17+ IKEA Alex Desk Ideas for a Cool Home Office

ikea alex desk ideas

Get inspired with these fantastic IKEA Alex desk ideas

As an IKEA hacker, there are a few things we all know about IKEA furniture…good quality products at affordable prices. This is the very thing that makes an IKEA product so popular. However, it does leave us with a slight issue, far too many homes contain the same kinds of furniture and similar styles in your home decor. This leaves a problem with individuality. In this post, we will consider IKEA Alex desk ideas and the IKEA hack you can do to add a little more of your character.

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17+ IKEA Alex Desk Ideas for a Cool Home Office

The IKEA Alex desk series is a range of furniture that is incredibly affordable, yet essentially forms a blank canvas to customize your IKEA desk. Add a splash of color, add some accents or simply use it as a frame to build on, the choice of Alex hack is yours. Additionally, you don’t need to be a DIY expert to get great results and a cool desk.

The Alex drawer desk is versatile…

The IKEA Alex desk is versatile, it is what makes it so attractive. Whether it is a straight run or a corner desk, there is a shape that will suit you. What are they commonly used for? You have the standard uses that an IKEA Alex drawer organizer was designed for which is as a storage drawer unit that has a multitude of uses. Often, you will see them used as a pencil drawer storage solution in offices and homes.

In most cases, the IKEA Alex unit forms some form of desk. Whether that be an office desk or computer desk to work from, or as an alternative to a dressing table. They work wonderfully well as a makeup organizer and work well as makeup storage drawers with storage space.

What shapes do these IKEA Alex drawers work best with? They are probably the most adaptable desk you can buy in terms of shape. You can literally adapt them to whatever shape you need, as long as you have a top to it. The IKEA Karlby countertop or a Linnmon tabletop is a particular favorite for many. For a budget option, consider a recycled wood or plywood desktop, sourced from responsible wood.

The IKEA desk hack…what we must know…

How do you make this IKEA desk hack? Since the IKEA Alex drawer unit is a standalone unit, you need to add aspects to it to make it complete. It really depends what you are looking to create. Is it a sit down desk or a standing desk? Whichever you choose, unless you are using two Alex units to create the base, you need to consider legs.

The popular trend is hairpin legs which you see everywhere at the moment, but there are plenty of IKEA leg options from them. Consider adding some trestle legs on your desk setup for a modern finish. The choice of table legs can make a huge difference on the end product. Add a floating shelf above it, you have the perfect desk space to do what you need.

Consider these other IKEA home office ideas

If you are looking for alternatives to this IKEA drawer, consider the IKEA Malm desk or even an IKEA Micke desk. What is for sure, The IKEA Alex 5 drawer and the IKEA Alex 9 drawer unit are suitable for most peoples needs. Consider these floating desk with storage ideas next!

So, take a look at these great IKEA Alex desk hack ideas to see whether they inspire you.

ikea alex desk hacks
IKEA Alex desk hacks

These IKEA Alex desk hack ideas are simple to achieve

ikea desk hack home offices alex drawer
ikea alex desk with wood top
ikea alex desk white
ikea alex desk unit
ikea alex desk room
ikea alex desk office work spaces
ikea alex desk office ideas
ikea alex desk hack office ideas

For a wider range of IKEA Alex ideas… Click here

ikea alex desk hack drawer unit
ikea alex desk grey work spaces
ikea alex desk for two
ikea alex desk corner
ikea alex desk combinations
ikea alex desk aesthetic
home office with ikea alex desk
home office ikea alex desk
alex drawer desk ikea hacks

These IKEA office ideas should have inspired you…

I hope you found these IKEA Alex desk ideas, images and pictures useful, providing you with some much needed inspiration. As you can see from the images, not all the ideas involve a lot of work. Some can be achieved very quickly and at little cost. Whatever your plans, share your creations on Pinterest and don’t forget to tag us in!

IKEA Desk Ideas

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