19+ IKEA Tarva Hacks for a Fresh Makeover

Ikea tarva hack

These IKEA Tarva hacks will have you reaching for your paint brush

We all know the benefits of IKEA furniture but did you know that you can ‘hack’ them? Well, you do now…Join the club and become an IKEA hacker! Take a look at these wonderful IKEA Tarva hacks and marvel at their creativity. Not only are they creating a unique piece of furniture that blends seamlessly with their environment, they are getting it at a bargain price too.

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19+ IKEA Tarva Hacks for a Fresh Makeover

The IKEA Tarva dresser is the perfect DIY IKEA hack furniture. Made from a solid wood called pine, it is well constructed and the amount of preparation work is minimal. In fact, with some paints, you can literally paint it without even priming the surface.

This means you can use traditional furniture chalk paint but you can also use spray paint. The solid wood grain can also be brought out using a dark stain or wood stain, it looks great and keeps things simple. Not only does it make it cheaper to up cycle, it reduces the time taken to create your little masterpiece.

What can you achieve with your IKEA Tarva dresser makeover? Well, that is only limited by your imagination and creativity in your home decor. In the main, the simplest of hacks is the simple paint job. This takes little time and cost, yet adds an abundance of character to what is initially an uninspiring piece of furniture. With a huge range of colors available, you can safely look beyond the white paint.

Whether you stick to upgrading the drawer fronts, adding different legs or revamping the whole thing, the choice is yours. One thing is for definite, you won’t find these ideas in the IKEA instructions!

If you are looking to go a little further than a paint job, many people opt to change the handles, some even going so far as to fill the existing holes so they can reposition the handles.

Other aspects can include adding fascia’s to the drawer fronts, to it to give it additional depth of character whilst adding a premium look. In fact, there are a few commercial providers at actually offer fascia’s to make your upgrade a little more straight forward.

Some go even further and totally change the use for what it was originally designed for. For some, it has found its way into the kitchen or even a TV stand. Imagine that, an IKEA kitchen made from a row of Tarva dresser!

An IKEA hackers mentality has also turned it into furniture like a nightstand, a coffee table and even a desk. With a little imagination, you can go a long way.

If it is a chest of drawers that you want to upcycle into something special, the Tarva dresser, isn’t your only option. Consider another IKEA dresser hack such as the IKEA Malm dresser, IKEA Hemnes dresser or even using an IKEA cabinet.

Whatever IKEA Tarva hack you choose, it adds value in some shape or form. Whether it is financial or simply the enjoyment factor…an IKEA Tarva dresser hack is fun…so enjoy your ‘hacking’ adventures.

Take a look at some of the IKEA Tarva ideas below and see if they can spark some of your genius!

Ikea tarva hacks
Ikea tarva hacks

Get inspired with our IKEA Tarva ideas

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I hope our images of IKEA Tarva hacks has given you the inspiration to move forward with your plans. As you will have seen above, there are options to suit most people’s décor styles and tastes. So, move forward with confidence and create a unique IKEA piece.

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Why not upload your end design onto Pinterest and tag us in…if you want us to feature your design on this page, simply send us the photo!

ikea tarva 3 drawer hack
ikea tarva 3 drawer hack

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