49+ Home Office Wall Storage Ideas That Truly Inspire

Home Office Wall Storage Ideas

Get Inspired with these home office wall storage ideas

In this post, we consider home office wall storage ideas, and how it interacts with our home office design. As societies change, home offices become an integral part of the home. Increasingly, more and more people are working from home.

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This means that we need to consider our spaces and how they work. No longer is a little desk in the bedroom corner satisfactory, we really need to think about how we do things.

What kind of home office storage are we talking about? Well there are several ways to approach this, much of it will be dependent on the size of your office. We can consider things like pegboards and baskets, a memo board, shelving, storage boxes, and other things to make the most of your wall space. The point is that there are several routes you can go down to improve the look and functionality of your home office space.

Take a look at these great office storage ideas to help inspire you.

office storage ideas
Office storage ideas

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Get inspired with these home office shelving ideas…

wall storage with desk

Home office shelving that makes sense…

This great little home office has everything you need, The floating desk is a great size with storage integrated. The wall mounted home office storage is exceptional. There is a great amount of closed storage with open shelves for easy access.

wall storage ideas

This home office wall storage offers style and functionality…

An excellent home office solution that is fully integrated. A huge amount of storage along the bottom, with plenty of open shelf space. The ceiling height gives a great opportunity to make the most of excellent vertical space.

wall shelves desk 1

These office wall storage ideas offer something different…

A premium and custom made home office wall storage. This design is pretty much unique but is serves a function. The wall storage is mainly used as a display shelf rather than functional storage.

wall organizer ideas

Home office storage that makes a style statement…

Some great wood shelving affording the owner ample storage and some great display space. Perfect for storage boxes and artwork. The furniture is high end too which works really well with this style.

wall office storage

Wall storage ideas that fit the scene perfectly…

A perfect little office that overlooks an urban garden. These white open shelves offer a great amount of extra space. The hanging plants are a very nice touch.

wall office desk 1

The wall unit is a little more on the eclectic side but it works well. The drawer fronts are fantastic! These units can be replicated using IKEA Besta units.

wall mounted office shelving

These oak floating shelves offer style and substance…

As far as home office storage ideas go, there is an exceptional amount of storage space here. The capacity here to hold books in these open shelves is staggering. A decent amount of base storage to hide the clutter.

wall mount office cabinets

A very nice wall storage solution that is custom made. The darker colors really deliver a nice look.

shelves over desk

An incredible home office wall that really offers stacks of storage. From office supplies to storage boxes, this wall storage has extra space for it all. Aside from the available storage, this is exceptional home decor.

shelves above desk

A very basic home office wall solution, it is minimal yet it serves a function. Especially in a small nook or space like this, it works well.

over desk storage

A very boho vibe here that gives a very cool look. The wall storage is through open shelving, however, the pegboard offers functional use. The air plants offer a really cool look too.

over desk shelf

These shelving units look like they have been styled by a professional. The incredible amount of open storage is wall mounted. The wall decor is incredible too.

office wall shelving

Some nice open white wall storage, that is perfect for a collection of books. The oak desk and memo board look great too.

office wall shelving systems

A very personal look, you don’t often see purple shelving! It is a very functional piece of furniture too, offering both open and closed storage. Its vertical nature makes this perfect for a small space.

office wall shelving ideas

A small home office that offers a very stylish space. The wall storage is very stylishly integrated into this scene.

office wall shelves

A wonderful wood home office that delivers a wonderful home office space. The hidden storage as well as the open shelves offer great storage and a clean look.

office wall shelf

A double office that offers plenty of wall storage and drawer space. The wall gallery gives it an interesting look.

office wall organizer system

This little wall offer some floating shelves, very similar to the IKEA Lack shelving.

office wall organization ideas

A very nice integrated solution that offers a nice amount of storage. It appears custom made to fit perfectly into this space.

office shelving ideas

Another lovely custom made solution. The wood wall panelling offers a great look to this home office. Open shelving and closed base shelving on offer.

office shelves wall mounted

A nice example of a home office with some super wall storage.

home office wall

Fantastic lighting and a superb marble desk, this really is impressive and no expense spared. The wall storage is through this wall mounted solution.

home office wall shelving
home office wall organizer
home office shelving
home office shelving ideas
home office shelves
floating shelves above desk 1
desk with shelves above
desk with open shelves

A very elegant and chic solution. This is high end design with a price tag to match.

desk storage ideas

A few wall mounted open shelves can transform the storage options.

above desk storage

Sometimes, a little wall shelf is all that is required.

above desk shelving
above desk shelves

The sheer variety of home office wall storage options should really help to inspire you. What option works best for you? Share your favourite image on your social media, and don’t forget to tag us in.

office wall storage
Office wall storage

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