21+ Ikea Nightstand Ideas That Add Value

ikea nightstand ideas

Get Inspired with these wonderful Ikea nightstand ideas

In this post, we take a look at Ikea nightstand ideas. We know that the top-of-the-range bedroom furniture can be expensive, but with a bit of creativity and DIY effort, we can transform a basic Ikea product into something unique to take your home décor to the next level. Firstly, let us establish what a ‘hack’ is.

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An Ikea hack is a piece of furniture that has been modified or customized to fit its owner’s style and space requirements. Hacking an Ikea item can be as simple as painting it a completely different color, or it could involve removing doors and drawers and adding new hardware. There are no set rules for hacking; each person will answer the challenge with their creative ideas. This means that you can hack an Ikea bed frame one way, and somebody else can hack the same bed differently. A good plan for anyone interested in hacking an Ikea product is to keep in mind your available time, tools, skills, and budget before making any decisions.

Why do I need a nightstand?

Well, you do not need a nightstand. But there are good reasons for having one. A small table with drawer fronts next to your bed is convenient in many ways. It’s where you might put intimate things or things that you need quickly.

Here are some examples: remote controls for TVs and other tech gadgets; cellphones, alarm clocks, etc.; books; lamps; glasses; photo frames, pens and pencils, address book or diary; spare keys for car or house, etc. and medicine bottles….quite frankly, anything you want!

Which Ikea product ranges are suitable for nightstands?

The two product ranges suitable for nightstands are the Hemnes and Malm lines. I have seen some people using the Ikea Lack table to convert them into nightstands, but it is not stable. The best thing about these two ranges of products is that they are made out of solid wood instead of particleboard or fiberboard. They are also relatively sturdy compared to most other Ikea furniture products. If you like, you can even attach wheels on top; then, it becomes a portable dolly table.

Ikea Hemnes nightstand

Hemnes bedside table is one of the nightstand ideas from IKEA. Hemnes bedside table comes in three different colors: brown, white, and black. The dimensions are 20 5/8″ x 16 3/4″ x 22 1/2″, making them perfect for small rooms or as nightstand ideas.

The Hemnes bedside table is made of solid wood that gives it a natural look while keeping it lightweight (this can be important if you need to move your nightstand regularly). It has ample storage space under the removable tabletop, ideal for storing books or magazines. That’s why a Hemnes dresser was chosen by many people when they realized that their room needed an extra nightstand.

Hemnes bedside table matches perfectly with other furniture pieces from IKEA, so if you need a complete look for your bedroom, it’s easy to find matching pieces of furniture. Hemnes is one of the most popular IKEA nightstand ideas. If you need something a little larger, consider a Hemnes dresser.

Ikea Malm nightstand

The malm bedside table from Ikea is a sleek and versatile side table designed to add style and order to your room. It features storage space for books, alarm clocks, coasters, and other accessories that you want handy at all times. The cabinet door slides smoothly open to reveal a spacious interior that can house an assortment of items. This design lets you store a few things above the cabinet as well for a clutter-free room. It has a bottom shelf that can be used to place anything from lamps to barstools or plants, giving your bedroom more seating options. A perfect blend of simplicity and utility, this bedside table from Ikea will surely enhance the look of your bedroom with its stunning dark brown finish and pleasing appearance.

You have other options too. For example, consider attaching a Trones cabinet to the wall next to your bed to create a floating nightstand. If you want something more significant, you can consider an Ikea nightstand hack with an Ikea dresser. An Ikea Tarva nightstand hack, a Nordli, Ikea Malm dresser, or an Alex drawer unit is more than suitable. A Tarva dresser is a typical hack. An Ikea Rast nightstand is popular, too, with an Ikea Rast hack being incredibly versatile. Create your DIY nightstand with a bit of style.

How can I ‘hack’ an Ikea nightstand?

There are various things you can do to hack a nightstand. It can be as simple as a bit of spray paint, chalk paint, or stain to change the color to a full-on makeover. Changing the drawer pull or drawer knobs, adding hairpin legs, or even adding vinyl to it, there is a whole host of things you can do to take your nightstand to the next level. Go ultra-modern or look back to the mid century with these industrial nightstand ideas. The choice is yours.

If you are considering revamping your bedroom, consider your dressing table space. This post on IKEA dressing table ideas may be perfect for you.

Let’s take a look at some great Ikea nightstand ideas.

ikea nightstand ideas

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Take a look at these Ikea nightstand hack ideas…

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I hope you enjoyed these Ikea nightstand ideas. As you will have seen, there are a whole range of styles. This goes to show that you can create one to match your look. As always, please consider sharing this post on your social media, and perhaps pin some of the images to your Pinterest boards.

ikea nightstand hack

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