44+ Outdoor BBQ Area Ideas That Are Smoking Hot

outdoor bbq

Get Inspired with these outdoor BBQ area ideas

Most of us like to entertain, and cooking al fresco is a perfect way to cook while having fun. These outdoor BBQ area ideas should help you design a perfect space that helps you do just that.

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You don’t need a huge amount of space to create something special, just good design. If you do have the space, there is no limit. Go from a tiny little disposable BBQ to a monstrous machine that impresses.

Its not just the equipment that matters too, the design and feel is more important. What is the ambience like? Create an environment where you are happy to just hang out. This is what the following images demonstrate…cool environments created with a range of budgets.

Let’s take a look at some wonderful outdoor BBQ area ideas.

outdoor cooking station

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Check out these outdoor cooking station ideas…

stone bbqs

Some outdoor bbq ideas are breathtaking…

Home from home…bring the indoors our. This cosy little set up is as comfortable as it is stylish. With the BBQ integrated into the stone counter, the addition of the fire makes it a comfortable place ton the back porch. The delightful furniture and colors make this a well designed area.

small outdoor grill

Some outdoor barbecue ideas offer a modern perspective…

If you want something a little more post modern, something sleek and minimalistic, this custom bbq area might be right up your street. Look how cool this looks. As stylish as it is functional. A huge counter for the food preparation that is covered, with a huge bench and table.

patio grill ideas

Outdoor bbq designs don’t have to be expensive…

A rustic bbq area, this design just goes to show that you don’t need a huge area to create a great little space. Everything has it place with its open shelves and custom counter. The budget is likely to be small too so within reach of most.

outside grill ideas

This outdoor grill area offers a functional workspace…

A brick built barbecue area, this creates a perfect solution to a covered BBQ. With integrated storage and tiled countertop, it makes for a functional space.

outside grill area

Want built in bbq ideas? This offers a great space…

Take a look at these wonderful custom concrete counters. This wood and concrete BBQ idea is perfect for the modern home. With it’s integrated seating and barbecue, it really works well by blending into its surroundings.

outside bbq

This outdoor barbecue area offers designer appeal…

Very cool! This custom barbecue area is high on design but doesn’t it work well. Wood, stone and concrete that is blended well to create perfection. It’s a minimalist design too that makes for a great entertaining area.

outside barbecue

Outdoor barbeque ideas that bring the outdoors in…

Bring the outside in, this barbecue area is an extension to the kitchen. Its almost if it is integrated, separated only by a sling glass door. The continuation of the flooring really makes this an integrated space. With built in storage and seating, it makes for a premium design. A cool fire pit makes this a great area to relax in.

outdoor grilling area

Outdoor barbeque designs can have a retro appeal…

A more traditional American design, this is probably an image you will see in millions of homes around the US. With its granite counters, bbq grill and stone build, it’s a high quality covered build that will stand the test of time.

outdoor grill ideas

Some built in bbq designs have plenty of space to work with…

Look at the seating available here. If you enjoy entertaining, this is a great design to replicate. The porch area has been converted into an outdoor bbq kitchen. With an integrated bbq grill, sink and outdoor refrigerator, you are perfectly set up to entertain!

outdoor grill area

An uber modern design with clean lines. For a particular set of people, this is perfection. With its built in sink, shelf and counter space, it’s designed to look good. It’s designed like a high end indoor concrete kitchen…but for outside!

outdoor cooking area

This covered outdoor grill area offers contemporary design…

What a magnificent image this is. You can just imaging yourself behind the grill here! A lovely black kitchen that is complemented perfectly with the natural wood. The kitchen island provides some great seating that gives a great view of the delicious food being prepared.

outdoor bbq table

Brick bbq area ideas offer a different feel…

This simple design makes use of a pergola to protect from the sun. Brick construction with a stone counter, it just goes to show that you don’t need a million dollars to create something functional.

