15+ IKEA Honefoss Ideas that Work

ikea honefoss mirror ideas

Get Inspired with these IKEA Honefoss ideas

In this post, we take a look at IKEA Honefoss ideas. As you can imagine, these low cost mirrors have proved to be exceptional sellers. The sheer versatility of them makes them suitable for a variety of design ideas. In this post, we consider some great examples of these honefoss IKEA hacks. 

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15+ IKEA Honefoss Ideas that Work

What is the Honefoss IKEA?

The IKEA Honefoss mirror tiles range is a flexible DIY Ikea mirror solution. You can arrange them in a way to suit your room space and décor, or get creative to create a great design combination. Given their small size and hexagon shape , they work in most areas and allow you to create a great design, all at a low cost.

Common uses of the honefoss mirror

One of the most common uses is to create a wall of mirrors. This is a very cost effective way of making your space appear larger than it is, making it a great option for many people. The wall mirror glass makes the most of natural light. 

One of the biggest advantages is the simplicity of use. You can attach these to a wall simply using double sided tape. It really is as simple as that. Each mirror piece is purposely designed to sit nicely next to the next mirror. The end result of this project is great. 

Where can I use these IKEA hexagon mirror ideas?

Given the flexibility of this range, they are perfect for many spaces in the home. It’s the simplest of IKEA hacks that anybody can do. Let’s take a look at their most common uses.


Why not replace your old wood mirror with something a little more stylish. Create a unique design that stretches across the wall. Another great use is to create a secondary mirror that makes your bathroom look even bigger. It also makes the most of the natural light in your bathroom.


Most bedrooms have a mirror, save a little space and create something stylish using the IKEA hönefoss mirror. It also makes the bedroom seem larger than it is. Perhaps even consider adding them to the back of your door for a full-length mirror effect. They work really well as part of a dressing table. Check out these dressing table IKEA ideas. You may also want to consider them as mirrored ceiling tiles. 

Living room and hallway

How about mirroring the alcoves with mirrors?  A wonderfully elegant look  at little cost. Add a Honefoss mirror design behind a bookshelf to add a dramatic effect too. Another popular use for these is the entryway, replacing the full length mirror. There is also a popular trend of introducing mirrors to the landing stairs. 


If you want something unique, consider a backsplash made with these Hönefoss mirror ideas. They look dramatic and super stylish, although water marks may be an issue. Add them above shelves and take advantage of how they deliver more light. For those higher level DIY enthusiasts, you can create an IKEA hack by adding a metal frame around them and color match using spray paint. Obviously, there are many different hacks and different ways of doing things. 

Take a look at the collection of IKEA Honefoss ideas below to fire your imagination and give your house a great look. The pictures in this post should demonstrate the potential.

ikea honefoss mirror ideas

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Get creative with these IKEA hexagon mirror ideas…

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These IKEA Honefoss mirror ideas should inspire you…

I hope these IKEA Honefoss ideas have fuelled your creativity. As you can see, they are incredibly versatile. As always, please consider sharing this post on social media with your friends…or even save some of the images to your boards on Pinterest.

ikea honefoss mirror hack

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