17+ Grey and White Bedroom Ideas That Deliver Style

Grey and White Bedroom Ideas

Get Inspired with these grey and white bedroom ideas

Good bedroom interior design is more than just a great place to sleep. It is an essential part of your life, a place where you can relax and unwind. We spend plenty of time in our bedrooms, creating a great space is essential to your wellbeing. Therefore, creating a space with a great color scheme is important to achieving a welcoming space. In this post, we show you some great examples of grey and white bedroom ideas.

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Grey is the new neutral color that has interior designers falling over themselves. Having recently replaced white as the paint color of choice for interiors, it is as popular as it’s ever been. Let’s be honest, white on its own is sterile and cold. With its soft, muted palette, grey is a color that is much more versatile. Add both colors together, you have the potential of a winning combination.

The downside? Not every hue of gray works well together. You should avoid pairing it with colors that are too similar or that clash. The number of grey tones make a difference. Limiting the number really makes it work, overdo the grey tone, you end up with a complicated space that doesn’t flow well. As we see in some of the images below, using light grey with white works very well because the tones are similar.

Grey and white interior design…and the base colors

Another way that grey and white are used together is to use it as the base color. It is essentially being used as a base color palette. Other colors such as yellow or blue are then used as the accent color so really make the room ‘pop’. When you see the effect of this, it really does work well.

Having a grey wall or even a white wall can appear harsh if the tones do not compliment each other. Other aspects that complement these colors is carpet flooring. Introducing color through the flooring is a clever way to use this functional color, especially in a master bedroom. You can argue that the combination of the grey and white actually delivers silver bedroom ideas. In terms of current bedroom trends, grey and blue bedrooms, as well as a black and gold bedroom work very well together.

The role of furniture with grey and white bedroom decor..

Furniture plays an important part in color schemes. A grey bed is very popular at the moment, especially if it is made from a textured fabric. A gray bedroom needs strong textures to add that level of softness. Consider grey bedding for example if you want to introduce gray into the room. Your side tables can also have a gray paint color, as long as you do not overdo it. You will see some images below where they have done this well.

A hardwood floor can work well too with many pale grey options also available. However, consider that a natural wooden floor color also works well with this combination. A warm grey carpet can work well too.

In terms of decor, consider your wall color carefully. In a minimalist grey bedroom, you don’t want to introduce too many tones and colour, so keep it simple. They also have the ability to feel a little cold at times. Consider adding a textured grey wallpaper shade to soften it slightly.

If you like these colors, consider a Paris bedroom style. They make plenty of use from these simple colors.

So, let’s take a look at some grey and white bedroom ideas that really highlight some of the concepts discussed. As you will see from each image, they all bring something different that you can incorporate into your space. Put away the white paint, grey is coming through.

Grey and White Bedroom Idea
Grey and White Bedroom Ideas

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Take a look at these grey and white bedroom design ideas…

white grey bedroom ideas interior design
Doğukan Taş

Some white and grey bedroom ideas ooze class…

The example gives a wonderful balance with some key aspects that really makes this grey and white bedroom stand out. Notice the different use of textures? The softness of the grey rug…the hardness of the grey marble? It works very well and gives you a design that delivers strong focal points.

white and grey bedroom interiors
Hossam Ahmed

Grey and white room design that delivers a strong frame…

Grey really is the color here and it delivers here in boatloads. Masculine…yes it is! Strong bold colors mixed with high gloss white doors breaks up the space. Add in some interesting lighting and you have a great bedroom space.

white and grey bedroom inspirations
Alen Key

This grey white room design offers subtlety…

This bedroom is subtle in its use of grey and white, making use of other colors like this blue wall to blend in seamlessly. Depending on the tone, it can come across as harsh. This example avoids that by introducing softer elements and tones of grey.

white and grey bedroom design
Dmitriy Pylypyshko

This grey and white room gives a softer feel…

Looking for a grey and white bedroom that is softer in tone? This example delivers it well. The greys are so pale, it all looks like an off white. What it does is achieve a look that blends perfectly. I’m sure you will agree, it just oozes calmness.

white and grey bedroom decor
Daria Gray

This bedroom design in grey and white has a strong focal point…

Dark greys can work very well with white as they create a focal point. The issue always comes when there is too much dark grey…it look unbalanced. In this bedroom, they use dark grey in the bed and around it to focus the space, while keeping the remainder of the room white.

