21+ Toddler Girl Room Ideas That Shout Happy

toddler girl room ideas

Get Inspired with these toddler girl room ideas

Treating your daughters like a princess or queen is not just another cliché phrase for you. When it comes to kids’ room design ideas, there are specific details that you should consider and keep in mind. Here we will provide some tips so you can deliver your kid’s bedroom ideas and give her the royal treatment she deserves. We’ll also talk about what furniture and decoration items were popular in a child’s room during the latest years. Let’s find out more!

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21+ Toddler Girl Room Ideas That Shout Happy

It is important to choose an appropriate color scheme for your big girls room. Since most toddlers love bright colors such as pink, purple, red, and yellow – these hues should be present in considerable amounts in any girl’s room. However, you can also add neutral colors, such as white and beige, to the mix. If you go for darker shades of purple or pink, it will give a more grown-up look to the place.

When it comes to choosing the right furniture items, many designs fit in perfectly well for your daughter’s bedroom. A toddler bed with a canopy is often considered an ideal choice for girls’ bedrooms because it evoked a sense of magic and princesses when they were young. A bunk bed or a twin bed is an excellent alternative for a shared bedroom. Although this type of floor bed in a shared room can take up a lot of space, it will add some elegance and beauty to any little girl’s bedroom design! Also, bookshelves in a little girl’s room are never out of style – your toddler’s room can store her favorite books, toys, and dolls there. We will cover a toddler boy’s bedroom in another post!

Placing your daughter’s bed in the center of the toddler room idea will always be considered against some rule among designers who are into girls’ bedroom design ideas. What you can do instead is to place it next to a window – this way, every morning, your little princess will wake up gazing at greenery or flowers outside. While designing her tiny bedroom, think about what activities she loves most at the moment. You can also include her favorite play-sets for more fun during sleepovers with friends!

Have you ever heard about canopy tents for a children’s bedroom? They are all the rage now – even celebrities’ daughters love them! Girls feel very special when they have their canopy tent because it reminds them of being in camp with their best friends. If you are not willing to spend too much money on your daughter’s bedroom design ideas, think about buying a DIY canopy tent – it will be just as great for her!

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How to decorate a toddler girl’s bedroom?

Decorating a toddler girl’s bedroom is not an easy task. Toddler girls are very particular about what they wear, their food habits, and the type of toys they play with. So it is essential to understand each little thing about them before getting down to decorating ideas for their kids’ bedroom ideas. Here are few tips for you which will help in making your daughter’s bedroom look colorful yet stylish.

Choose a color theme:

The color theme of the girls room should be bright, vibrant, and lively, just like your daughter herself. She would feel pleased when she finds her favorite color everywhere in her kids bedroom! You can choose one primary color for the accent wall and then coordinate the remaining bed linens, cushions & curtains in that exact shade or a tone lighter. For example, if you want a light pink color for the kid’s room, then use pale pink or cotton cream-colored bed sheets, cushion covers, and curtains. Also, paint the walls with a shade slightly darker than the primary color to add an element of depth to it.

Maximize storage space:

To give this room a neat & organized look, ensure that you have enough storage space! You can opt from having custom-made cabinetry installed under each of your daughter’s beds and also extra shelves and hooks for storing clothes and other toys she plays with regularly, like a stuffed animal.

Wall room decor:

Do not forget to add some wall décor to your daughter’s bedroom! Hang unique canvases along with her favorite paintings and prints. If she likes nature, then you can fill her room with several images of flowers and butterflies. You can also have some writing on the walls, which would be something for her to look at while lying down in bed or playing with toys!


Last but not least is adding accessories. These are necessary for giving a complete look to your daughter’s bedroom! Use stylish lamps and funky wall lights, colorful carpets and rugs, soft and fluffy pillows, and blankets for comfort and ornamental pieces that will charm the décor!

How to decorate a toddler girl bedroom on a budget? 

As parents, one of your concerns is likely finding low-budget options for your toddler girl bedroom. The good news is, there are plenty of beautiful suggestions you can take advantage of to manage to create a theme that will fit both your trendy youngster’s tastes and your wallet. Have the kids sleep in the guest room while you convert their space into something they’ll love–until they outgrow this style! Below are some smart tips about what to buy at thrift stores, garage sales, discount outlets, and how to use what you already have to create the perfect place for them to dream away.

1. Chalkboard wall or DIY paint-by-numbers design

Kids love blackboards–and since they’re everywhere these days, why not take advantage of what you’ve got and create a functional wall treatment.

2. Dollar store baskets to store everything

Almost every bedroom needs some storage solution; however, those cute wooden options that mimic adult chests of drawers are often way out of your price range! Instead, head to your local dollar store, where they sell sturdy linens-type storage boxes in primary colors like white, blue, pink, green, etc., at super low cost.

3. Plastic storage bins will solve all your organization’s needs!

Are they tired of everything being strewn about the room? Pull it all together by using store-bought storage boxes–available in plastic or fabric versions–to hold their clothes, toys, and other belongings while making the whole area more appealing.

4. Slipcovered club chairs are a must-have!

If you’re creating a toddler girl bedroom, you’ve likely got one: a baby girl who loves playing tea parties and dressing up. Don’t skimp on these things: instead, invest in some classic slipcovered club chairs that can grow along with your child for years of happy childhood memories.

5. A ruffled bed skirt pulls it all together

You don’t need an expensive headboard or fancy quilt to make a statement; instead, add instant style by tying everything together with a ruffled bed skirt that hides the fact you’re using dollar store boxes as storage pieces. Y

6. A chic wardrobe addition

Do you have a dresser or armoire in another room that’s similar to your child’s? Why not move it into her bedroom and make it the anchor of the space while also providing storage for clothing, toys, etc.

7. Don’t forget accessories

Large-scale artwork, interesting wall clocks, chandeliers, and lamps are just some of the items that can take your project up a notch.

8. The headboard is always right

Always remember the focal point of any bedroom is usually the bed or headboard. Don’t skimp on these essential design elements by trying to save money; instead, invest in something beautiful that also meets your children’s needs.

9. Do the math

To get your final price tag on this room, remember to include any paint (which will be needed for many items), accessories like pillows, sheets & dust ruffles, bed skirts, and make sure to factor in any flooring.

10. Don’t forget about the floor

Rugs are often used as a finishing element in bedrooms to create an inviting atmosphere – but you can also try layering them for even more interest. For example: use a round or square rug under the bed and then put another one at the door to define this important floor space.

Let’s take a look at some great examples of toddler girl room ideas.

toddler girl room ideas

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