29+ Wonderful IKEA Kallax Ideas & Hacks

ikea kallax ideas

Get inspired with our IKEA Kallax ideas

IKEA are renowned worldwide for delivering functional furniture at a great price. However, these generic IKEA products are not to everybody’s taste, often it lacks character and personality. The furniture is built very well, which means that it is a perfect basis to use this to upgrade. Many people have taken up this challenge, taking this functional Kallax shelf range to another level. In this post, I will highlight to you, IKEA Kallax ideas and hacks as a basis for your inspiration.

Whether it is for a living room, dining room, craft room, playroom or nursery, an IKEA Kallax unit may well be just the thing you need. Take this basic piece of furniture…a sprinkle of an IKEA hack magic dust…and voila! This kind of upcycling is pretty common and there is a whole community dedicated to creating imaginative solutions at budget prices. In this post, we show you some great examples of the wonderful IKEA Kallax hack.

That’s where the real magic is…the low starting price. Kallax cubes are cheap to buy yet are fantastic quality, above and beyond what you would expect. So, let’s take a quick look at what we can do with them.

Firstly, a DIY IKEA hack is perfect to create space and storage, whether that be a cubby hole or a cube shelf. Since you can hang them to a wall, they are perfect for a children’s play area storage unit for nurseries.

In the kitchen, a little bit of creativity can save you a fortune. A kitchen island always end up costing you a pretty penny, one of the examples below shows you what you can achieve for very little money. Add a drawer and you have a perfect solution for the kitchen.

An IKEA shelf is one of its most popular products. An IKEA Kallax shelving unit is the perfect basis to build upon. An IKEA Kallax bookcase hung on a wall is a great hack that works brilliantly well. It is robust, secure and very stylish. Add a few together and you have a fantastic IKEA Kallax shelf unit. Indeed, if you stack a few of these bookcases together, you have a great room divider. Whatever your style or décor, you can adapt it to your needs.

What do people use these great hacks for? For many things…vinyl record storage, TV stands, craft table, sideboard, a baby changing table, displaying artefacts, children’s book storage…it really doesn’t matter what it is for. As long it solves the problem for you, that is the true nature of great ‘hacking’.

So, let’s take a look at some great examples of IKEA Kallax ideas.

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ikea kallax ideas
IKEA Kallax Ideas

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IKEA Kallax Hacks

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Can you paint IKEA Kallax?

Yes, you can paint IKEA Kallax but there are a few things you need to do. Since it is a veneer surface, you need to prepare it first. You first need to ‘key’ the surface, which is basically creating a rough surface using sandpaper. This allows the paint to stick to the surface. The next step is to paint the surface with a primer, followed by the actual paint color.

How do you use IKEA Kallax?

IKEA Kallax, formerly known as Expedit, are a storage solution for IKEA. As with most IKEA furniture, you can adapt them for different uses. Add a wooden top, hang it to the wall, add wheels…the options are endless.

How do I add legs to Kallax?

You can buy legs from IKEA or online. Adding legs to your IKEA Kallax is simple. Simply mark out where you want the legs to go, drill some pilot holes and screw on the mounting plate. Simply crew the legs onto the plate.

Is IKEA Kallax the same as Expedit?

Yes, IKEA Kallax is the new name of the range that was originally called IKEA Expedit.

Can you cut Kallax?

You can cut IKEA Kallax, however you need to be careful since the surface is veneer. You can prevent damage to the surface veneer by taping it where you want to make the cut. This should prevent it splintering.

Can you join Kallax units together?

There is no neat way to join them together but you may be able to hold them together using screws. Regardless, you would need to support them both using plates.

What is IKEA Kallax made of?

The IKEA Kallax is made from a particle board with a veneer surface. Contrary to popular belief, they are not made from plywood.

Can you stack Kallax on top of each other?

Yes, you can stack IKEA Kallax on top of each other. As with most stacked furniture, it is always prudent to attach them to the wall so that you reduce the risk of it falling.

Can you hang IKEA Kallax on wall?

Yes, they are designed to be hung on the wall. You will need to do so using brackets which are also available from IKEA.

I hope that you found this content on IKEA Kallax ideas and hacks of use. As you can see, there is a wide variety of examples and demonstrations of how people have used their creativity to add value to their furniture. Using the solid frames and build quality of IKEA, you are able to personalize their furniture to your own taste.

ikea kallax hack

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