33+ Wonderful Floating Desk Ideas for Your Home Office

floating desk

Get Inspired with these floating desk ideas…

An integrated floating desk is a game changer when it comes to home office design. Optimising your space is a priority to most, it makes for a better work environment and makes the experience much more pleasing. In this post, we show you some great examples of floating desk ideas.

What is it that makes a floating desk so great? Primarily, they give the perception of space. The floating aspect gives the impression of more room, much like a floating nightstand. Another aspect is the size of them, they literally fit a space hence maximise the available space. Potentially it is also cheaper to install, since it is just the worktop and fixings. Depending on the material, it gives you much more flexibility. It also allows you to match floating shelves for an integrated design.

Lets take a look at some excellent examples of floats desk ideas for your home office.

floating wall desk
Floating wall desk

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These floating wall desks should inspire you…

white floating desk

This beautiful wall mounted desk is a great example of design being taken to another level. This example is a stone desktop, which matches the decor perfectly. It is an integrated design rather than a freestanding desk that is an afterthought.

wall to wall desk

Floating desks can be a great solution for most spaces. This integrated design is stylish and includes a storage compartment. The floating shelf make this a great little nook to conduct your work.

wall shelves desk

This home office is a delight. With great views from the window, this corner desk is integrated into the storage space. The wall storage shelf has great capacity. Would you prefer a regular desk over this? I didn’t think so!

wall office desk

Another attractive floating wall desk with matching wall shelf. This example operates as a computer desk, but can be a traditional desk too. The wall has an integrated notice board and bracket for the TV. The shelves are floating which means they don’t need a shelf bracket.

wall desk ideas

Another great design that is highly integrated into the storage units. This is high end design using great materials.

small floating desk

Simple design does not mean you are sacrificing. This design uses more rustic materials like plywood. Using wood screws into the wall studs, it gives the strength required to remain stable. Perfect for a little corner in a living room.

shelf desks

A beautiful little scene that affords a great view. The styling is perfect, a great solution for a work space.

office wall desk

Floating desks do not have to be substantial. This cute little wall mounted floating desk is perfect for a little nook, where space is at a premium. It can work well as a computer desk where minimal space is required. A shelf bracket is used to hold this desk up.

office floating shelves

A perfect little scene. This floating desk make s great little home office. The natural elements surrounding the desk make this a calming space to create.

modern floating desk

A very cool custom made storage unit with an integrated corner desk. This is high end design with a high end finish.

long wall desks

This wall mounted table offers plenty of space. With integrated storage , the black surface matches the open wall shelving.

long wall desk

This a DIY floating desk is something that most people can achieve. The small space makes this a relatively easy project. All you need are wall studs, a screw or two, wood filler, wood glue, and possibly a brace.

long floating desk

Simple elegance. This is definitely a project that most people would be capable of. If you are on a budget, this is a low cost solution too. The results can look amazing too.

large floating desk

This looks more like a traditional desk or a wall mounted table, yet it makes use of the available space perfectly well. The tapered finish of the desk ensures it is adapted to the room.

floating writing desk

As more and more people work from home, there is possibly a need for two desks. This design is great, it separates the space whilst also adding a designer touch. The lovely wood finish makes this an attractive finish too. There is no storage shelf here, but it is something to consider in your design.

floating wood desk

Simple can work. This plywood sheet can make a great worktop, going you the extra space that you carve. The IKEA Lack shelf is a useful touch too.

floating shelves office

A lively little workspace, the mechanism to hold this desk up is a little different to what we have seen. This is obviously held up by rope so you don’t need to have a strong wall to attach your desk. This would make a perfect little laptop desk.

floating shelves above desk

This floating desk is attached to the window unit, using some kind of steel bracket. The desk looks quality with a lovely stain, it matches the white units perfectly. This is a very nice home office.

floating shelf desk

A delightful little set up here, this is high end designer furniture. They may look like a dining chairs, but these chairs are designer. Not really an office desk where you spend a lot of time, it is more suited to short tasks.

floating office shelves

This straightforward design delivers a great workspace. Simple and effective design that works. The floating aspect of the design maintains the visible floorspace.

floating desk with storage

This cute little cubby is a perfect little workspace. This wall mounted desk is something that you can achieve yourself. The standard floating shelves offer some convenient storage.

floating office desk

What a stylish little space, this set up is perfect for those working from home.

floating desk with drawers

Ultra modern design, this could easily be adapted into a standing desk. For those of you into minimalism, this is great inspiration for you.

floating desk with drawer

A slightly higher home office desk that is actually quite flexible. Use it as a standing desk, or simply somewhere to sit and drink coffee.

floating desk white

Another example of high end design, I’m not really sure of the practicality. It does look great though.

floating desk shelves

This little bedroom office desk is a practical solution. Not only does it look great, it offers storage too. Perhaps something you might see in a hotel.

floating desk shelf

A cool little set up, the cute stool make this a lovely space for a short period of time.

desk shelf ideas

A floating desk can be used to add some function to what would otherwise be a redundant space.

floating desk ideas

A delightful set up that makes your home look great, whilst also adding some great functionality.

desk and shelves

Another wonderful home office located in the bedroom. This lovely scene adds a nice designer dimension to the bedroom space.

corner floating desk

Minimalist design at its best, this home office offers no distractions at all. The full length plywood wall mounted floating desk is marvellous.

black floating desk

This little nook under the stairs is a perfect little space to create a workspace. The floating desk maintains the floor space.

awesome desks

These floating desk ideas for your home office offer you a range of solutions and designs, to offer you some great inspiration. Some are more costly than others, some more busy than others…but they all offer great solutions that maximise space whilst maintaining the floors square footage. Which image is your favorite? Why not pin it on your social media and tag us in.

floating desks
Floating desks

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