29+ Nordic Style Bedroom Ideas That Ooze Cozy Comfort

nordic style bedroom ideas

Get Inspired with these beautiful Nordic style bedroom ideas

As the long winter nights draw in, you’ll be glad that Scandinavian design exists. Designed with comfort in mind, Scandinavian interior design offers a warm environment that is cozy, comforting and utterly inviting. In this post, we will look at Nordic style bedroom ideas that deliver on this promise and provide you with the design inspiration you are looking for.

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Bedroom design is an area where Scandinavian design is in its element. It’s no wonder that this looks carries so well throughout the world. Open any interior design magazine and you will see Scandinavian decor and elements of a Scandi bedroom everywhere.

What is Nordic style interior?

Nordic interiors are focused on sheltering you from the elements. Nordic interior design wants you to forget about the freezing weather outside and simply feel comfortable at home. A Nordic bedroom is not any different, it’s all about the comfort.

Scandinavian decor is essentially a minimalist design ethos which blends textures and bright color to create modern décor that feels warm and welcoming. It’s emphasis is based on clean lines, white walls, ease of use, and furnishings that are simple, attractive, and warming.

What is modern Nordic style?

The history of Nordic design style began in the fifties and sits alongside the modernist movements in America and western Europe. The Nordic style emphasized clean lines, texture, affordability and modern furniture, which have been retained to this day. In fact, off shoots to Scandinavian bedroom design can be seen in Hygge bedrooms and even elements of a boho bedroom. It is a clear design style that is seen very clearly in Scandinavian bedroom furniture. 

Why is Scandinavian design so popular?

The environment was key to the development of this design ethos. Key factors such as affordability, clean lines and modernity have been mentioned. The other factors that make it so popular is the color palette. Scandi style tends to have brighter hues and neutral colors, such as a white wall with a matching wooden floor. Natural lighting is also very important in a Scandinavian inspired bedroom. This look tends to reflect light more and is both functional and welcoming. Scandinavian bedroom ideas tend to reflect this.

What is Nordic style material in a Scandinavian style bedroom?

Natural materials are what makes this design and Scandinavian space so popular. This is especially the case with soft furnishings. Materials like cotton, wool and fur are very popular and can be seen in things like a patterned rug, natural bedding, blankets and throws. Natural Wood also plays a major part in a Scandinavian room, with wooden flooring and key feature.

How do you style these Scandinavian bedroom ideas?

You may be surprised to learn that there is no set way that Scandinavian style bedroom must look…the key thing that it must deliver is a cozy bedroom! It can be super modern, even vintage…it’s the feeling that it gives is what makes it special.

As you can see in the images, it involves lot’s of soft layers…think layers of blankets, soft throws, pillow, neutral bedding and rugs. Add in some furniture made out of natural materials such as your nightstand and wooden bed, Scandinavian furniture like a cool pendant lamp, add in some greenery and artwork to make the room feel fresh, a neutral color scheme…and you are well on your way to Scandinavian home style.

If you enjoy this style as much as interior designers do, consider these Paris bedroom ideas and beige bedroom ideas.

With all that said, let’s take a look at some pictures that really highlight the beauty of Nordic bedroom decor.

nordic style bedroom ideas

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Take a look at these Scandinavian bedroom design ideas…

swedish home decor bedroom

Scandinavian bedroom design can be as simple or as complex as you want

swedish bedroom

This nordic design bed looks great in this Hygge style bedroom

swedish bedroom ideas
swedish bedroom design

This Scandinavian interior design bedroom delivers style…and comfort

swedish bedroom decor

Something a little more colorful…to help cheer you up!

swedish bedroom aesthetic

Doesn’t this Scandinavian style bed look so inviting…

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room decor nordic style

This nordic bedroom follows Hygge principles of design…

room decor bedroom swedish

Scandinavian bedroom decor follows minimalist principles

nordic style interior design bedroom

This image will help you with Scandinavian bedroom design tips

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nordic style bedroom

This nordic style bedroom oozes style…it’s almost too casual

nordic style bedroom scandinavian design

This nordic interior design bedroom delivers on comfort…the dog agrees too!

nordic style bedroom pink
nordic style bedroom design
nordic interior design bedroom
nordic interior design bedroom scandinavian style
nordic bedroom scandinavian wood
nordic bedroom inspiration
nordic bedroom inspiration green
nordic bedroom ideas
nordic bedroom design
nordic bedroom design interiors
nordic bedroom decor scandinavian design
nordic bedroom decor ideas
nordic bedroom dark
bedroom nordic style
bedroom nordic style scandinavian design inspiration
bedroom nordic design
bedroom nordic decor
swedish interior design nordic style bedroom

I hope that these Nordic style bedroom ideas have given you some great ideas for you to try. Remember, this is more of an eclectic style that has few rules. At the end of the day, this style is all about comfort. If your bedroom becomes a place of sanctuary to you, you have succeeded!

nordic bedroom decor

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