outdoor bbq ideas

Outdoor bbq areas with an intricate design…

Stainless steel counters with no expense spared. It almost looks like an industrial kitchen..with just as much functionality. The screens add an element of custom design that softens the industrial look.

outdoor bbq areas

Barbecue area ideas that deliver great design…

Simple outdoor kitchen design doesn’t have to be extravagant. This custom outdoor kitchen space delivers great functionality with a simple design. Integrated plants give it a natural vibe that creates a great environment.

outdoor barbeque

Barbecue patio ideas on another level…

Modern materials, with high design. This is a great design that works well. Natural cedar wood, subway tiles and high planters give this a very cool effect. The polished concrete countertop is perfect too.

outdoor barbecue

Outdoor bbq built-in ideas that will make your neighbors jealous!

Look at a whole chunk of white granite can do! Doesn’t it look amazing. Simple design with stainless steel appliances, the effect is wonderful.

outdoor barbecue kitchen

Simple grill area ideas can work well too…

High and mighty, this dark brick design is perfectly suited to this environment. With a covered outdoor space, you can cook outside whatever the weather.

outdoor barbecue ideas

An outdoor barbeque area is a functional space…

Simple can work too. This simple area made of decking material includes a gas grill, wood cinder blocks and a cool pizza oven.

out door barbecues

Its on it way to be a great outdoor bbq area, its small but perfectly designed. It just goes to show you don’t need a huge amount of space to create a functional area.

homemade outdoor grill ideas

An outdoor patio grill area can add plenty of value…

Before…and after. What a difference! Add value to your home and make functional space that works. It doesn’t have to be complex either to work!

covered grill area

Modern outdoor bbq areas create a welcome space…

It’s almost as if your indoor kitchen is outside! Integrated BBQ, refrigeration, sink and an extractor, you have everything you need to cook outside.

built in bbq ideas

Outside barbeque designs on another level…

It started out as a little cooking area…now look at it! Storage, barbecues and seating…perfect!

built in bbq grill ideas

Outdoor barbecue areas don’t have to be complicated…

A little corner on a patio…look what you can create! The huge gas barbecue is the focal point with a little storage space to add to the ease of use. Outdoor kitchens don’t need to be huge to work.

brick outdoor grill

Barbeque design ideas incorporating a pergola…

What came first…the BBQ or the surrounding canopy? You decide…I’m going with the grill! Simple yet effective…cheap to build and finished in a day.

bbq patio ideas

Modern design meets outdoor kitchen bbq area. The grey cabinets perfectly match the concrete grey flooring, with the natural wood acting to soften the environment. The touch of greenery is a wonderful touch.

bbq designs

A great example of how to blend your kitchen in to a covered outdoor environment. This fully functional outdoor kitchen blends the deck skirting with other colors for a great finish.

bbq area

This looks expensive…it probably is! Probably my favorite outdoor barbecue area, it is so integrated and stylish. Natural materials with a balance of industrial design, it really works.

barbeque ideas

Plenty of wood required here. If you have the time and money…why not! Everything you need to pretty much live outside…cooking facilities and heating!

barbeque designs

If you want to set up your business, this outdoor cooking hut will work. Ive seen little restaurants with less space. It’s cute…but functional! With its own draught beer on tap with dart board…what more do you need. I suspect this is a British version of the outdoor kitchen.

barbeque areas

I love how this kitchen is perfectly integrated into the building, the exact same colors really helps the flow.

barbecue area

High design meets cosy little space…and what a space it is. Beautiful materials that are easy to maintain, great detail and a custom cut screen to block out direct sunlight. A lovely clean design that works really well.

backyard bbq area design ideas

Industrial design that is well integrated into a home environment. The perfect amount of storage, custom space for your grills and a sink with black tap, a perfect space to cook out.

I hope that these outdoor bbq area ideas have really inspired you to consider your space. As you can see, you don’t need a huge amount of space to create something special. If you do have the space, the potential is there to create a wonderful entertaining space that adds value to your home.

outdoor grilling station

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