21+ IKEA Dressing Table Ideas That Look Beautiful

ikea dressing table ideas

Get Inspired with these IKEA dressing table ideas..

We all know that IKEA make robust and functional furniture, but what about their dressing tables? In this post, we take a look at IKEA dressing table ideas, showcasing real life images of peoples dressing areas. See what they bought and how they created their spaces.

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21+ IKEA Dressing Table Ideas That Look Beautiful
ikea dressing table ideas

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Get inspired with these IKEA dressing table hacks…

white dressing table ikea

This makeup table is a great addition…

This dressing table is a great solution for small spaces. Tucked into a corner, it still provides all the functionality that you need. With a vanity mirror and drawer, it has integrated storage whilst still remaining stylish.

vanity dressing table ikea

These Malm dressing table ideas work…

We know that IKEA furniture is robust and this vanity table from the IKEA Lack range is no exception. The separate wall mirror is a lovely touch, as are the accessories on the table.

malm ikea dressing table

An IKEA dressing table with mirror is a great look…

Another example of the IKEA Malm console table in a bedroom. Add a stylish mirror, and some styling pieces, you have a great space. It is versatile too, use this as a functional table or desk space. Perfect for a dressing room.

malm dressing table ikea

How about an IKEA vanity table…

Add a glass top to make your IKEA furniture easy to clean. This Malm dressing table example has a vanity mirror with great lighting which will help perfect your makeup, whilst the table drawer gives plenty of space for storage. Consider adding a magnifying mirror for even better results.

ikea small dressing table

Some great storage available with this IKEA desk, doubling up as a bedroom dressing table. The drawer and cupboard space gives some versatile storage space. A comfy chair complements the desk too and complements a classic bedroom style.

ikea malm dressing table black

This IKEA makeup table adds tons of character…

The right furniture can really add character to a room. This velvet blue chair is a great example of this, matching the IKEA Alex desk. It’s a proper desk that doubles as a vanity table, with focused lighting. Consider upgrading yours to LED light bulbs.

ikea malm dressing table

This dressing table with mirror is a stylish look…

This velvet grey bench is delicious. It looks so comfortable, but totally matches the grey flooring and blinds. It also doesn’t take away from the floor space. The shelving unit adds plenty of storage for bottles, makeup and lip balm. The small vanity table is perfectly sized and the vanity mirror illuminated.

ikea hemnes dressing table

This compact IKEA vanity table works…

This super compact vanity station is simply an IKEA desk that doubles its function. It is design simplicity at its best. Cheap and cheerful, it isn’t exactly solid wood, but it is a functional piece of bedroom furniture.

ikea dressing table mirror

This example almost looks like a studio dressing room. Great lighting and styling, this is great design. The shelving unit provides plenty of storage and the proximity of it makes it within easy reach. It’s a really comfy chair too that matches the small vanity table.

Take a look at these delicious makeup vanity room ideas!

ikea dressing table hack small spaces

Something a little darker…and it works really well. Again, this isn’t solid wood furniture, but the styling is on point. Beautifully decorated too with the lamp and picture frame. This set up would fit beautifully into a classic bedroom style.

ikea dressing table hack

Why not go ahead and build your own dressing room! This excellent example is achieved using some basic and inexpensive IKEA furniture. It’s perfectly functional, that works really well, especially using the lack shelves.

ikea dressing table

Brig out your inner princess with this wonderful set up. The classic dressing table setup is complemented perfectly with this little reading nook.

ikea brimnes dressing table

This is a more mature set up, but very functional. The dressing table is set up in a focused corner dedicated to the set up.

dressing table with mirror ikea

Clean a minimalistic design, IKEA furniture is perfectly set up for this. Add in an IKEA Honefoss mirror, a comfy chair and some cool accessories, you have a wonderful space.

dressing table with drawers ikea

A functional dressing table idea that makes full use of the IKEA Alex and Malm ranges. This desk like set up creates plenty of surface area and can also function as a workspace.

dressing table mirror with lights ikea

Plenty of shopping being done at IKEA here, Alex storage units, a Malm desk and a Raskog storage trolley. A very organised, yet multifunctional space.

dressing table lights ikea

We’ve seen it before…another person recognising the benefits of IKEA dressing tables. A nice and simple bedroom space.

dressing table ikea ideas

Grey and white seems to be a bedroom trend, especially when filled with IKEA furniture. This is a very nice example, creating soft textures and comforting tones.

dressing table ikea

Have you considered and IKEA hack? We all know that IKEA furniture is designed to be functional and minimalist, why not add your own touch through texture and color. The chic IKEA chair is certainly a unique design style.

brimnes dressing table ikea

This setup makes the most of the IKEA Malm range. The dressing table is complemented with the the Malm bedside cabinets. Plenty of storage in the drawers.

black dressing table ikea

These IKEA dressing table ideas should help you focus and understand what is achievable, especially if you are working towards a budget. Most of these designs are very achievable, and easily with in your capabilities. Which one is your favorite? Share the image on your social media and tag us in!

ikea malm dressing table ideas

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