47+ Vintage Living Room Ideas That Spark Interest

vintage living room ideas

Get Inspired with these vintage living room ideas…

In this post, we take a look at vintage living room ideas. When you hear the word vintage, the assumption is that it is an ‘old’ look. This is not necessarily the case. Sure, you may have some older furniture, but in essence it is the aesthetics and the ‘feel’ of the room that makes it a vintage room.

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Obviously, there are many different vintage decor styles, from art deco to retro, early century design to seventies vintage…and a whole host of designs in between. As with most designs, trends come and go, and at any given time, some vintage decor ideas may be more popular than others.

Whatever decorating ideas you choose, ensure it is one that suits your personality. It’s not all about antique furniture, it is the design ethos and vibe too. Importantly, consider mixing your living room with some modern pieces. That you you have a room that is modern with a nod back to historical design ideas. Let’s take a look at some great examples of vintage decor ideas.

modern vintage living room ideas
modern vintage living room ideas,

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These modern vintage living room ideas should leave you inspired…

vintage living room images

Get the 70’s vintage style…

A great throw back to the seventies with this living space. The rather unique looking brown sofa, the wonderful coffee table, and that sideboard! A great interior design space that oozes style.

vintage living room inspiration

Key pieces matter in vintage design…

Decorating ideas come in all shapes and sizes. This wonderful example point to the past, while also introducing some great style. Take a look at that sofa, that style is timeless. The table lamp is very unusual too.

white cream and brown vintage living room ideas

A splash of color…

Paint color is very important in vintage home decor. Certain colors were very popular during certain periods. To recreate that, you need to consider paint color. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams do some great ranges.

vintage living room ideas with open kitchen

Add vintage elements to your living space…

This lovely living room and dining room has a mix of styles. There is a vintage touch in places with modern furniture with others. The indoor plant display and floor tree branches add a natural feel too.

vintage living room ideas with grey carpet

Color matching your furniture makes a difference…

Another example where great colors can really take you back into the vintage space. It really does a great job of marrying the vintage aesthetic, the color between the early century furniture and wall decor.

vintage living room ideas pinterest

Timeless design can work anywhere…

From New York to San Francisco…timeless design can work anywhere. Interior design can be simple or as complicated as you want. sometimes the key modern pieces and vintage vibe can speak volumes. The stunning wall art can add tons of character too.

vintage living room ideas on a budget

A blast from the past…

The sofa style, and cool coffee table really take you back in time…the sixties were a glorious design period. The vibrant colors and energetic design really adds the vintage touch.

vintage living room ideas design

Choose the right artwork…

The size of the artwork can make a dramatic impact on the room. This vintage style room makes the artwork the focus. It adds a blitz of color and style.

vintage living room ideas color

Be brave with color…

These amazing armchairs deserve to be in a museum themselves! The antique furniture is incredible, working well with the bright yellow sofa, and colorful artwork.

vintage living room ideas blue brown green red

Choose a bold color in a muted room…

Adding a dynamic color can really lift the spirit of a room. This example showcases that perfectly, lifting the interior design aspects and adding new energy.

vintage living room idea

Vintage living room or modern classic design?

Quite often, modern design can be confused with a vintage decor. It’s an easy mistake to make, simple classic design is timeless.

vintage living room designs

Modern spaces with a vintage touch…

A retro furniture piece of two is all that is sometimes needed to give a vintage feel. This very modern apartment has a very industrial structure and feel. The vintage items add a homely feel, mixing well with the modern pieces.

vintage living room design ideas

Retro furniture changes the dynamics…

Modern furniture with a retro feel can deliver a great aesthetic to a space. This living room is a great example, creating wonderful shapes. The magnificent fireplace adds real focus to the room.

transitional vintage living room ideas

Deceptive modern design…

You would be forgiven for thinking that this is a contemporary living room. However, you will note that the armchairs are a classic design in a modern furniture color. Classic design with a twist.

