22+ Baby Blue Kitchen Ideas For a Fresh Look

baby blue kitchen ideas

Get Inspired with these baby blue kitchen ideas

As kitchen colors get more adventurous and move away from accepted norms, like a plain white kitchen cabinet, things definitely get a little more exciting. A blue kitchen is now considered perfectly acceptable and as it goes, bang on trend. In this post, we consider the slightly more niche, baby blue kitchen ideas. We will consider the merits of this blue color and view some lovely kitchen design examples.

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Why is baby blue gaining popularity?

As far as the blue shade goes, it has always been a popular color…but as kitchen cabinet colors, it was never a mainstream choice. The color blue represents stability and solidity. It is a classy color and gives the impression of wealth.

However, a light blue kitchen gives a different impression. It is a more playful color that is ‘dreamy’. It reflects light well and is suitable for small spaces, perfect for small kitchen ideas.

Does it suit a contemporary kitchen, as well as traditional kitchen styles?

Shaker cabinets have always been adaptable and take to this color very well. As you can imagine, the right baby blue color can evoke images of a lovely farmhouse galley kitchen.

As far as a modern kitchen, a powder blue kitchen color works very well. It is on trend too as I write this, they are pretty unique. It is a color that plays well with other colors too, giving your kitchen idea a very vibrant atmosphere.

How to introduce a baby blue color into a kitchen?

If you are considering a kitchen remodel, there are a number of ways to introduce this paint color. Obviously, the main option is through blue cabinetry.

If you are on a budget, you obviously have the option of painting your existing cabinets baby blue. However, even if you have white cabinets, you can introduce color through a number of different ways.

A patterned tile backsplash is a great option to create a vibrant space. It is relatively cheap too, especially if you do it yourself. Choose a color to contrast against your white cabinetry or white countertop for a wonderful effect. if you want something a little less dramatic, a plain blue backsplash is still a great option. If you have a plain white subway tile, you can now get paints specifically for tiles.

If your budget is a little more expansive, you can opt for a lovely blue quartz countertop. Create a unique style with a marble countertop that works very well with a blue island too. Don’t worry, if you have a wooden countertop, there are still plenty of options open to you.

Baby blue paint on your kitchen wall is also a great budget option. Consider creating an accent wall for great results. Your kitchen color idea can be brought to life with the right color combinations.

If you have open shelving, then accessories may be the way forward for you. Choosing the right baby blue color and creating a display can work wonders. It is something you can do yourself too with a spray paint.

Furthermore, you also have other options open to you. Consider changing your curtains, transition flooring into that color, choose a nice rug or even change out your furniture for blue.

What other colors to consider

If you want to stick with your blue kitchen, you can opt for a mainstream mid blue color. If you prefer dark blue kitchen cabinets, then a navy kitchen or a red kitchen may well be perfect for you.

If you wish to consider other colors, an orange kitchen or a pink kitchen also has that playful vibe. For the more grown up readers, consider a turquoise kitchen as a viable option.

What about baby blue as part of a two tone kitchen?

This is a great option open to you, especially if you think that a full kitchen in one color may be a little overwhelming. Two tone kitchens are very popular at the moment. Consider using baby blue as a base color and matching with a navy blue cabinet or white kitchen idea.

If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen island, a two tone kitchen is a great solution. A blue kitchen island with white cabinets may give a great look. It’s well worth considering what color options work well.

baby blue kitchen ideas
Baby blue kitchen ideas

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Check out these baby blue kitchen cabinet ideas…

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I hope you found some inspiration from these baby blue kitchen ideas. Obviously, it is not a color that will be to everybody’s taste…but it’s your taste that matters. When done well, it has the potential to create a wow factor. As always, please share this post with your friends and don’t forget to tag us in your socials if you want to show off your new creations.

baby blue kitchen cabinet ideas
Baby blue kitchen cabinet ideas

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