21+ Pink kitchen Ideas That Will Make You Smile

pink kitchen ideas

Get Inspired with our pink kitchen ideas

Our pink kitchen ideas may leave you with feelings of excitement… or it may well be a little too much for you…only you will know! As modern home design gets more and more adventurous, alternative colors such as pink become much more normal.

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21+ Pink kitchen Ideas That Will Make You Smile

Congratulations on your bold choice if you are considering going for pink cabinetry for your kitchen, it wont disappoint you! The pink accent is a very versatile color with many shades in between, there is almost certainly one for you. 

Whether you have a modern kitchen with a sleek cabinet style or a more traditional farmhouse style kitchen décor, there are plenty of options out there.

It also works especially well as a two tone kitchen color scheme, this is where you are introducing a matching color combination within your kitchen to compliment it…or even contrast against it. For example, you may chose a neutral shade like white cabinets to compliment your pink cabinet. It also works exceptionally well where you have a pink kitchen island, as can be demonstrated in some of the images below. A pink island

As a kitchen color, it was 2020 when they were ‘on trend’ but they have not fallen out of fashion. In fact, the pink color becomes more common as alternative décor colors become more acceptable for large purchases and kitchens become shorter term investments. People are more prepared to spend on kitchen design more frequently.

What pink shade work well in a pink kitchen design?

The following pink colors and tones are a popular kitchen color;

  • Blush pink
  • Pastel pink
  • Bright pink
  • Millennial pink
  • Fuchsia pink
  • Rose pink

How else can I introduce pink into my kitchen idea?

If pink kitchen cabinetry and drawer fronts isn’t your thing, you can still introduce pink into your dream kitchen decor. A pink wall as an accent wall is the most obvious way, but you can introduce color through your pink backsplash tile too, countertop, kitchen appliances, pink kitchen accessories, furniture like a pink chair or table, a pink tile or even the flooring. Your decorating ideas can really introduce color into your design.

Essentially, if you have a white kitchen which is a neutral kitchen style, pale pink tones are the most subtle way of introducing a bright color into the room. This can be achieved through accessories like vases, ornaments, crockery and kitchenware. Your cooking space will never be the same again.

What colors go with pink kitchens?

The range of pink hues mean that there are a wide variety of options out there for you. Pink is a very versatile color. Firstly, you have the range of pastel and neutral colors, such as white, beige, cream, browns and grays. Then you have the contrast colors like black , blue , red and greens .

Pink kitchen cabinets…is it a good color?

Pink is an excellent choice for a kitchen. It is a very versatile color with a huge number of shades. It can be dramatic with a very vivid pink or subtle with a very pastel based pink. A pink kitchen cabinet is a real statement. 

pink kitchen cabinets
Pink kitchen cabinets

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A modern pink kitchen is a great addition…

A modern pink kitchen can be a stunning addition to your home. I hope the pink kitchen ideas above have given you some inspiration. Get it right and you have a kitchen space with the ‘wow’ factor! You don’t have to go all in with pink cabinets, introduce the color through accessories and see how you feel. Alternatively….go the whole way and turn your kitchen space into a pink oasis!

pink kitchen design ideas
Pink kitchen design ideas

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