teal and yellow vintage living room ideas

A vintage look can create a comfortable space…

There is something very homely about a vintage style. It just feels warm and inviting. The retro style somehow adds comfort, perhaps it is something to do with your unconscious memory.

small vintage living room ideas

Your full throttle vintage living room idea…

A half hearted approach is not for some…go full throttle with your decorating ideas. The vintage art on the walls add an interesting feel, giving a retro style.

single male vintage living room ideas

Orange is the color…

This 1970’s inspired living room is wonderful. A real throwback to a bygone era. The soft orange sofa, the delectable coffee tables…and that artwork…mesmerising!

rustic vintage living room ideas

An armchair can make a huge difference…

An armchair can make a big difference to the appeal of a vintage designed room. This leather vintage style chair makes a big impact, adding to the other vintage pieces in the living room.

retro vintage living room ideas

Great seating and lighting…

The star of the show in this home decor is the armchair and couch. The style is wonderful, adding tons of character to the room. The lighting fixtures are really cool too.

pinterest vintage living room ideas

Retro style furniture is delightful…

This is no ordinary sideboard…this solid wood example of the vintage look has clearly stood the test of time. Antique furniture like this should be treasured.

minimalist vintage living room ideas

Paint color has a huge impact…

This image is a great example of paint color making a big impression. This accent wall is imposing, adding a vintage vibe and depth to this living space.

mid century vintage living room ideas

This vintage living room is from the eighties…

It’s almost like you have gone back in time. You may argue that some vintage decor ideas should not be saved…very subjective!

hip vintage living room ideas

Blend modern with a retro style…

This living room is a delight, full of vibrant colors and textures. The green sofa style is amazing, working well with the tan brown sofa. Add in a selection of indoor planters, you have a great living space.

grey vintage living room ideas

Art deco styles that deliver…

Some styles are timeless and this one certainly works really well. This living room and dining room combination is a stylish space. It has a retro style with a real vintage vibe.

farmhouse vintage living room ideas

Delivering that vintage touch…

These imposing dark brown couches really deliver an imposing presence. They add structure to the room, for other pieces to sit around. The fireplace and mantel adds a nice focal point too.

diy vintage living room ideas

A vintage piece or two means style…

Vintage furniture can make a huge difference to the living space. It adds character and style to any space.

curtains or shades for rustic vintage living room ideas

Home decor can deliver a different era…

A timeless style has plenty of benefits, especially if interior design isn’t a hobby of yours. This painting really adds a vintage element.

colors in a vintage living room ideas

Furniture styles from vintage era’s…

Choose you furniture carefully if you want to hark back to a bygone era. This furniture is perfectly styles to give that seventies vintage vibe.

brooklyn vintage living room ideas

Choose artwork that tells a story…

Artwork can take you back in time. Hanging a piece of artwork that highlights a certain era gives your room a totally different feel.

boho vintage living room ideas

Add a vintage element or two…

Adding a gallery wall of pictures has transformed this room. It adds a ton of personality and character. Not quite a cats room, but the cat looks very happy there!

boho vintage living room ideas swivel chair

Sixties retro style…very cool!

The vintage touch has transformed this room. As far as vintage living room ideas go, this has some real authenticity to it. The furniture looks like it is original, rather than a modern day interpretation.

1980s vintage living room ideas

Modern pieces that blend with the vintage aesthetic…

Modern furniture is obviously more accessible. It is easier to buy, possibly in the colors you want. Matching these with smaller vintage items to create some great decorating ideas. That is exactly what interior designers do!

1970s vintage living room ideas

These vintage living room ideas should have really given you pause for thought. They also make you consider your whole understanding of what vintage style actually means. Whatever the case, you can move forward with your design ideas. Which image was your favorite? Share it on your social media and don’t forget to tag us in.

elegant vintage living room ideas
Elegant vintage living room ideas

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