8+ Inspiring IKEA Micke Desk Hacks

ikea micke desk hack

These IKEA Micke desk hacks will get you excited

We all know that IKEA are great at supplying us with robust furniture at relatively low cost. The issue is that the sheer volume of IKEA furniture they retail, makes it seem very generic…you see it everywhere. One of these popular items is the Micke desk, but there are things we can do to make them a little more special. In this article, we will look at IKEA Micke desk hacks and some of the things we can do to make them a little more personal.

An IKEA hack can transform the most basic of furniture. In fact, there is a community of IKEA hackers that love nothing better than up-cycling and adding value to their DIY desk. A DIY IKEA desk hack is no different, there are plenty of examples to inspire you.

Whether you bought your Micke desk as a personal space or an office desk, you have a range of options open to you. Whether you are looking to convert your Micke desk into a standing desk, a floating desk, add some sides to transform it into a corner desk or shaped desk, convert the legs to to trestle leg or hairpin legs, they are all viable options for a trestle table.

There are upgrades that are open to you without transforming the actual desk. Such upgrades include adding handles, upgrading the drawer unit with soft close hinges and drawer stops, or changing the color of the front of drawer.

Your IKEA desk setup can look very personal with little effort. Add a keyboard tray and desk lamp for a very modern desk.

It also combines perfectly with other IKEA product ranges, especially IKEA shelf products. The IKEA Lack shelf is a popular addition and works perfectly placed over the slim desk.

Obviously, there are a number of IKEA shelving solutions available. The IKEA Alex drawer unit is also another popular favorite, adding some much needed storage space. The IKEA malm dresser range is also useful for adding further units.

For more ideas, consider the Lerberg trestle leg, Finnvard trestle and Linnmon desk products for trestle and desktop ideas. So, lets get into some IKEA Micke desk ideas.

micke desk hack
micke desk hack

Scroll through the following IKEA desk ideas…

micke desk
Micke desk – Pinterest

A simple paint job is all that is required to turn this plain desk into something special. It’s simple to do too. Simply rub down the legs with some sandpaper and spray with a primer. Give that a quick rub down and a wipe. You are then ready to spay it with the color you want. You might want to add a couple of coats to ensure that it lasts. A simple up-cycle hack that really makes a difference.

ikea computer desk hacks
IKEA computer desk hacks- PINTEREST

A great example of how you take an IKEA Micke desk and create something unique. In this example, it has been spray painted with a lacquer them applied to give it a gloss finish. I’m sure you will agree, the finished look is fantastic.

ikea micke desk white
IKEA micke desk white- PINTEREST

This example just goes to show that a slight change can make a big difference. Simply applying some vinyl to the drawer section gives this Micke desk a completely new look. The added bonus here is that it matches the chair legs making it look like a set.

ikea micke hack
IKEA micke hack- PINTEREST

Adding some handles to the Micke desk is a quick win. It makes the desk look unique and a little more premium than the standard desk. The added advantage of this simple hack is that you can match other aspects of the room to make it fit in nicely.

micke desk from ikea
Micke desk from ikea- PINTEREST

Vinyl is a great material when you want to upgrade furniture. Available in every color imaginable and in a variety of patterns, it is easy to apply and can totally transform a piece of furniture.

micke desk glass top
Micke desk glass top- PINTEREST

This interesting hack is a little more complicated than the others. The owner has used the frame to form the basis of the glass desk.

ikea desk ideas
IKEA desk ideas- PINTEREST

The addition of a lovely wooden top has transformed this basic desk. It adds tremendous value to the desk and gives it a very premium look. It also allows it to match other aspects of the room, making it feel very purposeful.

ikea desk with drawers
IKEA desk with drawers – IKEAhackers

The owner of this desk has added a wooden surface and replaced the drawer fronts. Obviously this is a more involved hack, but the owner has taken the difficulty out of this hack by using the same frame and structure of the desk. It has therefore allowed them to create something they really want without having to build a frame.

I hope that the IKEA Micke desk hacks have given you pause for thought, and perhaps some ideas on how you want to hack your desk to add value.

micke desk hack
micke desk hack

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