Using a grey as an accent wall works very well. The recent trend in home décor uses a lot of greys…think of Nordic style or Scandinavian style. The grey in this room sets the scene in this room, a harsher grey while the rest of the room offers a softer palette of color.

grey with white bedroom
Gabriela Pleșca

White and gray bedroom ideas can be simple…

The simplicity of this color scheme actually makes it so attractive. The greys almost match the whites in this bedroom…a very calm space that works well. The softness of the materials in the bed and curtains, really softens the harshness of the concrete.

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white and grey bedroom decor ideas

A modern grey and white bedroom with elegance…

Different wood tones can work very well with white and grey bedroom designs. Notice how the wood effect is more prominent but the greys and whites are perfectly balanced to add a great effect. The lighting really highlights the white aspects of the room while the grey adds a lovely shadow to this big space.

grey and white bedroom interiors

Grey and white can work too in a children’s bedroom. In this example, it is used as the base color while yellow and blue are used as the accent colors. This limited color scheme really adds a sense of cool and makes this a very stylish space.

grey and white bedroom inspirations
Mario Moci

This is a very stylish space that really makes the most of texture. Mixing the grey and white through the use of patterns and textiles, softens the contrast of the color. This works very well if you want to use darker greys. Add in some gold and silver, you have a room that looks premium.

grey and white bedroom ideas modern
Natalie Ruden

This is another example of using different tones of grey to to focus the eye. Although grey has a reputation of being a cold color, when done right, it can add a sense of warmth. The use of white alongside browns really adds to making this a warm and welcoming space.

grey and white bedroom ideas cozy

The use of materials can really make a grey and white bedroom ‘pop’. Using accessories like this can add softness to the colors and make the space more inviting. See how comfortable this room looks…you just want to dive into the bed!

grey and white bedroom elegant
Iryna Dubanych

In a masculine bedroom, grey and white works well. It adds clean lines and a uniformity that other color combinations struggle to achieve. It is also an industrial color combination, something that oozes ‘cool’, giving of a stoic vibe.

grey and white bedroom decor

The use of dark grey and white in the bedroom can create a cozy space. The darker combination makes this space feel more intimate and i suspect, is a great place to get a good nights sleep. The use of black and white monochrome prints really set this color combination off.

bedroom ideas grey and white interior design
Tamerlan Verdiyev

This example uses grey and white sparingly. The greys are limited to the bed and curtains, but is works well. The space is light and airy, a welcoming feel. No color overwhelms it and therefore you can see the importance of balance in this space.

grey and white bedroom decor ideas

Color combinations don’t have to be implemented in wall colors to get the effect. Using color combinations in materials and textiles can achieve the same effect. This example does it very well, creating interest and shape to soften the color scheme.

white grey bedroom ideas
Matas Nagele

This is a another example of using grey and white sparingly whilst making the most of the wood tones. It really softens the color scheme, making it appear more natural. The lighting really adds a sense of drama yet it remains utterly welcoming. This is a wonderful of example of the ‘less is more’ saying.

I hope you enjoyed some of these grey and white bedroom ideas. Interior designers are falling over themselves to incorporate these colors into their designs…and for good reason. They work beautifully together. Whether you want a strong contrast to really hone into an area, or you want a soft palette color to create a warm, welcoming space, it’s fair to say that this color combination works very well together.

white and grey bedroom ideas
White and Grey Bedroom Ideas

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