49+ Yellow Sofa Living Room Ideas That Simply Work

yellow sofa living room

Get Inspired with these yellow sofa living room ideas

In this post, we consider a yellow sofa living room idea. You may well think that a yellow sofa is a bit much for most living room settings, but this post will prove to you that they can work really well.

However, the sofa color needs to match the setting of the room. This includes the room color, the other furniture and accessories. Wall decor really matters too. If you are going for an intense color like this sofa, you have to think holistically.

Let’s take a look at some yellow sofa ideas for the living room.

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49+ Yellow Sofa Living Room Ideas That Simply Work
yellow sofa living room ideas
yellow sofa living room ideas

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Check out some of these mustard yellow sofa living room ideas…

yellow sofa vintage mustard sofa living room ideas

This colorful living room scene is perfect for a vibrant sofa color. This yellow sofa is perfect and completely matches the blue sofa. The explosion of color is the perfect setting for this eclectic style.

yellow sofa set living room

As far as interior design goes, this home decor is very modest. However, the huge yellow sofa adds a huge amount of flair.

yellow sofa living room inspiration

The blue wall paint has its own level of drama. However, it also means that the sofa needs to have its own drama in order not to be overshadowed. This modern yellow sofa does not disappoint. High energy color with a lovely velvet finish, it really does make a statement.

yellow sofa living room design

With a room with white walls, you need to add character through living room furniture and accessories. This room achieves that successfully. The modern yellow sofa works very well, adding an injection of color. The wall decor are some simple pieces of art. Add in the different types of texture, this is a great living space. That wonderful floor lamp has a dramatic presence.

yellow sofa living room design ideas

You can receiver have enough seating…some people have a lot of friends. This pair of velvet sofas are a great example of colorful design. Add in the grey armchairs, it is a very comfortable space.

yellow sofa living room decor

Yellow and blue is a good combination, albeit not for everybody. However, this is a good example of matching the colors well. The yellow couch really works with the blue furnishings.

yellow sofa inspiration

This yellow sectional sofa is perfect for this dining room kitchen. The deep yellow with matching wooden legs works well in a modern setting. The modern coffee table really works with this ‘L’ shaped sofa. The way this design leads out into the backyard porch is wonderful.

yellow sofa in living room

What a totally vibrant scene. The complexity off this design must be commended. As far as yellow living room ideas go, this is on the wild side. The fabric yellow sofa is perfect for this eclectic style where the color wheel is totally redundant. Whether you have a large or small space, good design really changes perceptions.

yellow sofa designs

A modern setting can work really well with yellow furniture. The grey walls are a great contrast that is confirmed through a color wheel. The natural fabrics and textures help to soften the trash wall textures.

yellow sofa design inspiration

Wow…yellow and pink! What a combination this is…and doesn’t it work well. Probably not for most people, nor most settings, you can still admire the bravery of this color selection.

yellow sofa design ideas

Pastel colors work really well With a set yellow tone. This purple room is broken up by the pastel yellow sofa. Add in the green rug and it creates a pleasant environment.

yellow sofa black footstool

An image that is described above, this velvet yellow sofa is perfectly placed in this cool living room. The gold accents are a really nice touch that elevate the room.

yellow living room sofa

This room with built in bookcases or even customised IKEA Billy bookcases, this is a perfect setting for a dramatic looking sofa. In what could be considered an academic space, the yellow sofa creates a real impact.

yellow living room brown sofa

This dramatic yellow sofa with a rolled arm seat cushion is a high end design. It probably is as comfortable as it looks! A perfect design for this setting, the intricate wainscoting is just fabulous.

yellow leather sofa living room

Luxury is the word that comes to mind here. The beautiful wall moldings and coffered ceiling is just magical. The traditional herringbone flooring is delicious…the design knitted together by this magical velvet sofa in yellow.

yellow and grey sofa living room

A deep blue wall can look very imposing. This solid color needs contrast to really break up the space. The sofa does just that…adding plenty of contrast. The dog is an optional extra!

