27+ Best Toilet Sink Combo for Small Bathrooms

toilet sink combo for small bathrooms

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You may well have already decided that a toilet sink combo…often referred to as a combination unit, meets your needs in a small bathroom. As you may well have gathered, they solve an issue of the lack of bathroom space fantastically well. This post is designed to consider a combined toilet sink combo for small bathrooms.

Toilet and sink combos consist of a number of elements, which when put together, form a sophisticated piece of bathroom furniture. Elements include the toilet bowl and cistern, basin with tap, and potentially, some storage. The toilet combo conceals all the fittings and plumbing to deliver a very tidy piece of bathroom furniture, perfect for a cloakroom or smaller bathrooms.

Who should consider a toilet sink combo ?

It will mainly be people who have very limited space…a cloakroom for example. Combining the main elements means that the footprint of the sink toilet combo is very small, so what was out of the question, suddenly becomes realistic. They are flexible to a degree to meet your requirements, the sink for example can be placed to face the left or right.

You can therefore create a WC with an integrated washing facility such as a shower into a very tight space, something that you may well have considered to be out of the question. The toilet sink combination means that you only need a minimal amount of floor space.

Although they are perfect for cloakrooms, they are increasingly common in modern bathrooms, replacing an existing toilet. With that, the range of sizes is increasing and they have all the mod cons like a dual flush toilet, hot water, waste water extraction and modern sink faucet. They operate exactly like the larger wash basin and combination toilet designs.

The concept is becoming more popular as they offer real benefits. It keeps all the plumbing concealed, with the overflow tube, sink drain and toilet tank all hidden and out of the way. All you really see is the washbasin, toilet seat and toilet unit. They also offer benefits in terms of water usage, allowing you to save water.

This also allows you to introduce some stylish furniture. The storage benefits are considerable, and when you consider the lack of them in a tiny bathroom, you see why people are attracted.

How do toilet sink combos work?

The idea is that the combo unit work in unison. The clean water from the sink is used to fill the cistern, so virtually nothing is wasted. You can already envision the environmental benefits and the cost saving on water bills.

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toilet sink combo for small bathrooms
toilet sink combo for small bathrooms

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toilet sink combo for small bathroom
toilet sink combo for small bathroom

I hope that this post on toilet sink combo for small bathrooms, provides you with the inspiration you need. Remember, the most important thing is to get the proportions of the toilet sink combination unit right. After that, the design and styling is completely up to your brilliant creativity.

toilet sink combo
Toilet Sink Combo

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