21+ Wonderful IKEA Ivar Hacks That Add Value

ikea ivar hack

Get inspired with our IKEA Ivar hacks and Ideas

If you are looking for a simple IKEA hack that you can complete within a day, look no further than these wonderful IKEA Ivar hacks. This Ivar cabinet is available for less than $100 and sets the basis to up-cycle this high cabinet to something wonderful. Not only are they robust items, they are also the perfect surface to paint, which makes the task all the more easier. Join the world of IKEA hackers!

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21+ Wonderful IKEA Ivar Hacks That Add Value

The IKEA Ivar cabinet is one of the most popular lines at IKEA. Although the core product may seem a little basic at first glance, it is the ability to deliver an Ivar IKEA hack that makes it so attractive. In fact, I suspect that they sell so well based on this proposition.

Although this Ivar shelving unit is great, you do have other options available to you. Consider the IKEA Malm dresser series which are similar, The IKEA Besta range and the Tarva series too.

Take a look at some of the Ivar hack examples below…there are a wide array of styles, each of which is serving a different purpose. Whether it is an item of furniture to add style or a simple storage space, there is a hack out there for you. Get inspired with some of the simple IKEA hack ideas below.

ikea ivar cabinet hack
IKEA Ivar Cabinet Hack

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Take a look at these superb IKEA Ivar cabinet hack ideas

ivar ikea hack

This IKEA Ivar hack leaves it unrecognisable…

This IKEA Ivar hack transforms a relatively plain cabinet into this designer masterpiece. It is almost unrecognizable from its origins. I love the detail on the cabinet door and adding interesting furniture legs really helps it stand apart. The paint stain on the cabinet is a natural looking finish that just adds to the overall look . An excellent example of what you can do with a simple IKEA cabinet.

ivar ikea kitchen

Ivar hacks can deliver some unexpected results…

This IKEA Ivar cabinet hack is probably as simple as it gets. choose a nice chalk paint for the solid wood and change the color. Add some nice furniture legs and add some leather pulls to the Ivar door. Done…as simple as that!

ivar ikea hack ideas

This IKEA Ivar cabinet hack goes back to basics…

A IKEA hacker doesn’t have to go the extra mile to create something great. Even a simple hack can transform basic IKEA furniture. Take this example, the core Ivar product remains the same, the simple addition of a another layer with white paint makes it look different. It looks more premium and matches the room décor perfectly. Using the Ivar as a blank canvas and building on it really transforms a product.

ivar ikea hack diy

IKEA Ivar inspiration for a modern look…

I love the simplicity of this hack. Attaching the unit onto the wall with screws essentially makes this an IKEA Ivar shelf. It adds storage space without taking the space on the floor. A simple paint job and handle less door gives it a minimalist look.

ivar ikea hack design

Consider this IKEA Ivar tv stand…

This modern take of the Ivar takes it in a more modern direction. the matt white chalk paint contrasts well with the wood and is a clever Ivar shelf hack. A perfectly stylish place to add your trinkets…and a massive TV.

ivar ikea bedroom ideas

This IKEA Ivar DIY effort adds some sparkle…

Amazing what you can do with a little masking tape and some furniture chalk paint. This IKEA hack is perfect for a children’s nursery or bedroom. Create additional storage space for toys and books with this wall hung IKEA shelf that looks super stylish.

ikea ivar shelves living room

This Ivar sideboard hack is pretty unique…

These days, there are a number of companies that make hacking your IKEA furniture even easier. Take this for example, these diagonal elements can be bought and simply glue them on using wood glue. It could not be simpler to transform your Ivar. Simply paint your unit to your chosen color, and voila…job done.

ikea ivar living room wall cabinets

Ivar sideboard hack…with a little height!

The simple addition of a countertop to your IKEA furniture makes it more functional and long lasting. It is pretty much a standard hack that is often seen on the Besta, Tarva and Trones range. Perfect for a hallway, the drawer adds a great storage space solution for the home.

ikea ivar inspiration

An Ivar drawer hack with an eclectic finish…

Another simple hack that can be done in a hour. This example simply uses a vinyl sticker to add the color. The legs are simply screwed on. It looks perfect in this eclectic setting.

ikea ivar ideas paint

Hacking IKEA cabinets for a rustic finish…

If you want a more boho look, this Ivar hack looks perfect. The basket weave canvas material on the cabinet door really gives it a natural look, and the addition of the metal legs gives it a stable feel.

ivar ikea ideas inspiration

Most Ivar cabinet ideas are not as bright as this…

Subtle is not the word here. This custom paint job really matches that angry cat rug. Perfect for a child’s bedroom…big handles make it safer too.

ikea ivar ideas hacks

This IKEA cabinet hack is perfect for a nursery…

I love it when a hack uses the IKEA Ivar door as a blank canvas. A little creative thinking can transform this unit into something so attractive. Isn’t this so perfect for a nursery?

ikea ivar hack living room

Check out this IKEA Ivar living room design…

Premium upcycling is the name of the game here. Add some interesting elements to the cabinet door and you have a great look. A simple hack that is low cost…yet the results are big!

ikea ivar hack inspiration

Ivar IKEA hacks that deliver a high end finish…

This is one of the more complex IKEA Ivar cabinet ideas with its cane doors. It does involve some cutting and painting but don’t the results look magnificent. You would never guess that this was an Ivar IKEA piece. A perfect little DIY project.

ikea ivar design

Adding some slats to the cabinet door fronts gives this an interesting visual look. Keeping the color natural on this base cabinet too helps, although a nice stain color would take this to a new level.

ikea ivar cabinet living room

Add a lovely metallic look using spray paints gives a great look. It creates an upmarket image that is unique. Mirror them with some metallic legs and you have a great look.

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As you can see, there are so many options available to you. Some of the IKEA Ivar hacks above really do transform a basic IKEA product into something incredibly special. You can even go further and introduce them into a home bar, or even a home office as a desk hack or standing desk. I hope they provide the inspiration you are looking for. As always, if you found some of the images useful, please consider sharing them on your social media. See you soon…Natalie

ikea ivar hacks
IKEA ivar hacks

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