21+ IKEA Sewing Room Ideas That Deliver

ikea sewing room ideas

Get Inspired with IKEA sewing room ideas

IKEA sewing room ideas are all over Pinterest these days. With the help of these IKEA hack ideas, you can turn your old stuff into a stylish and organized sewing space. Let’s get started with IKEA sewing room ideas!

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21+ IKEA Sewing Room Ideas That Deliver

1. Find cheap cabinets on craigslist

Craigslist is one of my favorite places for finding IKEA sewing room ideas. There are so many sellers out there trying to sell gently used IKEA stuff at very affordable prices.

In order to find cheap sewing room cabinets on Craigslist, check out your local Facebook yard sale or Goodwill groups first. This will help you get a feel for what other sellers might be selling their IKEA stuff for. If you don’t find anything good there, then it’s time to log onto Craigslist and start looking through different listings. Stick with the free section because the “For Sale” category is typically overpriced compared to what people are actually willing to sell their IKEA stuff for.

2. Sewing storage ideas, table top organizers & sewing storage furniture

Storage bins & table-top organizers are a great way to take up less visual space in your craft room, and maximize storage space at the same time! They’re also really easy to find on Craigslist. .

3. Sewing room ideas ikea furniture hack

Consider using an IKEA Kallax shelving unit as a sewing cabinet. It is such a great way to save space and add storage. The shelves on the front of each cubby can easily be removed by pressing down on them until they pop out. Each floating shelf unit is held in place with Velcro, so you don’t have to worry about tools or hardware. You can also use an Ikea Alex drawer unit, which also acts as a storage solution. An Ikea Billy bookcase also works.

4. DIY inspiration

The best IKEA sewing room ideas are the ones that people come up with themselves! Pinterest is full of creative people who never cease to amaze me with their IKEA products for their craft space. If there’s something specific that you’re looking for, then just do a quick search on Pinterest.

How do you organize a sewing room? Sewing room organization, IKEA style!

When you are passionate about sewing, the temptation is always to buy equipment, fabrics and accessories. You can easily end up with a large work space that quickly turns into a stockpile of things that will not be used in the near future. It’s difficult to find time for all your projects when you have so much stuff lying around… So, how do you organize a sewing room?

Sewing room storage ideas

Most people have a spare room in their home just for this purpose. If your hobbies don’t leave too much space available, you can also use a corner of the living room, a bedroom or even an empty corner at work.  

The essential thing is to have a small space dedicated to sewing and storage where everything can be kept.

1) Use your wall space. This way, you can store many items without having them lie around on the floor, which gives the room a more organized look. You can use pegboards or adhesive hooks that won’t damage the walls too badly. Using ribbon or twine will allow you to hang up lots of different things: tools and supplies, pens and pencils, clips and pins, etc.

2) Keep all your fabric in file storage boxes. If it’s folded neatly inside these boxes, it will be much easier to find what you are looking for.

3) Label your boxes. This is an often-overlooked idea that can help you to always know where everything is, especially if you have a lot of different supplies to store (fabric, thread, patterns). Labels allow you to quickly glance at the box and see what’s inside without having to open the lid each time.  

4) Get one big work table or two smaller ones. Make sure are long enough, so you can lay out your fabric. A good sewing room needs plenty of space to lay out the fabric you are using, especially if you are working with larger pieces such as bedsheets and tablecloths, for example.

5) Only get your equipment out when you need it. If there is too much clutter around the work area, it will be difficult not to waste time looking for things or wasting precious minutes cleaning up before starting a new project. Make sure everything has a specific place and store it all carefully every time you finish using it: once again, this saves time and minimizes frustration!

6) Have storage areas for everything. There should be enough storage room in the sewing area, so no supplies fall on the ground or end up behind furniture.

7) Put a wastepaper basket close to hand. If you have a sewing room that’s separate from the rest of your home then you might find this idea isn’t too important, but in a shared house it can be really useful for quickly throwing away small scraps of fabric and thread cuttings. You don’t want to forget about them and end up making a huge mess!

8) Hang up your supplies. A Skadis Pegboard is ideal for hanging things like scissors, pins, needles etc… The adhesive hooks used on the wall work perfectly here: they’ll hold several items at once without damaging walls or furniture. Use ribbon or twine if there is no pegboard nearby.

9) Make some room for your ironing board. You can choose to have it set up at all times or just use it when you are working on sewing projects.

10) Leave out only what you need. This avoids clutter and makes the room easier to clean, especially if there are children around.  

What do I need for my IKEA sewing room furniture?

1. IKEA Sewing machine

2. Fabric swatches

3. A sturdy table with storage space underneath

4. An iron and ironing board 

5. A cutting table, dining table or sewing desk

6. Sewing room lighting

7. Drawers under the cutting table to store fabric

8. Lots of wall storage space and dividers

9. Curtains for that extra touch of coziness in your sewing room

With all these things in your sewing room, you will be able to create an environment which will help you unleash your creativity and go crazy with all your fabric scraps! Let’s take a look at some great examples of an IKEA hacker in action, delivering these great IKEA sewing room ideas

ikea sewing room ideas

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ikea sewing room ideas
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