43+ Dinosaur Room Ideas That Totally Roar!

dinosaur room ideas

Get Inspired with these dinosaur room ideas…

Whether it’s for a boy or a girl, these dinosaur room ideas are perfect. Both stylish and educational, they are a great theme to base your bedroom design on.

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There are many reasons why you should consider a dinosaur theme. Inspiring your children is the aim of many parents, therefore introducing them to the natural sciences is a must. It also allows you to introduce ‘fun’ elements into your room design.

Let’s take a look at some good dinosaur room ideas.

boy dinosaur room ideas
Boy dinosaur room ideas

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Check out some of these dinosaur room ideas for toddlers…

toddler dinosaur room ideas

Choose wall art for the easy win in these boy dinosaur room ideas…

The easiest way to introduce a concept is through your wall art. This may be simple wall decals or even a poster print. This dinosaur bedroom has the theme introduced through the wall decor.

little boy dinosaur room ideas

Add some cute dinosaur toys to these little boy dinosaur room ideas…

This kids room has layers of dinosaur influence. This duvet cover bedding set has plenty of dinosaurs, adding plenty of color. A number of soft toys also litter the bedroom and the walls. A dinosaur toy can create a lovely accent to the room. This bedroom idea does a good job of presenting a dinosaur themed bedroom.

kids dinosaur room ideas

Dinosaur wall decals can help make great dinosaur room decor

As far as decor ideas go, adding wall decals or vinyl stickers is a great way to introduce a dinosaur theme. This example does a great job of creating murals. A goo dinosaur display has a selection of different species, this example does this really well. The dinosaur theme is continued with some soft toys and action figures.

kid dinosaur room ideas

A simple decal is all it takes in this dinosaur themed nursery

This dinosaur themed nursery achieves this look with the simple help of simple wall decals. It is a low cost and efficient way of introducing the concept. The consistent color scheme makes this look like a cohesive design. Maybe an accessory or two, this is nice design.

Inspiration dinosaur room

There are levels to dinosaur room decor ideas…

Not all dinosaur room ideas are built the same. Sometimes the level of thought and detail are on a new level. Take this example for instance, the beautiful wallpaper is complimented with the wall print, soft toys and even wall decor. This dinosaur bedroom is a delight.

girl dinosaur room ideas

Consider color for girl dinosaur room ideas…

Choosing a great color scheme can elevate your decor to a whole new level. This is a great example using a sage green color. It delivers a very earthy and natural feel to this bedroom. The scary toys look like they are straight out of Jurassic World!

diy dinosaur room ideas

Is Jurassic Park the influence here in these dinosaur themed room ideas…

You’d think it is with all these scary dinosaurs! Jurassic Park is a very popular movie with kids, so it’s inevitable that they will be influenced by it. Add in some colorful wallpaper, a bedding set and some toys, you have a great dinosaur bedroom.

dinosaur room pictures

Is this Jurassic World? These dinosaur bedroom ideas work!

The sheer variety of dinosaur examples makes this a very interesting room. From the bedding to the walls, from toys to furniture, it has it covered…is this too much?

dinosaur room picture

Create a classic look with these boys dinosaur room ideas…

Using a classic color palette, you can create a very upmarket look that is very obviously based on dinosaurs. This sage green wallpaper details a range of species. That is all that os required in this room.

dinosaur room inspiration

Don’t forget to include fun elements in toddler dinosaur room ideas…

This dinosaur teepee is a fun look and perfect for this bedroom. It matches the wall decor, adding plenty of fun aspects.

dinosaur room images

Some simple wall stickers are all that you need in dinosaur toddler room ideas…

A basic white wall can create the perfect canvas to add a few decals. These can be obtained quite cheaply and in a range of sizes.

dinosaur room ideas for boys

A dinosaur theme with wall art with these baby dinosaur room ideas…

A kids room is a place of fun as well as rest. Having a colorful wallpaper or wall print is a great way to introduce that. This industrial looking nightstand is a great feature in this room.

