21+ Navy Kitchen Ideas That Wont leave You Blue

navy blue kitchen ideas

Get inspired with our navy kitchen ideas

A navy kitchen? Not something that you may have considered until recently. The color blue has been a timeless color around the home, but blue in the kitchen area is a recent phenomenon. We know that interior designers love their blue colors, so why has it taken so long to introduce a blue kitchen? In this post, we will consider some navy kitchen ideas.

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21+ Navy Kitchen Ideas That Wont leave You Blue

Firstly, let us consider why people like navy blue as an interior design color. Navy blue is a classic color that is seen as high end. It invokes feelings of warmth and coziness, something very appealing in kitchen design. Especially during the day when the sun is out, but also an intimate area at night. With dark cabinets not being too common, most people have view on them without seeing the reality.

The navy color is associated with nautical themes, but more commonly, it is associated with luxury and wealth. Therefore, there is a perception that your new navy kitchen is a better product than reality. As you will see in the navy blue kitchen ideas below, they appear much more expensive than reality, almost looking like custom cabinets.

It is also a ‘solid’ color that is associated with trust. You will note that the blue color is popular with banks and governments.

Regardless of whether you are opting for a modern kitchen style or a more traditional style like a shaker cabinet in farmhouse kitchens, the navy color works equally well. A navy blue kitchen cabinet has the ability to look stunning in the right environment.

How two tone kitchens can help you introduce navy blue cabinets

An excellent way to introduce a navy blue into your kitchen area is to consider a two tone kitchen cabinet style. This is where you would introduce two colors into your kitchen design. Examples of such are a white kitchen cabinet at the top, while your base cabinets may be a navy kitchen cabinet. This is an excellent way to introduce color whilst not overpowering the space with a dark shade. A navy cabinet on the base and upper areas can look great, but the risk is much higher. White cabinetry on the higher levels is less risk and also reflects light around the kitchen area. A baby blue cabinet is a great option too.

If you are lucky enough to have space for a kitchen island, consider using it to introduce navy blue into your space. As you can see in some of the images below, there is a navy blue kitchen island, while other colors compliment it with the fitted cabinetry.

What other ways can I introduce navy into my kitchen design?

Navy cabinets are not the only option open to you. You may want the simplicity and cost effectiveness of white cabinets, but other options are easily accessible to you.

Consider blue paint, its a simple way to introduce blue navy into your kitchen. Blue kitchen walls contrast well with brighter colors but also add depth to darker colors. It can create a very calming and intimate space. When compared to a white wall or lighter paint color, it adds so much more character to your space.

Other ways include a navy backsplash tile which can add plenty of depth. This is probably the least popular way of doing so, but it can be effective, especially with subway tiles or patterned tiles. On a side note, a copper backsplash looks beautiful in a navy kitchen.

Furniture and lighting can also be used to introduce navy. Consider some kitchen stools for your blue island and some navy pendant lights. Add some accessories to some open shelving and you can easily create that look!

Frequently asked questions

Are navy kitchens trendy?

Navy kitchens are very popular at the moment, and that is reflected by the color options available in the mass market. It’s not such a great risk when you compare it to green and orange kitchens, navy is a timeless color that has remained very popular through the ages.

Will navy cabinets go out of style?

Not anytime soon! When you factor in the popularity of the color, the frequency the color is used in your home, the general direction of kitchen design, the way the color compliments other colors and stainless steel appliances, it all points towards navy blue remaining a popular option in a contemporary kitchen.

What color goes with navy blue kitchen cabinets?

Navy blue kitchen cabinets are actually very versatile and should definitely be considered in any future kitchen remodel. As you can imagine, neutral colors go very well with navy…white, grays, etc. Interestingly, other vivid colors also work with navy blue cabinetry. Think gold, orange, yellow…a navy blue cabinet opens up a whole host of options including red.

What color countertops go with dark blue cabinets?

The most obvious countertop color that would compliment dark blue cabinets is a white countertop. However, it is a color that combines well with grays and even blacks. If you want to really stand out, consider a green or orange worktop to contrast your navy kitchen cabinets. The most popular option remains and marble countertop, although quartz countertops gain increasing popularity.

Let’s take a look at some navy blue kitchen ideas…

navy kitchen ideas
Navy kitchen ideas

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Get inspired with these navy blue kitchen ideas…

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As you will have recognized, a navy blue kitchen can create a ‘wow’ factor which impresses but also creates a warm and intimate space. A room where it is a pleasure to spend time. It adds a touch of luxury to your home with an incredible amount of depth. I hope these navy kitchen ideas have inspired you with your design ideas. Be sure to tag us in on social media if you do go ahead with this wonderful color.

navy blue kitchen ideas
Navy blue kitchen ideas

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