31+ IKEA Hemnes Ideas For The Perfect Upcycle

ikea hemnes dresser ideas

Get Inspired with our IKEA Hemnes ideas

We all like the convenience of IKEA furniture, the quality is good and the price is even better. What we don’t like is the generic nature of the products and the fact that everybody has the same. Why not do what many people do, buy an IKEA product and customize it…yes! The IKEA hack is a real thing. In this post, we will run through some IKEA Hemnes ideas and show you exactly what can be achieved.

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31+ IKEA Hemnes Ideas For The Perfect Upcycle

We will essentially be focusing on the IKEA Hemnes chest drawers, but the same principles are applicable to the Hemnes daybed, IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet or any Hemnes piece. You can follow the same principles and join the IKEA hacker community, a group of people committed to up-cycling IKEA furniture.

The Hemnes inspiration…

The IKEA Hemnes dresser has the perfect form to upcycle to something very impressive. As you can see in the images below, there are some stunning examples of what can be achieved. Take some inspiration from the images and create the perfect IKEA Hemnes hack.

What is the IKEA Hemnes made of?

The IKEA Hemnes is a quality piece of furniture. Much of the IKEA product offering is constructed from particleboard. However, the Hemnes range is made from solid wood. In this case, it is made from pine wood. Therefore, the quality is much higher than other IKEA furniture, and gives it a solid base to add your own unique touch.

The IKEA Hemnes upcycle…what can I do?

As you will see in the images below, it is actually simple to upgrade the Hemnes range. The reason is because it is made from solid wood. Whilst other ranges such as the IKEA Malm dresser, IKEA Nordli, Malm drawers, IKEA Alex drawer unit, Malm chest, IKEA Tarva, Micke desk, Kallax shelf, Billy bookcase and shelving unit and IKEA Pax wardrobe have laminated surfaces, this makes them difficult to paint.

The IKEA Hemnes is much easier to paint, simple sand off the varnished surface and you have a great base to work with.

We have already written a post about painting cupboards, and the same principles will apply to this IKEA dresser. To get a great quality finish, you need to use a good primer and then a good quality cupboard or chalk paint. Personally, I would always recommend a electric paint sprayer to get a good even coating. It’s well worth the investment, especially if you are looking at completing a few projects.

The Hemnes style already has a great countertop style, however, you can trim it down for a flush finish. Additionally, you can consider adding running drawer mechanism to it for a more modern opening and closing mechanism. This drawer unit is very versatile and can be adapted for a multitude of uses.

How do I style a IKEA Hemnes chest of drawers?

That really depends on what you want to achieve with your home decor. A simple color change can transform this dresser, create a modern style or even a vintage mid century look. Add some colorful contact paper or wallpaper to the drawer fronts, or even add some plaster shapes for a 3D effect. Ask yourself what interior designers would do.

How to deliver a chic style to an IKEA Hemnes dresser

The most popular way to deliver a chic IKEA style is to attach different handles. Add some leather pull tabs for a more rustic look, or fix some modern metal pull handles for a contemporary look. Consider changing the handles to knobs. Consider changing the legs, these can be easily sourced to give a whole new look. As you will see in the images, there are number of styles that can be created for every budget.

ikea hemnes dresser ideas

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Check out these IKEA Hemnes hacks…

ikea hemnes dresser upcycle
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refinishing ikea hemnes dresser
painting an ikea hemnes dresser
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I hope you enjoyed these IKEA Hemnes ideas and images. As you will have seen, the potential is obvious and the results can be stunning. Whatever route you choose, you are definitely creating something unique whilst adding value. I hope you enjoy your creative experience and as always, tag us into your images if you post them on social media.

ikea hemnes dresser hack

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Can IKEA Hemnes be painted?

Yes, absolutely it can. To achieve a great finish, you need to use sandpaper to sand off the varnish. Then you need to add a quality coat of primer, after which the Hemnes is ready to paint.

Is Hemnes furniture good quality?

The IKEA Hemnes is a higher quality item since it is made of solid wood, pinewood to be exact. This is a higher quality product than the material that is most commonly used, particleboard. It is more robust and should last much longer if cared for properly.

Can you sand and stain IKEA Hemnes?

Yes, the Hemnes is made out of solid wood. Therefore, you can sand the existing layer of varnish off and stain it to suit your requirements.

What can the IKEA Hemnes be used for?

The IKEA Hemnes is mainly used as a dresser for storage space. However, it can be adapted to suit your needs. For example, often they are used in the nursery baby room to create a changing table. It could also be used as a tea station.

What other items are in the Hemnes range at IKEA?

It’s not just dressers that they produce in this range dedicated to extra storage. They also produce a number of items for the bedroom, such as a Hemnes double bed, vanity unit, bedside cabinets, floating shelves, and even a Hemnes coffee table. There are a whole host of products in this range that match.

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