21+ IKEA Craft Room Ideas That Hit The Spot

ikea craft room ideas

Get Inspired with these wonderful Ikea craft room ideas

A craft room is an area where you can seclude yourself to create, be it sewing, painting, woodworking, or anything else. It’s an oasis of peacefulness in a house full of the hustle and bustle, but if you do not have much space for this purpose at home, here are some tips on how to make the best use of small craft space with the help of Ikea. This post shows you some Ikea craft room ideas and explains how to get the best out of your craft room with an Ikea hack.

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Use the Wall Space

Chipboard or even MDF are excellent materials to use to create organizing units that attach directly to walls. Shelves can be designed in different widths and heights; there is no need for them all to be the same. You can also have some that run horizontally across a wall instead of vertically. If you have the head height, you could even install one high up on a wall using cleats, so it is out of reach but still usable by standing on a chair. Having shelves running along an entire wall length will give you an area for more oversized items such as quilting frames and provide you with lots of storage space for your craft supplies.

Install X Shelving

X shelving is great for fitting into corners, and it can be painted to match any color scheme you have chosen for your room. It also only uses the vertical space along the wall, so if you are limited on head height or floor space, this could be an option worth considering. The extra depth also means that you can store shorter items such as books without falling out when the door opens. And one more plus point, x shelving units come in kits that are easy to assemble, but they can also be purchased pre-assembled if you do not like building flat-pack furniture.

Install Roll Out Storage Units

Roll-out storage units are perfect for craft rooms, and they can be mounted on the wall at any height to make use of otherwise wasted vertical space. If you do not like the thought of cutting holes in walls, then consider getting some that fit inside cupboards or shelves instead. These come with their drawer slides, which mean that you can pull them out, and your belongings will never fall off the edge onto the floor, and everything stays neatly stored away even when you have pulled it right to the back of its unit. They also come in various sizes, so if you only have a little floor space, choose one that has drawers that go underneath rather than ones with cupboard doors at the front.

Think About Wallpaper or Trim

If you have bare walls, then consider painting them with a pattern. This is an inexpensive way to add interest and depth to your craft room while also helping to create a unifying look in the space. You could use lines or circles or even paint large rectangles and squares of different colors and patterns; there is no limit to what you can do. If you like the idea of wallpaper but don’t want it on your wall, then why not choose some smaller prints and put them up instead? You can keep costs down by having small servings rather than whole rolls, which you will never get around to using anyway, plus they come in more styles and patterns than traditional paper.

Think About Lighting

Having proper lighting installed in your craft room will help you see what you are doing, and it will also add a nice ambient glow. If you do not have many windows, consider some recessed lights fitted into the ceiling or floor standing lamps with bulbs that create just the right kind of light for stitching and drawing.

Think About Flooring

Having carpet in your craft room may seem like a good idea, but it can be expensive, difficult to keep clean, and is not easy to put furniture on top of. Think about getting some vinyl tiles instead because they are cheap, simple to fit, great for hiding any marks that are made over time by furniture moving across them, easy to sweep clean, and if one gets damaged or worn out, then all you need do is replace one rather than the whole floor.

How can Ikea help with my craft room?

With great deals on cube storage units! Ikea has everything you need to organize your craft room, and it’s all super affordable. Today, we will talk about how Ikea can help you set up a craft space of your own.

One of the most common problems Ikea solves is shelving. Ikea’s Expedit and Malm shelving systems are great because they stack vertically or horizontally so you can configure your space in a way that works best for you. The shelving comes in white and black and is inexpensive. An Ikea cabinet storage solution you should also consider is the Tarva, Hemnes, and Nordli ranges. The Alex drawer unit solution is prevalent too.

The Ikea Kallax shelving unit is another favorite wall storage solution. We have already done an article on the Ikea Kallax hack, so be sure to check that out.

Ikea Lack shelves are another great solution. This Ikea shelf is a floating shelf that can be affixed to a wall and its cube shelf offerings. For a mobile solution, consider the Raskog cart.

One of Ikea’s most popular products is its pegboard solution. This adorns many a craft room and is very versatile.

Aside from Ikea furniture, another solid contribution for craft rooms is their storage solutions. Ikea has so many kinds of fantastic storage bins, cabinets, containers, baskets, basically anything you could ever need for your craft room. These come in very handy when you want to separate and organize your craft room.

My personal favorite Ikea products are their under-bed storage boxes and containers. They came in tons of colors and were very cheap! They fit perfectly under any bed or couch but can also be stacked for a great craft storage solution.

If you need to hang things on the wall, there are tons of great options for that too. Ikea’s wire baskets come in different sizes and colors, as well as a host of other solutions.

Finally, here are some other miscellaneous organizing tips I’ve learned along the way:

1. use clipboards to keep your work surface clear, so you have room for crafting!

2. use magnets to stick pins, paper clips, etc., onto anything metal for easy access.

3. get a corkboard for all your inspiration pictures, sketches, etc.

4. put a paper towel holder to use! You can mount it on the wall or wedge it under your table or desk to keep rolls of wrapping paper off the floor.

5. never waste space again! Wrap up tubes with paper and stick them in the corner for vertical storage.

6. use screw hooks to hang metal cookie cutters from pretty much anything (e.g., side of the shelf, handle of drawer). Then they’re always accessible when you need them!

There are many ways to organize your craft room with Ikea, no matter what size space you have. I hope you found this helpful. Whether it is a Kallax cube, craft table, storage cube, Ikea table, or even a sewing table, Ikea has a solution for you.

Let’s take a look at some real-life Ikea craft room ideas.

ikea craft room ideas

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These Ikea craft room ideas should give you plenty to think about, The range of images and crafts taking place show how versatile their furniture is. As always, please consider sharing these images and post on your social media.

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