27+ Vanity Room Ideas That Deliver Beauty

vanity room ideas

Get Inspired with these vanity room ideas…

Traditionally a space in the bedroom, where one would apply makeup. That is of course the traditional view of things, but not much has really changed. A focused space like this means that your items can easily be organised. It also means that you aren’t standing at a bathroom sink trying to apply makeup. In this post, we take a look at some vanity room ideas.

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The major piece of furniture in this room is the vanity desk or unit. In most cases, it is best situated in front of a window. That way, you have as much natural possible to work with. In addition to the unit, you will often see some type of storage system.

Whatever style of vanity unit and room you think you want, here are a some ideas to help you along.

bedroom vanity room ideas
Bedroom vanity room ideas

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Check out these wonderful makeup vanity room ideas…

white vanity room ideas

Your makeup vanity elevates the space…

This makeup vanity is on the luxurious end of the market. High end design that delivers a beautiful design. The vanity mirror is simply beautiful, elevating the home decor around it.

vanity room pictures

Lights, camera…and action! These small vanity room ideas impress…

If you’re looking for inspiration for a small bedroom, this makeup station might well be the perfect solution. The whole vanity area is bathed in light, creating the perfect space for makeup application. More often than not, this is the set up in a dressing room.

vanity room ideas where tp buy white

Create a custom dressing room solution…

This bright little space really makes the most of the available natural light. Not quite the design standard to make it into the Architectural digest, it certainly has its merits. The furniture is functional and may well be elevated with an IKEA hack or two. There is plenty of storage space, and if you have a free room in your house, this might be inspiration for some room ideas.

vanity room ideas pinterest

Make the most out of IKEA vanity room design…

This vanity table is made up from IKEA. The side table is the Micke desk, with the main desk from the Malm range. The storage drawers are from the Alex range at IKEA. For more dressing room ideas from IKEA, consider reading this post on dressing room ideas from IKEA.

vanity room ideas ikea

Consider some vertical shelving in your closet vanity room…

This IKEA lack shelving is a great idea here. This vanity room has plenty of easy access storage as a result. Your makeup brushes, lipstick and beauty products are at hand. The vanity table is an IKEA solution too. What it does means the you can create a low cost makeup vanity idea.

vanity room idea

Is this a mirror reflection?!?..

Exactly the same set up as the image above, it just goes to show that the design concept works well and is the perfect vanity for many. This set up is ideal for a little corner in a master bedroom. Probably not and interior designers dream…but it is certainly functional.

traincase vanity room ideas

A makeup station with an interior design appeal…

This rather special vanity room idea is certainly the work of interior designers. With an integrated vanity table, storage and a clean working space, it is a dream design for many. Certainly, this is located in a high end apartment.

stainless steel vanity room ideas

Vintage design meets functional space…

This vintage room design incorporates a wonderful makeup vanity unit and vanity mirror. Plenty of space to create magic! The decor is amazing, with plenty of interest on this gallery wall. It’s not a dogs room by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems quite happy here.

small vanity room ideas

This custom creation is the perfect vanity…

This high end design may well cost you a pretty penny or two. Some may consider this the perfect vanity, stylish, unique, plenty of drawer space…it is an interior designers dream. As far as furniture goes, this is incredible design. The vanity stool is incredible too!

makeup vanity room ideas with extra lighting

The perfect little vanity space…

The vanity area delivers a functional home decor. With plenty of storage space, you have the bright lights for the perfect makeover. The vanity unit is complemented with a chair at the perfect height. A perfect set up for a dressing room…or perhaps even the corner of a home office!

makeup vanity room ideas ikea

Style meets function…the perfect dressing room

Perhaps a room that many dream off, this dressing room has it all. Storage space, show racks, wardrobes, shelves, the perfect vanity unit and plenty of natural light. As far as room ideas go, this vanity room is perfection.

make up vanity room ideas

This makeup vanity…what dreams are made of

The perfect dream for many. The staggering amount of wardrobe space is bewildering. However, let’s focus on the topic. The Vanity table is functional, plenty of open storage space, a great lighted mirror and plenty of natural light. The vanity area is superb, this owner is blessed to have such a lovely space.

kawaii vanity room ideas

An office and vanity room that isn’t for the faint hearted…

The backdrop is an industrial look, which is the perfect background to this vanity space. High in style, the vanity chair is delicious.

elegant vanity room ideas

The imposing mirror adds tons of style…

This corner of the room delivers bags of style. The wonderful mirror is imposing in style as well as size. With a deep gold color, it adds class. The modern vanity is also elegant and suits the mirror perfectly. If you are working with small spaces, this could help add some stature.

diy vanity room ideas

High end style with closet vanity room ideas…

This is high end style, designed to be a multifunctional space. The secret drawers open to reveal the hidden storage. A clever proposition to maintain the clean lines of this modern home.

diy makeup vanity room ideas

Basic can work too…

Some might argue that this set up is basic. However, for most people, this is more than adequate and at a price point that most can accommodate.

cute vanity room ideas

A mirror image…

This mired vanity unit is fantastic at reflecting light. A modern choice in style, this vanity space is small yet perfectly functional.

closet vanity room ideas

The interior designers built-in vanity unit…

This integrated unit is custom designed for the space. The perfect fit hides a delightful amount of storage. The vanity unit itself has clean lines and great style.

beautiful glitter vanity room ideas

I hope that these vanity room ideas have opened your eyes to the possibilities. As you can see from these images, there are a number of examples, many at differing price points. Consider you budget and space availability before making any major decisions. Which image was your favorite? Share it on your social media and don’t forget to tag us in at Houszed!

makeup vanity room ideas
Makeup vanity room ideas

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