17+ IKEA Nordli Ideas That Rock

ikea nordli ideas

Get Inspired with our IKEA Nordli ideas

We love a good IKEA hack at Houszed and the IKEA Nordli, is a great range of IKEA furniture that provides a great basis to get creative. With IKEA’s infamous build quality, robust furniture and great value, you can be assured that you will add value. In this post, we consider some IKEA Nordli ideas which will help you gain a different perspective of the range, how you could arrange them for optimal results and some real life hacks that show how you can get creative.

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17+ IKEA Nordli Ideas That Rock

Why is the IKEA Nordli chest range a good option to hack?

IKEA are well known for their minimalist designs and this range is no exception. The basic design style means that it is essentially giving you a blank canvas to get creative.

Made from particleboard and fibreboard, it is the acrylic painted surface that makes it easier to paint. Often other IKEA product ranges have laminate finishes on wood or plywood, which can be problematic to paint.

What is the Nordli range normally used for? Is it just a storage solution?

Its core function is storage space, yet the versatility of it makes it a viable option for a number of uses.

Given the minimalist style of the Nordli chest range and the functionality of the units, they are equally at home as bedroom furniture, a living room modular chest, kitchen cabinet or entryway drawer units.

They make great toy storage ideas too. The size and style, make them a very functional and affordable solution to may parents.

What can I create using Nordli hacks?

There are many options available to you. Many people simply stack them in a pattern that suits their space and customize the drawer fronts using paints and vinyl coverings.

One of the most popular options is creating an IKEA desk hack. Simply add a countertop to achieve the look of a Malm desk. Others use them to create an IKEA dresser…simple yet at a fraction of the cost of buying a purpose IKEA Malm dresser. Others have created TV stands using the Nordli.

Adding legs to the Nordli gives it a whole new look too. This IKEA drawer unit can act as a plant table, bedside table or even a side table. Add a running drawer mechanism for a premium feel.

Alternatives to the IKEA Nordli dresser

IKEA are well known for offering variety at a variety of price points. In terms of similarity, the closest is the IKEA Besta unit. Other viable options are the IKEA Kallax, IKEA Trones or the IKEA Malm chest.

Frequently asked questions

Can you sit on IKEA Nordli?

Although you do get some hacks that convert the Nordli into benches, they have support built into them to reinforce the structure.

Can you stack Nordli?

Yes, the IKEA Nordli range can be stacked. Much like a kitchen unit, you can join the two using screws.

Can you add legs to Nordli?

Adding legs to a Nordli unit is a popular hack. Hairpin legs are a very popular option these days. A fantastic way to create a hallway console, A raised shelf, a nightstand or raised bedroom storage.

Is the IKEA Nordli available as a bed?

Latest additions to the IKEA bed range have added a bed frame option without a headboard. However, prior to that, people were using the Nordli range to hack a loft bed.

ikea nordli hack
IKEA Nordli Chest of Drawers

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Get creative with these IKEA Nordli hacks

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I hope that these IKEA Nordli ideas give you the inspiration to add value and create something special. Why not upload your creations onto Pinterest and tag us in…we’d love to see what you come up with!

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IKEA Nordli Drawers DIY

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