21+ Toddler Boy Room Ideas With Style

toddler boy room ideas

Get Inspired with these toddler boy room ideas

When designing a room, especially a Toddlers room, many parents think that sticking to soft colors and cartoon characters is the way to go. However, in recent years there have been several colorful and stylish design trends going around in the world of interior design, that is perfect for your kids bedroom. So, if you’re looking for some fresh inspiration in terms of how-to layout your child’s room, then check out these great examples below. In this post, I will cover some wonderful toddler boy room ideas, and what aspects you should consider.

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21+ Toddler Boy Room Ideas With Style

So, when it comes to creating the perfect little boys bedroom idea, there are a few rules that you should keep in mind when looking at different examples. For example, many parents think that using an all-white color scheme is boring, but if done correctly, then it can be calming and stylish. The secret to making this work is very carefully choosing small accents within each room to give them personality.

It’s too easy to fall into the trap of decorating your children’s rooms with cartoon characters because they are childish, which means they will quickly grow out of them. However, by choosing more subtle designs, your child is not only going to love playing with their new toy but will also appreciate how cool their new room is.

What colors should I use in a toddler’s bedroom?

Instead of going for a plain solid color, why not choose to paint the walls with a dark base and then add smaller accents within it? The great thing about this design trick is that the wall defiantly still looks stylish even if your child messes up. This works particularly well if you have also chosen plain colored flooring such as wood or carpet, which can be easily patched up without too much fuss. If you want to make a statement with your children’s room, then why not choose to paint their walls black?

Even though many people think that black may make a room look dull, there are ways to create a colorful and funky space by simply adding bold accents. For example, if you’re happy for your child to choose the color scheme, go with one with lots of different colors such as green, blue, or even red. When deciding what furniture will work best in their rooms, many parents think that all children’s bedroom furniture needs to be cutesy, pink or blue, but this is far from the truth. Refer to this post for ideas of toddler girl room ideas.

Where’s the best place to start when designing a toddler boy’s bedroom?

Your toddler boy’s bedroom should be a place where he can unleash his imagination and creativity without the distraction of having to clean up after himself. Let him decide on all the colors and decor ideas with items you’ll incorporate into this room. If it is a shared room with a twin bed frame, the same principle applies; they all need to get involved in the decorating ideas. If it is a small bedroom, there is more to think about in a kids room ideas.

A collection of his favorite things, such as cars, trucks, stuffed animals, etc., is always a good idea for decorations. If you choose these types of decorations, though, make sure they’re age-appropriate for your toddler. With your toddler room ideas, think about things that could pose a choking hazard or other dangers that toddlers are known to get into. You may want to remove any drapes or other hanging objects from around the bed, so there isn’t even a temptation for him to climb up and fall.

The best start for designing a toddler boy’s bedroom is to keep it simple. Less is more, especially when it comes to the fun stuff! Start by picking out a color scheme you want to implement into the toddler’s room, maybe even painting a wall in chalkboard paint. You can even re-purpose some of your little one’s old clothes into decorative flower petals on his bedspread or an adorable picture hanging on the wall above his headboard area. Your toddler bed bedding should be comfortable but also very easy to wash in case he spills something during an epic battle with his stuffed animal.

If your child tends to have lots of friends over for slumber parties, you may want to choose a patterned design because stains are less evident than on solid-colored sheets. Colors like navy blue, hunter green, browns, and reds are good options to go within the design of the big boy room because they help create a more masculine feel in your boys bedroom that your toddler can grow into as he gets older.

What should you include in a toddler bedroom?

A child’s bedroom needs to be fun and safe, as well as functional. A place where your toddler can play and sleep. There should be no sharp corners on furniture, such as tables or nightstands. You don’t want to leave toys out that could cause injury if they choke on them, either. It would also be wise to purchase a mini fenced-in crib to keep your child from climbing over the rail and falling off the bunk bed (at least until they’re old enough not to do this).

If you have the floor space in the boys’ bedroom, it might be beneficial for you to look into purchasing a large dresser instead of using one of those small ones that come with a changing table built-in. This way, your child will stay organized and have a place to put their toys, books, and clothes.

Also, you might want to invest in a nice thick rug in the kid’s room that has anti-slip properties because your child without shoes could get hurt from slipping on the floor.

If you’re short on space, you don’t have to purchase the whole baby room at once. Just start with something small like a bedside lamp or nightstand, then go from there! I’m sure in no time you’ll have just what your toddler needs for the kid’s bedroom.

What theme can I decorate the toddler bedroom in?

Kid’s bedroom ideas – I’m not one to give you a simple answer for these questions, but here’s the deal: It depends. What do your little ones like? Get him involved in the boy’s room design, and you can’t go wrong. If he likes fire trucks, you could do a red and yellow color scheme or choose another theme that corresponds with the colors of his favorite things. Here are some ideas:

  • Sports; baseball, football, soccer, hockey
  • Zoo animals
  • Jungle/safari-themed rooms use greens as an accent color
  • Friends/family pets
  • Transportation – planes, trains, cars (look around for things that correspond with these themes. For example: search “automobile coloring pages” and print out images of race cars or airplanes and paste them on walls or paste larger pictures of them on an accent wall. You can also check out children’s books about transportation at your local library.)
  • Baby/toddler toys such as teddy bears, baby dolls, etc.
  • Space & the universe
  • Buildings, bridges, and construction vehicles
  • Animals – elephants, kangaroos, etc. for a safari type of theme
  • Musical instruments
  • Train sets and tracks

When selecting a theme, consider your child’s age (themes such as sports may not interest toddlers too much). When choosing a color scheme, keep in mind the primary colors: red, blue, and yellow; these colors go well with many other colors. Remember, you will need more than one color when decorating, so make sure you choose colors that complement each other (one way to do this is by using crayons and rolls of paper to mix colors). For a calming atmosphere, use pastel or light tones.

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Let’s take a look at some toddler boy room ideas. The images below should represent a wide variety of designs and themes; make a note of what interests you and your toddler.

toddler boy room ideas

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I hope these toddler boy room ideas help you get creative and deliver a great space. As always, please consider sharing this post on your social media.

toddler boy room decor ideas

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