dinosaur room idea

A boys dinosaur bedroom ideas…a bedding set is all it takes…

Choosing the right bedding set is sometimes all it takes to set theme. Sometime a simple dinosaur lamp is all that is required.

dinosaur room girl

A dinosaur themed nursery is a great design choice…

Isn’t this wallpaper incredible! It really sets the tone in this room…detailed and upmarket. This dinosaur themed nursery is well designed and the furniture is premium. The geometric pillow adds some nice contrast.

dinosaur room designs

The perfect girls nursery…

This example does a great job of mixing elements to create a great design. The Princess style curtain fits really nicely with this dinosaur room decor. This room decor is a great example of girls nursery design.

dinosaur room design

A dinosaur boys room…add cartoon characters for fun decor ideas…

Whether they are custom painted or wall decals, a cartoon interpretation makes a dinosaur more appealing, especially to younger children.

dinosaur room design ideas

Consider dinosaur boy room ideas…this bedroom has a designer feel…

This integrated design does a great job with the color scheme. The wall art is nicely integrated into the overall design. The open shelves and the indoor green plant add plenty of character.

dinosaur room design idea

This kids room hits the right note…

This room is fully invested into the dinosaur these. From the dinosaur footprints to the duvet cover, your little one will be suitably impressed.

dinosaur room boy

This childs bedroom is an absolute delight…

This nursery is an absolute delight. From the custom wallpaper to the wall decor, the babies mobile to the soft toys. This is a great example of a dinosaur themed room.

dinosaur room bedrooms

Consider a custom wall print…

A customer wall print is a great idea. It allows you to design your wall exactly as you wish, adding certain elements of interest. The alternative is to use paint, and create a mural.

dinosaur room bedroom

Its scary…but very realistic…

This example is very realistic…possibly a little too realistic with a childs room. However, the exception of this design is simply wonderful.

dinosaur room 4

Huge wall art that delivers a huge impact…

Creating this huge wall art is probably quite expensive. However, the results are very impressive, creating a huge impression.

dinosaur room 3

Plenty of cuddly toys in this dinosaur themed nursery

To some, this is the perfect childs room. Unique, creative and comfortable. The child would really enjoy this space too. The color scheme is great too.

dinosaur room 2

Add functional design ideas with a dinosaur theme….

Adding creative design is a great way to add function and style to a bedroom. This is a great example of that. It has a moveable shelving system, similar to the pegboard from IKEA.

dinosaur room 1

A girls room with dinosaur room decor…

This is one of very few examples of a dinosaur room. More often than not, it is a boys room that gets a dino look. However, they are just as applicable to girls rooms.

dinosaur bedrooms

Decor ideas with wallpaper…

As we have seen with many examples, wallpaper is a great way of covering a large space at relatively little cost. It does a great job of mixing themes, introducing other animals too.

dinosaur bedroom

A dinosaur kids den…

Add a fun item into your child’s bedroom. This teepee adds plenty of fun, and a cosy little reading nook to hide away in.

childrens dinosaur room ideas

Consider a huge wall print sticker…

This room is filled full of dinosaur examples. The obvious item that stands out is the huge dinosaur. It create a huge visual impression, but it is also complemented with a number of dinosaur toys.

boys dinosaur room ideas

Consider a vinyl cut out…

A great look is a vinyl cut out. They shape is unmistakably a dinosaur, allowing you to cover a large space easily.

baby dinosaur room ideas

Consider adding dinosaur elements…

This wonderful childs room is a great example of interior design. A range of colors and textures, it creates a super atmosphere. A range of dinosaur inspiration is integrated into the design.

baby boy dinosaur room ideas

These dinosaur room ideas should really have opened your eyes to the possibilities out there. There are a number of ways to introduce concepts into bedrooms, be that through wallpaper, wall decals or toys. What you choose will depend on your budget, time and space available. What was your favorite image? Share it on your social media and don’t forget to tag us in. See you soon!

dinosaur room ideas for toddlers
Dinosaur room ideas for toddlers

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