37+ Accent Wall Ideas for Dining Room… These Rock!

accent wall ideas for dining room

Get Inspired with these accent wall ideas for dining room

A dining room is a special place, often reserved as an entertainment space. Most people want something a little special, in this post we take a look at accent wall ideas for dining room. What is it that makes an accent wall special?

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37+ Accent Wall Ideas for Dining Room… These Rock!

In most cases, it has some intricate detail, or something to draw the eye. In can be done with color or it can be achieved through some for of pattern. Regardless of the method, in can transform the look of a dining room. It doesn’t have to be expensive either.

In this post, we take a look at some wonderful examples of a dining room accent wall, many of which can also work well in other parts of your home. Check out the images below.

accent wall dining room
Accent wall dining room

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Check out these accent wall dining room ideas…

ideas for wallpaper as an accent wall in dining room

Materials can add warmth…

Accents walls can be achieved using a variety of materials. In this case, they have used a lovely warm teal material to add some interest. Not only does it insulate the dining room, it is also a quick way to transform the space, and even hide a wall.

ideas for an accent wall in dining room

Textures really elevate the space…

A great way to create wall decor. The panels here add a lovely textured finish that elevates the wall. As far as accent wall ideas go, this is a very classy look. This dining room wall is very well balanced, with a symmetrical look to the interior design.

ideas for accent wall in dining room

Simple can work too…

An accent wall can be done very simply. Home decor does not have to be complicated, this example highlights this. The simple wood wall panel to one corner focuses the eye, with a simple mirror leaned onto the wall of the dining room. The modern furniture and paint color really helps to add interest to this dining area.

dining room accent wall inspired

Create an interesting pattern…

Patterns can create visual interest through a focal point. This example works really well, creating something a little more unique. The entire wall is utilised, without the need for any kind of wall art. The batten finish can be achieved at little cost.

dining room accent wall designs

Wood paneling is a stunning finish…

Wood is a very interesting material, a core material for any interior designer. Wood paneling adds a classy and elegant touch to any home, be it a living room or even a kitchen. Obviously, it can get quite pricey, so consider your plans before your start.

dining room accent wall design

Create drama with a grey accent wall…

Consider using a bold color to add focus to your dining room. This is a great example, using a dark color to focus the eye, then using wall decoration and lighting to retain the interest. The black frame of the dining chairs adds some balance to the room.

dining room accent wall 3

Use wallpaper to add interest…

Choosing an interesting wallpaper pattern is a great way to add interest to a dining space. It allows you to add plenty of different color, textures and finishes.

dining room accent wall 2

Creating a feature wall…

This bold blue feature wall is a great contrast to the white wall adjacent. This adds a lovely contrast that draws the eye, as well as elevating the space. Accent wall ideas do not have to be complicated.

accent wall ideas for small dining room

Rustic wood paneling adds texture…

Wood panelling works well in most interior design, this is definitely the case here with this room wall. It adds a lovely warm and rustic finish, that is pretty unique to this dining room accent wall.

accent wall ideas for dining rooms

Contrasting feature wall…

The common convention is that the accent wall is the darker color, complemented with lighter wall colors. In this example, the detailed decor is added to the main wall, whilst the color is added to the secondary grey accent wall. It’s an interesting combination that adds visual interest, but it works.

accent wall ideas for dining room pictures

Create a mirrored feature wall…

This corner space is perfect for this design choice. The black frame mirrors transform the space, increasing the perception of space.

accent wall ideas for dining room pics

Add multiple colors in a small space…

As you can see with this wallpaper, adding blended colors draws the eye. It adds interest to your dining room wall, whilst being simple to achieve.

accent wall ideas for dining room inspired

Add wall decor and patterns…

Adding a pattern or a decorative item to the wall can focus the eye to your feature wall. You will commonly see this with animal skulls.

accent wall ideas for dining room inspiration

Simple wall wood paneling…

Even the simplest wall decor can really help to change the space. This simple wall paneling adds some visual interest and breaks up the space.

accent wall ideas for dining room images

Add some magnificent materials…

This marble effect wall is opulent and luxurious. The way it reflects light back into the room is mesmerising. This is high end design at its very best. The dining chairs and dining table are perfect for the room, the huge art work adds to that luxurious feel.

If mirrors are your thing, check out these dining room wall mirror ideas

accent wall ideas for dining room designs

Distract the eye…

This amazing dining room space is the perfect example of a dining room accent wall. It is full of detail, textures and colors. The dining room wall is filled with detail, with little trinkets adding to the story that this dining space delivers.

accent wall ideas for dining room design

Introduce huge art work…

Adding sizeable artwork to your walls makes it a statement. Obviously, it is not going to be cheap. However, get it right and you have a stunning space.

accent wall ideas for dining room 7

A brick accent wall…

Taking the dining room wall back to the brick can deliver a very rustic look. Alternatively, you can introduce this pattern through a wallpaper or even tiles.

accent wall ideas for dining room 6

Patterns distract the eye…

A bold pattern can really add to the style in your dining room. This bold choice distracts the eye, taking your sight on a journey around the room.

accent wall ideas for dining room 5

Break up the space…

If you have a large wall, add some detail back into the room. Some wall panelling in another color can do just that, splitting the space into zones.

accent wall ideas for dining room 4

Get eclectic…

Introducing a random geometric pattern is a great design choice. Especially when you introduce a bold color like gold. The dark blue is luxurious and sits well with the dark floors and pendant light.

accent wall ideas for dining room 3

Create a gallery wall….

A gallery wall is a great idea in a dining room, adding some talking points for your guests. It becomes a far more dynamic space when you add interesting images into the dining space.

accent wall ideas for dining room 2

Get luxurious…

The interior designer has not held back here…nor has the budget. An opulent finish, the accent wall is actually quite deceptive…it’s simple to achieve this look.

accent wall ideas for dining room 1

Simple shapes…

Adding wall details can take a relatively plain wall into something a little more special. It is relatively simple and cheap to install, but it does mean that your dining room wall is elevated.

accent wall dining rooms

Add some mirrors and LED lighting…

Some mood lighting can elevate your space. The transformation can be spectacular…dim it for a more romantic scene…increase it for a brighter entertaining space.

accent wall dining room inspired

Match your colors…

The black accent wall works really well here, what really helps is the way that it matches the black dining chairs. Some integrated interior design can go a long way.

accent wall dining room inspiration

Introduce large artwork…

Adding a large artwork into your dining space can totally change the space. It can add color, add drama, or simply create a calming scene. This principle works in any room, from your living room to your home office. Create a focal point for some visual interest.

accent wall dining room designs

Simple wall paneling…

Interior design does not have to be complex, creating obvious zones can have the desired effect.

accent wall dining room design

Oversized furniture can distract the eye…

Defying conventional sizing can take a simple object into an interesting object. This rather nice dining room becomes more interesting because of the size of the elements involved.

accent wall color ideas for dining room

Accent wall ideas for a dining room can come in many forms. As you have seen in the examples above, there are many ways to achieve a great look. Much of what you want will depend on your budget, but with a little time and effort, anything is possible.

dining room accent wall
Dining room accent wall

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