourself. This means you can upload any picture from the internet onto your sheets or pillowcase. Many places sell licensed videogame merchandise.

Framed artwork

If you don’t want to put framed photos on your walls, you could always choose framed artwork from your favorite series or franchise. There are plenty of different options; check out various stores that have videogame art prints.

Speaker systems

This is always a nice touch because nothing beats hearing that classic sound from your games while playing on your computer. You could choose from many different speaker styles depending on how much you want to spend generally, though most decent speaker systems come at a reasonable price.

Lighting within the room

As I mentioned before, lighting is one of those things that can change up how everything looks. You could opt for standard lamps and such, or if you want to make it stand out more, why not use some colored LED lights?

Gaming posters and prints

The way to completely immerse yourself into your gaming world is with posters and framed prints that feature artwork from your favorite games. There’s plenty of different options online; however, if you’re looking for something more unique, then try checking out stores that sell custom-made paraphernalia, which you can have printed onto posters!

Decorate the room with plants

Giving your gaming bedroom idea brightly colored plants can add some warmth to the room while also decorating it. Some plants also make an excellent night light, so if you’re using LED lights in your room, then try keeping some green plants around the place!


If you can, make space for a small fridge in your gamer room. Gamers don’t need to own one, but it will be helpful if they do. They could store some drinks or foods inside. And yes, you can put your favorite snacks, especially chips, on top of the cabinet too (additionally, more storage). There’s no doubt that beverages and snacks are an integral part of gamer’s life!


Optimize the storage. There’s no doubt that every gamer needs a significant area for games storage. But make sure that there’s enough space between floating shelves and it is not too tight. It will be burdening if all shelves are filled with video games or other items such as magazines and comics.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some gamer bedroom ideas.

gamer bedroom ideas

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