33+ Star Wars Room Ideas That Show the Force is With You

star wars room ideas

Get Inspired with these Star Wars room ideas

In this post, we take a look at Star Wars room ideas. There are good reasons why Star Wars is considered to be one of the biggest cultural influences. The film series has a fanbase that is utterly dedicated, and they cover many generations too. With all these interesting characters and imagery, they offer you the perfect options to create something special.

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33+ Star Wars Room Ideas That Show the Force is With You

Why do fans decorate their rooms? It is simply a way to share their personality. It is also a way to express themselves, sharing their interests and passions. It allows you to relive memories of happy times, and share them with your friends too.

For the average Star Wars fan, you have plenty of options when it comes to the interior design of your room. Whether it is through wall art, poster prints, memorabilia or action figures, it all points towards your interest in this popular series. Let’s take a look at some real life Star Wars themed room ideas.

star wars room decor ideas
Star wars room decor ideas

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Take a look at these Star Wars room decor ideas…

unique diy star wars room decor ideas

This Tie Fighter is another level…

This Star Wars themed room is a fantastic example of going the extra mile. The space ship bed is in the shape of a Tie fighter from the movie. The outer space imagery is very imaginative, Star Wars decor that any real fan would appreciate.

star wars themed game room ideas

This X fighter is iconic…

This wonderful bed takes a Star Wars themed bedroom to another level. The bed fits perfectly into the space, with the wings also functioning as bedside cabinets. The wall art really adds to the depth of the room, taking this Star Wars room to the next level.

star wars room theme ideas

This Star Wars room looks like the Death Star…

This bedroom takes you the dark side. With an interior designed to look like the inside of the Death Star, it offer something very unique. This is a great example of going the extra step to create innovative bedroom ideas.

star wars room paint ideas

Stick wall decals can make a huge difference…

The wall art can make a huge difference to the room. The Star Wars theme here is the Death Star, with this iconic image taking the position as the main attraction in this room. With a number of commercially available stick wall decals available, it’s simple to make a big impact, even on a budget. With Star Wars characters and action figures on the set of drawers, it adds some real character.

star wars room ideas pinterest

The Star Wars logo makes a big impact…

For any Star Wars fan, the logo is one of the most recognisable symbols out there. There is a reason why George Lucas and Disney retained it. This example adds a light within it, making it a functional design statement. The R2D2 and Death Star cushions are a cute touch too.

star wars room decorations ideas

A poster print can create interesting effects…

Geometric patterns can create interesting shapes with a modern twist. This room showcases a great example, a look that can be achieved using Star Wars wall decals or wallpaper. Modern prints are often made to size, fitting perfectly on your walls. You also have the option of using a poster print. In addition, consider some Star Wars memorabilia.

star wars room decorating ideas

The force is strong with you…

If you know, you know, this is a famous saying from the film. This Star Wars room decor makes the most pop it. Add in some full size prints, you have a room full of character. This C3PO figure is great but you have a huge range of Star Wars characters to choose from…Master Yoda, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca etc.

star wars marvel living room ideas

Poster prints really work…

The combination of poster prints and wall paper can make a huge design statement. Add in some Star Wars rugs, you have a complete room dedicated to your favorite room.

star wars kids room ideas

Get a custom sized wall print…

The Millennium Falcon is an iconic spaceship is the Star Wars series of movies. This wall paper also features the Death Star. This custom wall print is perfectly sized to make a huge impression. A must for any Star Wars themed bedroom idea.

star wars game room ideas

The logo is bright lights…

The logo for this series is a huge design statement, famous the world over. It can be considered wall art. This example illuminates it using LED lights.

star wars escape room ideas

A complete look…Disney World could learn a thing or two!

Another room getting the full Star War look. The owner of this room is not messing around, this is the complete solution.

star wars class room ideas

Your bedding can transform a room…

A low cost way of transforming a bedroom is to simply add some colorful bedding and linen. You can see the impact this makes. Add in some other decorative elements, you have a full stack.

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star wars boy room ideas

This simple boys room is transformed…

This double room is a great example of a boys room. Imaginative and colorful, it’s a great style that is visually appealing.

star wars baby room ideas

Hang your toys from the ceiling…

An underrated design feature is the ability to hang a toy from the ceiling. It adds a dynamic element to the room. This black ceiling acts like outer space…

simple star wars room ideas

Storm troopers are simply cool…

Again, another example of a wall print, be it wallpaper or a vinyl poster print. This one features storm troopers and a Darth Vader figure. The light saver shines bright! A few cuddly toys, you have a room dedicated to a Star Wars fan.

simple basement star wars collection room ideas

The complete Star Wars bedroom…

Sherwin Williams is not going to paint the scene…it is sensational. A complete room that has so much detail in the decor. It has so much Star Wars paraphernalia, and even has a nod towards the Clone wars.

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room shelving star wars ideas

A bunk bed that hits hard…

Have you considered adding a shell over your furniture, a quick way to hack your furniture. You can complete your bedroom at relatively low cost. It is simply a time requirement in most cases.

room ideas for star wars

Modern prints reveal the light side of your Star Wars decor…

A modern interpretation of the Star Wars characters can really had a bright design to the bedroom. However, it is simply a modern interpretation. The character of the Star Wars films still shines through.

ol ideas for a star wars kids room

Even George Lucas would love this…

Even he would love this bedroom. The detail is simply amazing, from top to bottom. The thought behind this, and the time involved, means that this can only be done by a real Star Wars fan.

kids star wars room ideas

Simple can work…some wall decals and wallpaper…

Simple solutions can often make a huge impact. This bedroom is a great example of simplicity that delivers great results.

kids room star wars paint ideas

A tie fighter bed…

Probably not my favorite style…but for the fan, it may be something they enjoy. Star Wars decor can come in many forms.

ideas for decorating a star wars room

You don’t need to fill your room…

Completing a full decor of your room does not make you a better fan. Simply having a few elements that point you towards the series is all that is required.

ideas for a star wars space room

Even the Clone Wars get a nod…

Even the spin off series are iconic designs. This bedroom is testament to that. A great little bedroom home office too with great office storage!

cool star wars room ideas

This is cute…

This little boys nursery is obviously the work of a dedicated parent!

cool star wars boys room ideas

A modern look with a Star Wars theme…

This bedroom style is a little different to the other. This one does a great job of keeping a modern bedroom vibe, whilst retains the fan feel of the bedroom.

boys star wars room ideas

Even adults appreciate the Star Wars room ideas…

This is a terrific example of an adults bedroom that has a clear nod to the Star Wars theme. The glorious wall decor with the Storm Trooper and Darth Vader bedside lamps are wonderful.

as for a boys room done in star wars

These Star Wars room ideas come in many different forms. As you can see, you can do a full transformation of your bedroom…or simply a wall print or two. Whatever you choose, displaying your interests is a reminder to you and your friends. Which bedroom image was your favorite? Share it on social media and don’t forget to tag us in. See you again soon!

star wars themed room ideas
Star wars themed room ideas

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