Take a look at these modern vintage living room ideas…perfect for your yellow couch!

pictures of living room with yellow sofa

Yellow and greens are a natural complement. The earthy tones make this a natural setting and the plants really set off this space.

pale yellow sofa living room

It’s amazing how high end design suits a modern yellow sofa. It is something to do with what the color represents that makes this such a natural fit. This scene is perfect for a modern environment with the natural wood sand great lighting.

mustard yellow yellow sofa living room ideas

This room really needs some contrast to illuminate it, and the yellow sofa and ottoman do that perfectly well. The black ceiling design is a nice modern touch and the dark blue walls are full of depth. The beautiful bay window is a great feature too.

mustard yellow sofa living room

Vibrant! This modern art scene is perfect for this funky yellow sofa. If you have a fun living room, you need a fun sofa.

modern yellow sofa living room

High design does not equate to comfort and this yellow sofa is no exception. However, if we are to solely judge the colts, the calming effect of this room is amazing.

modern mid century yellow sofa living room

A grey and yellow living room can work well if the tones are slightly muted. This scene captures that perfectly.

Take a look at these dark brown brown sofa decorating living room ideas

You’ll be impressed!
modern mustard yellow sofa living room ideas

A busy scene needs a focal point. The sofa does that perfectly injecting high color into a busy monochrome scheme.

mid century yellow sofa living room

Dark green walls are a very victorian feature. Maybe a black sofa may work well here too but the yellow adds a touch of class to this living room.

living room yellow sofa

Dark rooms need a natural focal point. This room needs it…and doesn’t the yellow sofa deliver that in spades!

living room yellow sofa set

This huge living room is a great canvas to create a wonderful environment. With a huge amount of seating, the yellow sofas are a central addition to this theme.

living room yellow sofa bed

These vibrant yellow sofas are full of depth. Add in the other colorful colors, and you have a very vibrant scene.

living room yellow sectional sofa

What a lovely environment! This Parisian apartment is a high end example of luxury. The beautiful intricate moldings are stunning, the flooring amazing, and the door trims incredible. The stunning yellow sofa really is something else.

living room with yellow sofa

High impact colors need a high impact sofa. I’m sure you will agree that this scene works relatively well.

living room with pale yellow sofa

Muted tones mean that you need a muted sofa color too. This yellow color is fantastic at blending with its environment whilst also standing out.

living room sofa with yellow pillows

The colors in this living room are intense and not for the faint hearted. This yellow sofa style works well with this color scheme.

living room image with yellow sofa

This mid century modern sofa design works well in this room. The retro coffee table and cupboards really work well.

living room ideas yellow sofa

This luxurious apartment is high design. Premium space, premium design and materials. The yellow sofa is instrumental in creating a focal point to distract the eye.

living room ideas with yellow sofa

I would question whether this scene works. The colors don’t really contrast well, but if the colors are to your liking, you could be very happy with this design.

living room ideas with yellow leather sofa

Grey and yellow can work quite well and this scene in this modern living room is a great example. Simple, clean design with a yellow focal point.

living room ideas with mustard yellow sofa

This vibrant living room demands a yellow sofa! It needs color to match up to the high energy colors around the room. In contrast, you could have gone for a green sofa here!.

living room design yellow sofa

A simply stunning room that is fit for royalty. The yellow sofa is almost like a mustard yellow sofa. With premium materials, this high end luxury design is sleek.

interior yellow sofa living room

This yellow sofa is perfect for the space and demonstrates the importance of matching the sizes to the environment. The colors match the room too, perhaps designed to match the sofa color in this living room.

decoration living room with yellow sofa

Vibrant and eclectic, this is not an ordinary living room. It matches the sofa color for personality. Probably not for everybody, it certainly is individual.

decorating ideas of a living room with vintage yellow sofa

Again, this image is represented above. The great sofa color works well with the flooring transitions and gold accessories.

decorating ideas for living room with yellow sofa

This traditional yellow sofa with is wheeled wooden legs works really well with this traditional living room. The muted style makes this suitable for the room theme. Why not take a look at these blue sofa living room ideas too, as well as these green sofa ideas.

I hope these yellow sofa living room ideas have opened your eyes to the possibilities. A yellow sofa is vibrant and may not be for everybody, but these images demonstrate the versatility of a yellow sofa. Which image was your favorite? Share this post on social media and see what your friends think.

mustard yellow sofa living room ideas
mustard yellow sofa living room ideas

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